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  1. Has anyone had...

  2. Friday Night Poker

  3. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    I would consider 6 of 11 to be pretty good. Obviously you haven't been watching Carl Peterson draft for 20 years.
  4. Has anyone had...

    My wife had some hanger steak last night.
  5. Friday Night Poker

    Tell him we're praying for him.
  6. Phoenix area interest in a new BOTH league

    I'm not in Phoenix, but it looks like you need a buddy. I'll play.
  7. bio medical waste

    I think that's the car that follows polks around when he uses public restrooms.
  8. Royals sweep Angels

    Hoo boy....there's my laugh for the year.

    Did you get your hummer?
  10. Better late than never

    I mean no offense by this, but as a milestone post, this really sucks. No boobs, fat man cracks, turkey skeet, squirrels dishing out baskin robbins ice cream, rock skipping, new car smell, new coke vs old coke, screen savers of your grandmas underwear, atari, dogs eating their own crap....nothing. Weak, man, weak.
  11. FF Magazine

    Who are you?
  12. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    The guitar solo in My Sharona is one of the finest I've ever heard. And everybody knows Eddie Van Halen ripped off that guitar solo from the Kinks, not to mention You Really Got Me.

    Wow. Tell the old lady that we at the huddle have decreed that you should get a hummer today. HuddleLaw #1: Hummer on your birthday. See, it's in writing.
  14. Sunday menu

    Smoking some babybacks tomorrow. I'll use a standard dry rub, smoke them for about an hour and a half, put 'em in foil on the smoker for about 2 hours, and finish open faced on the smoker. The last hour I'll use a BBQ sauce/honey mix, which gives them a nice flavor. Also trying a new wood combo tomorrow: I'll let you know how it turns out. Something that just came to me tonight that could be REAL interesting.
  15. How much should I charge my brother for rent?

    Tell him if he brings college chicks over you'll pay HIM $200/month.
  16. Sunday menu

    They were AWESOME!! I used some ginger stalks as my smokin' wood for the first hour, and then added apple wood as the day went on. Most Excellent.
  17. Sunday menu

    Out of those 4, I would go with the Brinkmann from ACE.
  18. Sunday menu

    What kind of budget parameters do you have? And is this your first smoker?
  19. Saturday night poker

    Since we couldn't get a game going last night anyone interested tonight?
  20. Saturday night poker

    brad--you in?
  21. Saturday night poker

    So who here has the moneymakers sw? I know timmy and al do, can't remember about dmarc.
  22. which qb

    Flip a coin. You can make a case for both.
  23. Saturday night poker

    Haven't set it up yet. Waiting to see if we can get one more.
  24. This woman may be a brick shy of a load.....

    Tell your son thank you.
  25. Saturday night poker

    We'll shoot for a game in about 30 minutes if we can get enough interest. Just need a couple more.