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  1. Post padding at it's finest

  2. Post padding at it's finest

    Hard to believe isn't it.
  3. Post padding at it's finest

    When I first posted this topic there were a bunch of posts by Blitz recapping the first round NCAA games.
  4. Bet Kansas State

  5. 10 easiest colleges for recruiting

    Yeah, but L.A. has a little bit of a bigger population to draw from than Boulder. You wanna talk per capita, Boulder wins.
  6. LMAO at all the people who want that $12!! Myself included, of course.
  7. Tampa Bay. Margin of victory is 3. On a side note, if St. Louis does remain undefeated coming into Arrowhead, they will lose. KC ALWAYS wins 1 big game at home per year to a team they shouldn't beat.
  8. update on the Captain

    Does he have a torn ACL? I can't imagine playing a sport like hockey with that injury. I had to have reconstructive surgery on my knee, and I remember the pain of trying to play before the surgery. Brutal.
  9. Worst team in Baseball - with real choices.

    One for the Royals. How could I not vote for this team. Poor management from top to bottom. And they just gave their GM a 2 year extension. I swear David Glass is just trying to breed apathy here so when he offers his team up for contraction KC fans won't be pis.sed.
  10. Worst Team In Baseball

    Hey now. The Royals are equally, if not more shi.tty than Cleveland. Funny though.
  11. Jeff Weaver Trade

    Methinks the GM for the Tigers and the Royals are the same person.
  12. Are the Indians a professional team or not?

    I could understand this trade if this was the end of July and the Indians were floundering. They are still only 7 games out. If the Royals were 7 games out this city would be dancing in the streets.
  13. Go Blue

    Did you really think you had a chance?
  14. Washington Safety Dies

    I read this yesterday. Very sad story. It seemed liked he maintained a positive attitude to the end. You really hate to see this happen. frown
  15. Iverson breaks left hand, could miss playoffs

    Too bad. He is the heart and soul of that team and fun to watch.
  16. High School Phenom to be on cover of SI

    On the contrary, high school ball is not any better than college or pro. You hear stories all the time about dollars infiltrating high school athletics. The Rush brothers here in KC come to mind. You'd have to be naive to think that athletics at that level are still "pure". The only "pure" sports left are those in non-revenue producing sports.
  17. High School Phenom to be on cover of SI

    So I guess you like to stalk high school boys BB players?
  18. What's the word on Nomar??

    I heard he was dating Mia Hamm the lucky *******.
  19. High School Phenom to be on cover of SI

    It's definitely an interesting story. It will be REALLY interesting 12 months from now. Here's hoping he can live up to the hype.
  20. And the new owner of the Montreal Expos is ...

    The whole small market vs. large market is tough to figure. It's hard to expect the large market teams to just hand over their revenues so places like KC and Minneapolis can have a baseball team. Owning a sports franchise has always been about a rich guy and his hobby. If a millionaire owner isn't willing to invest in his franchise, he shouldn't own a team in the first place. KC was lucky we had a billionaire that gave the Royals the money they needed to be successful. He invested his own money in that organization. I don't have a whole lot of faith in MLB. I'd rather see it run into the ground and start over. Is there a way to light a match to MLB and let it burn? Believe me, I love the Royals and baseball in KC, but apathy is starting to set in here in town.
  21. High School Phenom to be on cover of SI

    Too bad he'll tear his ACl next week due to the cover jinx.
  22. Marbury arrested on extreme DUI charge

    Extreme DUI...not only was he drunk, he was REALLY drunk. Next thing you know, extreme DUI will be an X-Games sport on ESPN.