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  1. Just saw this 6 months later. I think I had on a pink nightie that evening. My memory is like my johnson...long.

  2. what are you wearing right now?

  3. The difference being that I already ponied up the 3k and the savings came after the fact. Oh and Savage - We don't have the giant laundry rope issue. This machine spends a few minutes rotating slowly clockwise and then counter clockwise after the spin cycle to get the clothes apart. Works nicely. Not sure why you drop half your clothes. I remember a thread about your unique ability to catch things before they hit the floor. Talk to you guys in a couple of days. We are off to beautiful Sandusky, Ohio for our annual Kalihariresort visit with the kids.
  4. Dryer to a dump recently. Mrs. Puddy has been eyeballing one of those front-loading washers for a while so instead of replacing just the dryer, we opted to go forward with this baby and it's matching dryer. They are not cheap by any means (washer = $1400, dryer = $1050, pedestals = $400, 4-year warranty $150 - total = $3,000). However I did get $775 off in the following manner: Lowes was advertising 0% interest and no payments for 6 months so I wanted to charge them. It had been so long since I used their card that my account was canceled. No big deal just open a new one. I did which got me an unexpected 10% back. Savings = $300 They were supposed to deliver next day. They called and said they couldn't make it until the following day. No problem, they'd be there between 12:00 and 2:00. They didn't show up until 6:30 (after several calls from the wife I told her to tell them we will just return them if we find them somewhere else for the same price). Manager offers to give us the pedestals for free. Savings = $400 Last night I went back to Lowes for other items and noticed they were offering gift cards for appliance purchases. Amounts determined by price of appliances. They incentive went into effect the morning after we purchased ours. Talked to the manager and bam, gift cards allowed. Savings = $175. So a $3,000 expected purchase turned into $2,125. Oh and those machines are truly amazing. Quiet as can be and from what I understand really energy efficient (the washer used 1/3 the amount of water a traditional washer uses).
  5. Breach

    Saw it last month and also liked it.
  6. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    If you'd like a double header, David Stern will address the game fixing scandal in 10 minutes as well.
  7. On-line Dating sites?

    Dude- Your story was sort of amazing IMO. The internet is world wide but you and your wife happened to live in the same city and also go to the same church (now I feel like Big John ). You are definitely a success story.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday D. You're one of 4 Huddlers that I've met more than once. Of course you lived a couple of thousand miles away at the time so that has to count for something.
  9. I'm guessing if someone is constantly looking for credit, that's a red flag.
  10. On-line Dating sites?

    They really cater to their best customer. Do you own any pink button downs?
  11. On-line Dating sites?

    I just realized that Thews is the most self-actualized individual I've ever (psuedo) known.
  12. I think Experian and Transunion were about 30 points apart. However, I did run them six months apart.