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  1. No to all of the above. Andy Reid won't commit long enough to the run to enable his offensive line to: a. learn to play together b. get into a groove Kareem Hunt was perfect for this offense because he was good enough to take what few chances he got and turn them into something special. Helaire just isn't very good in my opinion. This speaks to a larger issue with the Chiefs. I mentioned in another thread that something felt off with this team this year. And as we've played a few games, I think what is rubbing me the wrong way is this team is starting resemble the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Basically you get one championship and that's gonna be it. This team has really drafted horribly. Our GM likes to paint himself as ultra aggressive, but that aggressiveness leads to reaching for guys or trading valuable picks to "get his guy". Most of which don't really pan out. Draft picks are valuable capital, as the Patriots have shown over the years. More draft picks allows you to make a mistake here or there. The Chiefs like to see themselves as this budding dynasty, but all I see are the Packers. Which is fine I guess, but I'd hate to see them waste Mahomes career like the Packers wasted Rodgers.
  2. He sucks. I have seen nothing that indicates he is ever going to break out into that #1 type running back. Chiefs made a massive mistake drafting this kid.
  3. Ravens vs Raiders (MNF)

    The botched punt has nothing to do with it. The Chiefs were gonna score that drive whether they got the ball at the 15 yard line or their own 35. Everyone focuses on the punter but the momentum shift started before that.
  4. Ravens vs Raiders (MNF)

    Because it forced Stefanski to try and throw the rest of the way. Once you basically tell a defense "we have to throw now" it pulls any kind of deception out the window. And especially with the Chiefs defense. They couldn't stop sheeeeit all day. And Stefanski basically coached them into the only strength the Chiefs had in their arsenal that day - their pass rush.
  5. Ravens vs Raiders (MNF)

    This is where your coach screwed up and panicked. You guys were destroying our defensive line most of the game. When the Chiefs scored that long TD, you guys still had the lead. So what does Stefanski do? He puts Mayfield in the shotgun on first down and leaves Chris Jones on the outside blocked 1 v 1. Of course Jones sacks him for a 6 yard loss and it was over at that point. The punter is going to get the blame, but your coach blinked and lost. And with the Chiefs, you simply cannot blink. A team has to maintain their focus for 60 minutes or they will pounce on you. Cleveland almost played the perfect game but for that one blink. And they lost. The truth is - Cleveland is no joke. That team scares the hell out of me come playoff time.
  6. Sunday Football Thread

    The coach should have gotten ejected also.
  7. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    There is nobody more deserving than Big John. Congrats!
  8. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    All I know is my next door neighbor is a nurse on the Covid wing at one of our local hospitals. If you could see the look on her face and in her eyes at the end of each shift you would know this thing is no joke. She is beyond frustrated and tired. To me seeing America like this so divided on EVERYTHING just makes me sad. I guess it literally is every man for himself and himself only.
  9. The race to one million

    Agree 100%.
  10. The race to one million

    No. You guys are gonna win this. I think I posted somewhere else that I'm not so convinced the Chiefs are going to be as good as people think. There are a TON of question marks in my opinion. Now, I think they will still make the playoffs, but I just have a weird feeling this year. I would not be shocked at all if the Browns win Sunday.
  11. The race to one million

