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  1. Local talk radio had some good discussion about this very topic this week.


    The theory is that Mahomes is the problem. He just really isn't a check-down type of guy. If he has a choice, and he almost always does, he always chooses the downfield option. It's just his nature to seek out the big play.


    I would argue that Mahomes needs to develop this check down philosophy pretty quick, because the league has figured out the Chiefs offense. If he and Reid don't start utilizing the running and screen game more, defenses are just going to continue to play zone and keep everything in front of them.


    If you blitz Mahomes he will eat you up. You sit back and play zone, it's MUCH more difficult for him.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, stevegrab said:

    Do you think anything changes with the KC running game this season, a current RB moving up, or somebody else brought in? Would it even matter, if say they had a Latavius Murray type would they have value, or is it that the offense doesn't/can't run the ball? 


    Just seems baffling that a high powered offense like that cannot provide some decent RB value, doesn't need to be a RB1 in fantasy. Heck maybe they should see if the Browns would trade Hunt. 

    No to all of the above.


    Andy Reid won't commit long enough to the run to enable his offensive line to:


    a. learn to play together

    b. get into a groove


    Kareem Hunt was perfect for this offense because he was good enough to take what few chances he got and turn them into something special. Helaire just isn't very good in my opinion.


    This speaks to a larger issue with the Chiefs. I mentioned in another thread that something felt off with this team this year.  And as we've played a few games, I think what is rubbing me the wrong way is this team is starting resemble the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Basically you get one championship and that's gonna be it.


    This team has really drafted horribly. Our GM likes to paint himself as ultra aggressive, but that aggressiveness leads to reaching for guys or trading valuable picks to "get his guy". Most of which don't really pan out.


    Draft picks are valuable capital, as the Patriots have shown over the years.  More draft picks allows you to make a mistake here or there. 


    The Chiefs like to see themselves as this budding dynasty, but all I see are the Packers. Which is fine I guess, but I'd hate to see them waste Mahomes career like the Packers wasted Rodgers.

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  3. 58 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    I'm not disagreeing with that, but with your view that it was all over with the sack and that it was the cause of the botched punt, and the punter is being wrongly blamed.  


    The botched punt has nothing to do with it. The Chiefs were gonna score that drive whether they got the ball at the 15 yard line or their own 35.  Everyone focuses on the punter but the momentum shift started before that. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Sure the coach, QB or OL made a mistake on that sack play. But I'm not buying that it "was over when Jones sacked him for 6 yards", with half a quarter to go, and 2nd and 16 at their own 19

    Because it forced Stefanski to try and throw the rest of the way. Once you basically tell a defense "we have to throw now" it pulls any kind of deception out the window.  And especially with the Chiefs defense. They couldn't stop sheeeeit all day.


    And Stefanski basically coached them into the only strength the Chiefs had in their arsenal that day - their pass rush. 


  5. 1 hour ago, stevegrab said:


    No apparently because Mayfield sucks and is incapable of being a winning QB in the NFL. 


    Some key plays contributing to the Browns loss (none of which involve Mayfield)

    - mid 3rd qtr near mid field Nick Chubb fumbles, Chiefs eat up the rest of the quarter and get a FG cutting lead to 2 (KC has ball for 13min in Q3)

    - early 4th qtr, Browns just scored a TD to go back up by 9, in 1 play KC goes 75yd to Hill and scores a TD to cut it to 2 again

    - next possession failed punt attempt by Gillian, excellent field position allows Chiefs to easily score a TD to take the lead


    Mayfield's interception with about a minute left on our own 48, needing a TD to win was bad but hardly the defining moment of that loss. Yes had he not thrown the pick the drive continues and maybe we can score the TD and retake the lead. But from the second half on it felt like the Browns were outplayed and I think the Chiefs are the better team by a small margin. 

    This is where your coach screwed up and panicked.


    You guys were destroying our defensive line most of the game. When the Chiefs scored that long TD, you guys still had the lead. So what does Stefanski do?


    He puts Mayfield in the shotgun on first down and leaves Chris Jones on the outside blocked 1 v 1. Of course Jones sacks him for a 6 yard loss and it was over at that point. The punter is going to get the blame, but your coach blinked and lost.


    And with the Chiefs, you simply cannot blink. A team has to maintain their focus for 60 minutes or they will pounce on you. Cleveland almost played the perfect game but for that one blink.


    And they lost. The truth is - Cleveland is no joke. That team scares the hell out of me come playoff time. 

  6. All I know is my next door neighbor is a nurse on the Covid wing at one of our local hospitals. If you could see the look on her face and in her eyes at the end of each shift you would know this thing is no joke.


    She is beyond frustrated and tired. 


    To me seeing America like this so divided on EVERYTHING just makes me sad. I guess it literally is every man for himself and himself only. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, stevegrab said:


    You feeling good about Sunday, or a bit worried? Got the guys up front ready to block Garrett and Clowney?



    No. You guys are gonna win this.


    I think I posted somewhere else that I'm not so convinced the Chiefs are going to be as good as people think.  There are a TON of question marks in my opinion.


    Now, I think they will still make the playoffs, but I just have a weird feeling this year. I would not be shocked at all if the Browns win Sunday.

