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  1. Nothing against Del Rio and the suit, but to me personally, he looked out of place. I watched and liked him when he played for the Vikings and it was different seeing him like that. I think he would fit in more with his team if he did not wear a suit which really sticks out.
  2. Sticks out from the other members of the coaching staff and team in my opinion.
  3. Mike Williams

    Looks like the Vikings made the right decision by drafting Williamson over Williams in the 2005 draft. Will Mike Williams ever amount to anything or should I drop him from a couple of my keeper leagues?
  4. Just curious what postgame show people are watching now that NFL Primetime, which was on at 6:30 central time Sundays for many years, is not on anymore. I am still upset that it's not on!
  5. NFL Primetime?

    I didn't see NFL Primetime with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson listed on ESPN for Sunday night. I seem to remember seeing something in the off-season that it will not be on?? Someone please tell me they did not cancel all together!
  6. We can keep 4. I am keeping Tomlinson, S. Jackson, and Gates. I was leaning towards Julius Jones as the 4th, but am worried about RB by committee in Dallas. I like having RB depth, so keeping Boldin wasn't high on my list, but he is a Tier 1 WR. Should I keep Boldin, Willie Parker or Julius Jones? Thanks.
  7. I have had mutual funds with Janus for 10+ years, but I want to diversify a little. I am looking at putting some $ into a different company. What is your favorite and why? Thanks.
  8. Questions about a 401K

    I have never been offered a 401K from an employer until recently. I have one in my regular job, they match up to 4%. I have a second part-time job, I now have it offered there too. They also match 4%, and I can contribute up to 50% of my gross pay. My question, would it be too risky for me to contribute the full 50% of my pay of that part-time job? I gross about $600 per month from that second job so I could put in $300 per month. I am 35 years old and behind in saving for retirement. I will actually have my house paid off soon, I used to own some rental properties, sold them, and paid off most of my own house. I pay $350 per month for my house payment, and I figure contributed $300 after my house is paid off, I wouldn't miss it. I remember a few years ago when the stock market took a big hit, a lot of people were complaining that "their 401K's took a big hit." I don't know if I should put half of my gross income of that part-time job into it if someday I may lose a crap load of money.
  9. Let the Aaron Books NFL FA Tour Begin

    Maybe the Falcons will trade Schaub and sign Brooks so he can back up his cousin.
  10. Culpepper passed his physical

    Big deal. I hope he sucks. Also, I hope he continues being a crybaby and a problem player like T.O. Sorry Dolphin fans. I like the Dolphins but the way the big baby acted toward Minnesota, he can suck on it!
  11. Parting shot at Daunte

    My parting shot... screw you Daunte! I was a big fan until you turned into a big baby. I liked you and Moss when you were Viqueens, now I hope you both suck it up big time! Screw you!
  12. Call the Culpepper Deal

    I can't take this waiting, seeing how bad we will get screwed as far as what little the Vikes will get for baby Culpepper. Maybe all this has just been rumers and the Vikes will hold onto him. Doubt it.
  13. Rams sign Glover

    Well, I'm sorry Big Score. The link did not work for me. If you don't know the answer then don't reply. Pretty simple. Just asked a simple question like thousands of people do on this board.