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  1. Can't wait to see the tank fest for the NFL season that precedes his draft. I bet 10 teams or more will attempt to tank.
  2. Chargers schedule video

    One of the finest things I’ve ever seen. Pure awesomeness.
  3. Honey Badger to the Saints

    He slipped because he stole money from the Chiefs this past year. Lets just say he made a lot of business decisions when they didn't extend his contract prior to last season.
  4. Rumor/buzz: DK Metcalf to Green Bay??

    I can’t recall him ever saying that. Do you have a link? (And I already know about the too cold tweet).
  5. Rumor/buzz: DK Metcalf to Green Bay??

    It would not shock me if the Chiefs trade for him.
  6. Tyreek Hill given permission to seek trade

    I like this.
  7. Tyreek Hill given permission to seek trade

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the Chiefs offense will be a little better.
  8. Ty Hill to Fins

    I like this trade for the Chiefs, Here's why I think they made the move: They are looking around the division and took an honest look at their roster. This Super Bowl window was closing FAST. Not much depth at all or real playmakers on defense. An aging Kelce and Hill at 28 years old. Few playmakers behind those guys. They got one Super Bowl out of this window. Now, they see this offseason the other teams in the division loaded up to beat the Chiefs NOW. So the Chiefs decide to start their mini-rebuild now, so in 2023 and beyond they are well positioned to own this division for the remaining part of Mahome's prime. They are zagging while the division zigged. And they still might have enough talent to get a wild card and make some noise in the playoffs. If not, you take a year off and come back even stronger for the stretch run of Mahome's career. I love this move.
  9. Matty Ice to Colts

    Baker is gonna be butt-hurt.
  10. Baker Mayfield's good bye to Cleveland message

    Can someone please change the thread title to massage?
  11. Davante Adams to the Raiders

    In terms of overall roster the Chiefs might be the 4th best in this division now.
  12. Amari Cooper to Browns

    I don’t have a link. Just saw it. Baker should have an awesome year now.

    That’s a good question for all Americans. As for me, I would fight. It would be my turn and duty to fight for the freedoms I’ve enjoyed thanks to others that came before me.
  14. Khalil Mack to be traded to Chargers

    Good trade for both teams. Bears may have ended up with a real GM this time. Got picks for Mack and dumped his salary and cap obligations. Bears will be saving a ton of money in 2023 against the cap. Bears are in actual rebuild mode now. Bears fans should be happy about this. They aren’t gonna win this year.
  15. Way too Early Top-12's - TEs

    I say Travis Kelce is #1 in my heart and in my loins and you are just flat out wrong here as well. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away and rank him #1, or I shall taunt you a second time!!!!!!
  16. The Project Thread

    rajn - I admire you. I can pretty much fix anything. Been in the trades either contracting or selling or managing for the last 25 years. I could build a house from the ground up. But for some reason cars frighten me. Watching you do this work is really fascinating to me but so way out of my lane. Love seeing the pics of all this stuff.
  17. TNF booth is half-full

    If he was in there you could say the booth was half-empty.
  18. The Chiefs will make a play for him.
  19. Kyler Murray

    I don’t like the statement being in all caps.

    Yes. Because this is not our war. This war is not Biden’s fault, it’s not Trump’s fault, it’s not American’s fault. This war is the result of one loonymutherfooker. So quit throwing this bullcrap out there. The US is doing the right thing here and staying the fook out of it from a military standpoint until they have to.
  21. The Project Thread

    Well, thanks to you I'm now getting promotional emails from Amazon trying to sell me the above exhaust clamp.
  22. NFL to play in Germany

    Try England next time.
  23. NFL to play in Germany

    I will bet one bottle of Gates BBQ sauce that the Chiefs are in that game.
  24. One song

    I Feel Good - Pitbull