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  1. Yeah, beer (and Bier) was involved in the creation of that league. That was great.
  2. Best Week One Matchup

    This thread got interesting.
  3. Best Week One Matchup

  4. Rodgers wants out of GB

    The NFL is gonna be PISSED with all the Packers games that were more than likely going to be in prime time if this happens. Especially the Chiefs/Packers game. And right before the schedule announcement in a couple of weeks. Would make the Broncos/Chiefs games must-see TV though.
  5. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    Well, a lot of people travel to games, or want to plan for games around special occasions and such. Some people need to save money for these, take time off work, make travel arrangements, etc. So the later the schedule comes out can impact a lot of this, especially if people need to take time off work.
  6. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    Because they want to be in the news in the middle of May. That's the only reason. I hate it.
  7. Alex Smith announces retirment

    Helped to turn the Chiefs back around after that awful Pioli era. One of the good guys in football and sports.
  8. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    If that dude is allowed to draft this year it's just criminal to that organization and fan base.
  9. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    Oh come on now. Wilson is a franchise QB and a clear Hall of Famer if he stays on this trajectory. You simply don't trade those guys in their prime - ever. You are forgiven, however, as a Browns fan. Seeing as you would not know what a franchise quarterback looks like.
  10. Not a stunner here. Fisher tore his Achilles in the AFC Championship game. Schwartz hadn't played most of the year with a bad back. So both guys would have been a gamble to even play in 2021. Not to mention their huge cap numbers. Figured this would happen.
  11. Kenny Golladay signs with the G-Men

    The Chiefs need a good #2. Neither of those guys listed above fit that bill. I could absolutely see the Chiefs spend money on that position. They are in win-now mode.
  12. Kenny Golladay signs with the G-Men

  13. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    So what's the fan bases opinion of Wilson? From the outside looking in, I've always enjoyed his play. But when he talks, I feel like he says what he thinks the rest of the world wants to hear. I know he's a good community guy and all, but wondering if his heart is in it or if he wants his "image" to look good. If that makes sense.
  14. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    This just astounds me. If this was Peyton Manning at the end of his career - ok. But this is Russell Wilson - a potential HOF'er in his prime. How the heck do you trade that guy? If anything, Pete Carroll needs to be shown the door and bring in a coach that can maximize his skills. The Seahawks have done Wilson a disservice surrounding him with that turd O-line for all these years. This is seriously shades of the Packers and McCarthy basically wasting Aaron Rodgers career. Sure, they each have a Super Bowl ring, but it should have been so much more on both sides. Awful.
  15. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    I was thinking of them when I posted that...
  16. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    All of Chicago would have heart attacks if Russell Wilson ended up there.
  17. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    If he wants to win a ring, this boils down to 5 teams: 1. Green Bay 2. Tampa Bay 3. Kansas City 4. Bills 5. Browns I think the Chiefs would be in play for him.
  18. Super Bowl predictions

    Yeah, agree. I still want to know what the Saints did to piss off the NFL. It's got to be something more than the Bountygate thing. The Saints get screwed more than any other team out there and it's not even close.
  19. RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    Bummer. I started coming to The Huddle when Marty was the coach of the Chiefs. My original name here was Martyball. Loved that guy - he and Carl Peterson rejuvenated the Chiefs and brought them back to relevance, which they have sustained to this day. Sad for him and his family.
  20. Super Bowl predictions

    All I know is the Chiefs didn't get sheeeeit for calls until we had Mahomes.
  21. Super Bowl predictions

    Yep, agree. That and someone put 2.3 million on the Bucs to cover, so you know the fix is in at the casino in Vegas. As much as this will piss me off, the Bucs have this one.
  22. Urban Meyer in contract talks with Jacksonville

    Who cares. They've won three Super Bowls.
  23. December 7th, 1941

    A Day That Will Live in Infamy