  8. If I'm being honest, you have a team with a ton of question marks:


    1. Harris - rookie on an aging offense


    2. Sanders - on an offense with a second year QB who is iffy in his own right


    3. The rest of your running backs - meh


    4. Jones - always an injury risk


    5. OBJ - coming off major surgery


    6. Higgins - second year QB coming off major injury


    7. The rest of your wide receivers - meh


    Not sure what advice to give you but you need to have a lot go right to do well in a ten team league. 

  9. 7 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Nope I read it thoroughly. What did I get wrong? Not that it matters, clearly some NFL fans don't think Baker Mayfield is good enough to lead a team to a title, as a Browns fan I believe, and I have no desire to toss him aside and start over again because he isn't "quite good enough". Every year there is one QB that wins a SB, 2 that reach the SB, and 4 that reach the conference title games. Doesn't mean all the others are not good enough. Based on early development by QBs like Allen and Jackson, they should both reach a SB before Baker Mayfield. But all 3 need to get past Mahomes and the Chiefs first. If Brady stayed in the AFC and Mahomes failed to reach or win a SB would he also be "not good enough"?


    Sorry but I'm really looking forward to this NFL season and am not going to buy into the "Baker needs to reach the AFCCG or he isn't good enough" narrative. 

    I'm comparing the Browns to the early 90's Chiefs teams, not the Andy Reid era.


    The Chiefs were horrific in the late 70's and 80's. They finally bring Marty in (ironically after a Browns failure) in the late 80's. He and Carl Peterson built a great defense and great roster (sound familiar), but they never had the quarterback. 


    Now you have the Browns. Seemingly a good coach and front office that have built a great roster. Now the question is: do they have the quarterback. Because the truth of the matter is:


    Elite Quarterbacks Win Super Bowls.


    So Baker Mayfield is certainly on the clock. Just like Lamar Jackson is on the clock. Just like Josh Allen is on the clock. And Justin Herbert will be soon on the clock. 


    It will be fun to watch, because I think the AFC is gonna be dynamic as hell over the next 5 years. I'm just glad my guy already has the ring. :brew:

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  10. 10 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Mahomes - well I did make a mistake, he didn't play in the playoffs his rookie season. 


    As for the bolded, when did the Browns ever have a solid all around team? Not in the 20+ years since returning to the NFL. They drafted Mayfield and were building a better team at that time (drafted Garrett and Ward on D the year before, signed Landry and drafted Chubb same year they got Mayfield). Last year was their first playoff game in nearly 20 years, is that what the Chiefs were like before they drafted Mahomes? Nope, they were usually a playoff team, and hadn't had a losing season in 5 years since Reid took over. Sorry but that is a really bad comparison. 


    Yes Baker needs to continue to improve his play, so does the rest of the team, and the defense needs a lot of improvement in the secondary which was a real liability. But I am not ready to discard him if the team cannot reach the AFC title game. I doubt the coaching staff and GM are either. Would Josh Allen be "not good enough" if they didn't make the AFC title game last year? He was just 1-1 in playoff games (same as Baker now) before winning to advance to AFCCG. 


    You didn't read my post very closely. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    No I do not agree with that, not in the way you phrase it which seems to say Baker is a failure if the Browns don't win 2 playoff games this year. I agree the team needs to continue to improve, winning a second playoff game would be the next step, and depending on where they start the playoffs 2 wins could put them in the SB, or the AFC title game. The TEAM not one player is responsible for doing that. 


    Not sure what you mean by it being unacceptable if they don't reach that goal. Are coaches fired, is Baker benched or moved and there's a new starting QB next year? This team hadn't won a playoff game in 20+ years, and suddenly they're supposed to dominate and win a SB or else their QB isn't good enough. 


    This team has been so bad for so long I'm trying to enjoy the good times, I'd like to see more progress more winning and more success in the playoffs. If we face the Chiefs, Ravens or Bills in the 2nd round and lose is that a failure? And we need to be ashamed and start to make big changes to overcome that? I don't think so, but I have no doubt other fans will overreact, its what sports fans do to be heard. 


    Lamar Jackson has exactly one playoff win in 4 tries, has he shown enough yet, or is he still unproven like Baker (one win in 2 tries)?  Mahomes won exactly 1 playoff game in 2 seasons (3 tries), was he still unproven at that point? 


    I love football, it is a great TEAM sport, far too many fans make it all about the QB who is definitely a key part. But not the entire team, look at the Chiefs with their OL decimated last year, they struggled in the playoffs. Not Mahomes fault for sure.

    Don't bring Mahomes into this.


    In his first year as a starter he got them the #1 seed, won a playoff game and lost in the AFC Championship game.


    In his second season as a starter he won a Super Bowl.


    In his third season as a starter he lost in the Super Bowl.


    LC is right - now is the time to see if Mayfield is a championship quarterback. The Browns remind me of the Chiefs teams of the early 90's. Solid all around team but never had the QB to take them over the top. Joe Montana got them close, but he was at the tail end of his career.


    Mayfield HAS to get them over the top or he's basically Alex Smith. Good but not good enough.

  12. 7 minutes ago, rajncajn said:

    Damn 😔


    Just got a call from my aunt. My cousin was living in Algiers with his family and she hadn't heard from him since last night. It's very likely because of loss of power and cell service, but still worrisome. 


    My father in law's mothers house is in Jean Lafitte. His mom passed away just last month and they were set to sign the sale papers for it tomorrow. The reports we've heard from that area are not good at all and a barge damaged the only bridge in or out of the community.


    Jeez. The pictures coming out of around there look bad.  Hope everyone is ok.