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  1. I iknew it!

    Eddie Kennison is your friend. He told me the day he caught me stalking his house.
  2. NCEES how I dispise you

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! Of course we all know that you know everything, so I guess this isn't that big of a surprise.
  3. Fathers of young sons

    Bad was probably not the best choice of words: but I put it in parenthesis to imply potentially inappropriate for his age.
  4. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    THAT is a very good question.
  5. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    I'm a simple man, breaking things down so all the other simpletons can understand.
  6. Fathers of young sons

    Agree with this. I've thought about this a long time on how I will handle it when my boy gets older. I already have a box of old playboys stashed on a high shelf in the garage, because I know at some point that little bugger is going to go looking for something. That will be his "reward" for thinking he's pulling a fast one over on the old man. I figure at that point, if he's looking, it's time to sit down and talk about it. Same thing about internet porn. I think if you make a big deal about how "bad" it is, you create a barrier between you and he over how forthcoming he will be when times get tough. My plan is to be as honest and informational as possible so he will feel comfortable coming to me when he has some real questions/issues.
  7. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    It's wood. They are both wood. I mean seriously, who really gives a crap how they get there? It's wood. Now laminate, whole different story, then you're talking about a picture of wood. Which if you guys start arguing about pictures of wood I'm calling the rainbow police to haul both your asses out of here.
  8. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Another bonus for bamboo flooring is that bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quick. And the rest of this thread cracks me up. Splitting splinters over semantics is pure comedy.
  9. is it me or did something change ?

    Seems like I'm having to log-in every other time I open firefox. Even if I tell firefox to remember the password. Annoying, considering how often I come here.
  10. Expectations

    Chiefs: Thy Shall Sucketh
  11. Frist we take Manhatten........................

    How did you get that off of the 8 track tape?
  12. Saturday night poker

    Start in about an hour. Post if interested.
  13. Saturday night poker

    I'm still here. Wifes in bed. Got plenty of cold Busch Lights in the garage fridge.
  14. Graemlins we should have

    I'm too busy looking at twileys avatar.
  15. Saturday night poker

    Not looking good whomp. One on one...loser sends the winner a bushel of home grown tomatoes.
  16. Ronnie Brown

    I think this Miami offense could be a disaster this year. Trent Green is done. I am personally staying away from all things Miami this year.
  17. Team of the "Noughties"

    Who really gives a crap?
  18. Are they obligated......

    Can you bake fortune cookies on The Egg?
  19. Are they obligated......

    I would say they don't "owe" you a free drink since you were the one who spilled it. It would have been a nice gesture on their part, but I wouldn't expect them to replace it for free.
  20. Graemlins we should have

    I like: this one This one This one
  21. is it me or did something change ?

    Don't like it.
  22. Friday Night Poker

    Figured I'd start this now to drum up some interest for this week's game. Anyone? Anyone? Please be my friends.
  23. Friday Night Poker

    Not looking good. I'm goin to bed.
  24. Friday Night Poker

    You never know. We'll see who shows up in the next 30 minutes or so. We only need 4.
  25. So you have 20 teams at $100 each and all the winner gets is a championship ring and a free team next year? That must be one fancy ring.