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  1. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Just was thinking today about how opening Sunday this year is on September 11th. I started to reflect on the events of that day and the time right after, when America was staggering with raw emotion. And then the way America came together made me an extremely proud man. Here are my thoughts of that day and immediately after. The day of the attack, I was driving to work listening to the radio. All of a sudden the disc jockeys started talking about a plane that hit the WTC. Then several minutes later, they were watching a monitor when the second plane hit, and were describing this on the radio. I am a contractor, and that day I was to replumb a house and replace a shower fixture. When I got to the house, the homeowner had the TV on, and we sat and watched for several minutes. He left for work, and was kind enough to leave the TV on for me to watch as I worked. The rest of the day was me in the bathroom, in the living room, under the house, in the living room, etc. That was one of the longest days of my life, and when I got home all I could do was watch the coverage until the late hours. The next few weeks were unreal. I had all these different emotions coming out. Pain. Horror. Sadness. Anger. Empathy. Sympathy. Rage. Wonderment of why this even needs to happen. And then all of this gives way to getting back to your regular life. You still have to get up, go to work, feed the kids, go to movies, and watch sports. Fast forward to the week the NFL resumed football. I was lucky enough to have tickets to the game in Kansas City that week, and our opponent was the NY Giants. I have several memories of that day. 1. Pride. I will never forget the ovation the Kansas City fans gave the players and personnel of the NY Giants when they came out of that tunnel. It went on for several minutes, and as I looked around I could see tears in the eyes of my fellow fans, as it seemed like this was the way we could maybe help a little bit here in KC. I remember reading the KC Star the next day and there were several quotes from Giants players about how touched they were at the response they got from the home crowd. I will NEVER be prouder to be a Kansas Citian. 2. The National Anthem. On a normal day this song gives me the chills, so you can only imagine how it felt that day. 78,000 people singing in unison. Normally at a Chiefs game, the fans will sing at the end: "and the home, of the Chiefs", and say the word "Chiefs" really loud. Not that day. 3. At the end of the national anthem, the in house camera focused on a fan sitting on the top row of the stadium. The fan was a firefighter, decked out with his helmet, waving the American flag. To this day I get chills thinking about that moment. And that moment made me realize one thing. We are fighters. We are Americans, dammit, and we will fight through this like we have throughout our history. That moment made me happy, and proud, and appreciative of the freedoms I enjoy, made possible by those who came before me. I am a citizen of the greatest country in the world. The United States of America.
  2. Pancakes

    Ok people. My wife has butchered her last pancake breakfast. From now on I am taking over the pancake making in this household. She usually uses the boxed mix. I need some good tips, recipes, techniques on making the perfect pancake.
  3. Tiger

  4. This is the sleeper team of the year. Everyone is talking about those "other" teams in the AL Central, but NOBODY is talking about the Royals. Good offense, decent pitching, and the best BBQ in the league. Hell, they set up a smoker in the bullpen for crissakes. You all just laugh. You'll be kissing my championship butt come October.
  5. Minnesota/Wisconsin huddlers

    Looks like I will be heading north to God's country in August. The plan is to drive up on Wednesday the 8th. The Chiefs have training camp in River Falls, WI, and they have a scrimmage/family night on the 8th. I'll be going to that but will be staying somewhere in the St. Paul area. (not sure yet, haven't really scoped it out). So I would be available for a beer in that part of town Wednesday afternoon or late evening. If someone wanted to meet in River Falls we could go to the scrimmage and grab a beer after. Planning on watching a little bit of camp Thursday morning, then finding a golf course nearby for a late morning tee time. Then mid afternoon I will be heading to Wausau, WI to visit my uncle. I plan on being there Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday, and driving back to KC on Sunday. Friday and Saturday will be spent fishing for muskie and pike. If anyone is near there I can meet in the evenings for drinks. If anyone knows of a good place to stay Wednesday night on the east side of St. Paul or near River Falls, let me know. Or if someone wants to hookup for a beer, let me know. Thanks.
  6. Thinking of building a deck

    Any thoughts on what type of materials I should use? Probably be about 12x16, and am willing to spend some money to make it last. I'll be in the house about 20 more years, so durability is an issue. The area gets partial sun and partial shade. Thanks in advance.
  7. Baseball question...

    The announcers watch the game on monitors, just like we do. I can usually tell before the pitch reaches the batter if it's a fastball or off speed. And if you know the pitcher's repertoire, you would know if he throws a slider, curve, circle change, splitter, or whatever.

    Call the opponents office a few weeks before the game and tell them you are a fan who is traveling to the game. They may have some team-alloted tickets available. (they turn 'em back in to the home team the week of the game for any tickets unused/unsold)
  9. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Why are you calling him boy? You and PD in some kind of club?
  10. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Why are you calling him boy? Racist.
  11. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    He wouldn't have. He let Carl make ALL the football decisions.
  12. Treated lumber

    You can't. The deck is holding up the trailer.
  13. NFL channel reports

    and ESPN.
  14. With all of his legal troubles, I would bet he's gonna fall in a lot of drafts. Might be a solid pick if you can get him in the 10th-14th rounds. And in an auction league you won't spend more than a dollar on him. Certainly some good value since most people will stay away from him and the potential risk. Might be worth taking a chance.
  15. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    Working fine now.
  16. UAW vs. Japan

    Are the Honda and Toyota plants here in the US unionized? I'm just asking: I truly don't kow/
  17. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    No, after you have been here awhile you get a draft kilt in your hometown team's colors. Everyone here always spells it wrong.
  18. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    Did you take a class at the local community college titled: "Shameless Self-Promotion" by msaint?
  19. What are Annuities?

    Well played..
  20. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    Don't know what your budget is but have you considered Hawaii? My brother lives there and I've been several times. Excellent vacation spot because there is something there for everyone.
  21. Went here today

    You the big'un in the 7th picture?
  22. Pimp My MFL Site

    Why would you care that he paid money for it? It works for his league. (did I just defend a Raiders fan?)
  23. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I don't. Let's face it, he doesn't produce like a "traditional" QB, but at the end of the day he seems to be ranked near the top in QB points. Vick=value this year, which is what you want in FF.
  24. Pimp My MFL Site

    The only negative I see is that you are a Raiders fan.
  25. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    That part of town has old pipe. Most likely cast iron.