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  1. Barry Bonds

    The sad part is, Bonds might have had a hall of fame career unsullied by steroids -- ala Griffey -- but he just couldn't resist temptation. Tooooo bad. He chose to waste his legacy ... His hall of fame plaque should be mounted on a giant syringe. Right next to the Pete Rose plaque on the slot machine.
  2. People in Jail

    Absolutely. He's as "innocent" as OJ, Michael Jackson, and the Duke Lacrosse players. Given the right legal team, he'll likely be proven as such as well. That is, if you see "inn-o-cent" as meaning "didn't manage to convince a jury" rather than the simpler "didn't do it".
  3. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    More likely, "Hurry, Vick is chasing us!"
  4. Vick Indicted

    Here's hoping justice is served and we don't end up with another OJ situation where other factors than the truth dominate the resolution -- though I wonder if OJ is anxious to take Vick on as a member of his foresome. Think of the trouble THOSE two could get in ...
  5. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    The role of the father in the success of marriages and the raising of children can never be underestimated -- and it sounds like you are really tuned in to making the most of both. You're on the right path here, mwhff, keep it up. If your beloved enjoys some own time while you and your kids have your own adventurees -- and you and her get to do things you both enjoy together on a regular basis -- some with, some without the kids, I think you'll find life not only "gets back to normal" but may even be a whole lot better. Family life is a magical thing when family is the focus ... Good luck with it!
  6. What size monitor do you have

    I finally jumped away from my beloved 800x600 due to the &^(&*^())ing change to the message boards here that necessitated the silly scrolling unless you were at 1024 ...
  7. if you had One Nuke.......

    Easy there ... Canada's damn close to my backyard and I don't need any glow-in-the-dark Queeb zombies wandering onto my lawn ... Let's go Mexico and settle the whole "run across the border" thing ...
  8. fat tax

    Careful, you're going to piss off Michael Moore ..
  9. The search continues...

    How is Geraldo Rivera not hosting this?
  10. who wants a parking spot

    Dang. Our parking is free here in Vermont for the most part ... I can't relate ot $225,000 ... or even $30,000 ... Heck, I still get torqued about the 75 cents for the parking garage ...
  11. Human Tetris

    They have waaaay too much time on their hands ... :goesbacktoTopChefmarathononbravo:
  12. Rhodes suspended for 1st 4 games

    How soon until the reports that Moss was tooo lazy to clean out his locker and DR got into the leftover stash?
  13. MJD

    I think DMD nailed it -- MJD's a sexy pick, but he's also FTaylor's backup and shares the nest with a potential TD vulture in GJones -- giving the Jags a great running trio, but making MJD unlikely to deliver consistently in FF ... Unless something happens to Fred to open the door, he's likely looking at a FF role of excellent RB3, promising RB2, and risky RB1 ...
  14. simple question

    Tip for the stripper.
  15. Randy Moss

    Actually that is EXACTLY why he should drift away and be forgotten. Impressed by his numbers? Well, put his numbers in the HOF with a plaque that explains how much of his talent he wasted with his punk attitude ...