    It's getting serious now.
  12. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Just was thinking today about how opening Sunday this year is on September 11th. I started to reflect on the events of that day and the time right after, when America was staggering with raw emotion. And then the way America came together made me an extremely proud man. Here are my thoughts of that day and immediately after. The day of the attack, I was driving to work listening to the radio. All of a sudden the disc jockeys started talking about a plane that hit the WTC. Then several minutes later, they were watching a monitor when the second plane hit, and were describing this on the radio. I am a contractor, and that day I was to replumb a house and replace a shower fixture. When I got to the house, the homeowner had the TV on, and we sat and watched for several minutes. He left for work, and was kind enough to leave the TV on for me to watch as I worked. The rest of the day was me in the bathroom, in the living room, under the house, in the living room, etc. That was one of the longest days of my life, and when I got home all I could do was watch the coverage until the late hours. The next few weeks were unreal. I had all these different emotions coming out. Pain. Horror. Sadness. Anger. Empathy. Sympathy. Rage. Wonderment of why this even needs to happen. And then all of this gives way to getting back to your regular life. You still have to get up, go to work, feed the kids, go to movies, and watch sports. Fast forward to the week the NFL resumed football. I was lucky enough to have tickets to the game in Kansas City that week, and our opponent was the NY Giants. I have several memories of that day. 1. Pride. I will never forget the ovation the Kansas City fans gave the players and personnel of the NY Giants when they came out of that tunnel. It went on for several minutes, and as I looked around I could see tears in the eyes of my fellow fans, as it seemed like this was the way we could maybe help a little bit here in KC. I remember reading the KC Star the next day and there were several quotes from Giants players about how touched they were at the response they got from the home crowd. I will NEVER be prouder to be a Kansas Citian. 2. The National Anthem. On a normal day this song gives me the chills, so you can only imagine how it felt that day. 78,000 people singing in unison. Normally at a Chiefs game, the fans will sing at the end: "and the home, of the Chiefs", and say the word "Chiefs" really loud. Not that day. 3. At the end of the national anthem, the in house camera focused on a fan sitting on the top row of the stadium. The fan was a firefighter, decked out with his helmet, waving the American flag. To this day I get chills thinking about that moment. And that moment made me realize one thing. We are fighters. We are Americans, dammit, and we will fight through this like we have throughout our history. That moment made me happy, and proud, and appreciative of the freedoms I enjoy, made possible by those who came before me. I am a citizen of the greatest country in the world. The United States of America.
  13. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Hard to believe it's been 20 years.
  14. If I'm being honest, you have a team with a ton of question marks: 1. Harris - rookie on an aging offense 2. Sanders - on an offense with a second year QB who is iffy in his own right 3. The rest of your running backs - meh 4. Jones - always an injury risk 5. OBJ - coming off major surgery 6. Higgins - second year QB coming off major injury 7. The rest of your wide receivers - meh Not sure what advice to give you but you need to have a lot go right to do well in a ten team league.
  15. CBS site went down

    They are just warming up for Sunday's failure at approximately 11:47 am.
  16. Hurricane Ida

    @rajncajn - please check in. Anyone else down there? Please stay safe all of you.
  17. Minshew traded to PHI

    I'm comparing the Browns to the early 90's Chiefs teams, not the Andy Reid era. The Chiefs were horrific in the late 70's and 80's. They finally bring Marty in (ironically after a Browns failure) in the late 80's. He and Carl Peterson built a great defense and great roster (sound familiar), but they never had the quarterback. Now you have the Browns. Seemingly a good coach and front office that have built a great roster. Now the question is: do they have the quarterback. Because the truth of the matter is: Elite Quarterbacks Win Super Bowls. So Baker Mayfield is certainly on the clock. Just like Lamar Jackson is on the clock. Just like Josh Allen is on the clock. And Justin Herbert will be soon on the clock. It will be fun to watch, because I think the AFC is gonna be dynamic as hell over the next 5 years. I'm just glad my guy already has the ring.
  18. Minshew traded to PHI

    You didn't read my post very closely.
  19. Minshew traded to PHI

    Don't bring Mahomes into this. In his first year as a starter he got them the #1 seed, won a playoff game and lost in the AFC Championship game. In his second season as a starter he won a Super Bowl. In his third season as a starter he lost in the Super Bowl. LC is right - now is the time to see if Mayfield is a championship quarterback. The Browns remind me of the Chiefs teams of the early 90's. Solid all around team but never had the QB to take them over the top. Joe Montana got them close, but he was at the tail end of his career. Mayfield HAS to get them over the top or he's basically Alex Smith. Good but not good enough.
  20. Cam Newton Released

  21. Cam Newton cut

  22. Hurricane Ida

    Jeez. The pictures coming out of around there look bad. Hope everyone is ok.
  23. Could the tailgate be revived?

    Bier Hair > Brady Hair We all know that.
  24. Fishing

    Anyone here like to fish?