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  1. Keepers ? which 4? thanks

    Add'l info - QB 3 RB'sand 2 Wr's OR visa versa TE K DL LB DB and 1 Flex D I am in our superbowl !! will need some luck with so many of my guys being benched !! I have - Leftwich, Brooks - LT, Dillon, L Johnson, Suggs, Betts - Harrision, Walker, Bennett, Davis - Gates - Vinitari - S Rice, Brooks, Briggs and R Harrison any suggestions??? thanks for the comments
  2. Bench LT for Suggs?

    I am in my superbowl and have a great team - BUT I am benching both Dillon and LT this week in favor of Suggs and ??( Betts, Levens) not sure yet - but Suggs will be one of my starters!!
  3. Prepping for next year...

    culpepper and e james - they ARE first rounders!!
  4. Tough Week 17 Championship Decisions

    droughns boldin and clayton
  5. Which WR to start Wayne, Moulds or DJAX?

    solid logic - d jackson and moulds!
  6. The first 3 look like no brainers but the last two are a close call - I also Have L. Johnson who is a thought ??? - also available oon waiver wire is T Bell not keeping Brooks or Leftwich my qbs this is an 2 div league (8 teams/div) - scoring (6 pts for tds and a pt per 10 yds -rushing and receiving but no pts for reception)
  7. hello hugh - dave in dallas tx - I am leading in both my leagues - standard scoring - no yds for receptions - will have to chose my qb in my money league - going up against volek - I have brooks vs atl, leftwich at home against houston and bledsoe on the rd against cinn to chose from - who do you think my best play is ?? Last question - do you hear anything on wheather Wheatley will play - with mcgahee down and out looks like I will have to play him - if not I am sh*t outta luck as i have used up all my moves - thanks - dave
  8. okay - two - leftwich, bledsoe or brooks?? and will wheatley play?? thanks
  9. Who to start ? Brady or Brooks this week ?

    Brooks (although unpredictable) - best matchup!! Gabriel - better chance for TD and if your league counts return yardage better returner (more yards)
  10. Superbowl help

    I like RBs to get more touches and yds and better chance to see end zone so - edge mcallister and portis - with moss and harrison (studs)
  11. Evans or Moulds?

    moulds has been getting the double coverage - I think evans has earned it with his past weeks performance and WILL get it - moulds awakens - touchdown or downs - moulds
  12. Start either Clayton, Goings, or Suggs

    I like suggs given your choices - they will work him in this game!
  13. Which RBs ?

    I like your choices!
  14. with mcgahee going down and in a league that I have maxed out moves in - wheatley is my only option - hoping to hear something positive!!
  15. WDIS

    with what you have I like your starters - close between wiggins and galloway though!!