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  1. no getting pm email notifications

    I've always recieved an email letting me know of a pm, but with new system i haven't been getting them anymore. I've checked my control panel and the email settings are correct. I've reset my spam filter and still nothing. I use yahoo mail any help?
  2. no getting pm email notifications

    thanks BJ and Hugh working now
  3. no getting pm email notifications

    can someone shoot me over a pm so i can see if it's working now? thanks
  4. Must keep one

    T.Green or M.Vick? Vick was #6 in FF in our scoring last season and has the obvious upside, Green is a walking IR waiting to happen while Vick could be susended any given Sunday. I'm thinking i have to keep Vick , can anyone talk me into keeping Green over him?
  5. Redraft League

    bump 2 openings
  6. cbs improvements........

    Go to MFL , tell them you moving your league from CBS and you'll get it for $59.95 They have an excellent support forum that responds promptly and their server never goes down like CBS's does. With MFLGameday , it's the easy choice, imo.
  7. Keeper League Opening

    bump opening is available still
  8. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    did we fill the 2 spots already mike? I enjoyed playing last season and i hope we'll improve on our team records this year.
  9. Question about installing xp to my dell

    If you lost your Dell OS cd , then you'll need to reorder another copy. I didn't understand your question as to "I assume it is on here somewhere to reinstall, is it not?" . If your wanting to know if the OS is stored somewhere on you hard drive the answer is no. If your asking if the OS is stored on the Dell cd's, then the answer is yes, and without it you'll need another copy.
  10. A huddler family (the Polksalets) needs your prayers

    i echo DW's sentiments. I haven't been around much, but reading through this thread has really put perspective on things. Polk, i hope all continues to go well after her surgery and prayers from all of us.
  11. MFL Help

    check in here or seek out DGF, he'd know off hand
  12. Weird computer problem

    try updating your drives firmware here if that doesn't cure it , shut off pc , unplug psu power cord, detach ide cable and boot up power down again after your OS loads , reconnect ide cable and turn on If that didn't fix your problem , your laser may need cleaned or replaced.
  13. My first radio gig of the year

    I'll listen.............up until the time Goopster professes his manlove for Brady.
  14. Computer software help

    providing it's not activated with that key on another pc. if you have ever activated it on another pc, you'll have to call M$ so they can reactivate it for you, only takes a few minutes.

    Yep, that's the price, i used to own 2 club seat
  16. Friday Night Lights

    Anyone catching the season premier? I taped it, looks decent enought to put on the watch list for me.
  17. Saving a word document as a jpeg or similar file.

    you can save your word doc. as a pdf via MSoffice , then use pdf to image converter 2.1 to convert to jpeg and a host of other formats, only takes a second to do.
  18. Cheap High Def DVD

    i installed my hd xbox 360 drive to my vista desktop and watched a few hd dvd's. you'll have to have an hdcp compliant monitor and graphics card for can get slysoft's anydvd program that will allow playback of hd or bluray without compliant equiptment.
  19. FF Scams

    If you get an email from Brian Harwood, delete it. This clown has been parading around message boards and sending out thousands upon thousands of emails for people to join his leagues............ Only problem is, when you join and pay your entry fee you'll notice the total collected and total payouts don't match at all. He's charging $70 to run his league, plus he's playing in them free. That's well over $100 he's banking from morans like me that decided to give his league a try. I posted my thoughts about this, i expect he'll boot me from his league and steal my money.
  20. FF Scams

    Big difference. The league said you didn't have to. Your not hiding behind the fine print, it's all out in the open. Good for you, a good commish should get a small fee, but to not disclose the information is where i have the problem
  21. NCAA Tourney Official Thread

    The BIG 10 has looked AMAZING to me so far. No one gave them any kudos, but going 4-0 and having Purdue and Illinois in the underdog role and up in their games is good news. I didn't have any Big 10 team outside of the Bucks making the sweet 16, but the way the conference is playing, could end up with 3
  22. TOS Bracket Challenge

    LAST CALL!! 6th Annual Hoops Pick 'em contest. Commish - Theeohiostate PLEASE FEEL FREE TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. Provide me with their email and i will invite them or just forward this onto whomever you feel. You are invited to join my on-line college hoops bracket group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click the link below (or cut and paste the link into your browser's address field). You'll be asked to enter the group's password before you can join. The group password is included in this e-mail. THIS IS A PAY LEAGUE ONLY!! You will have to register with CBSSportsline to access our league site (only takes 2 minutes) Play up to 3 brackets at $10 via check each(PAYPAL $10.44) each(see bottem if you want more than 3), if you are a local player and win i will pay you in person, if you are a out of town player i can pay you via paypal or check or money order (whatever your preference is) . Totol points wins. Tie Breaker is total points for final game, make sure you enter the points. Winner gets 80% and 2nd Place gets 20% of total purse. If you have any questions , you can email me, (PM me for these details) This site will only allow you to fill out 3 brackets under your sign up name, so if you wish to fill out more, email me your selections and i can enter them under your name manually. Another alternative is to have me invite you under another email address and register another sportsline account. Pay me by check, money order or Paypal (PM me for these details) is paypal account name, be sure to include your name or requested team name. mail checks to : (PM me for these details) Check league message board when you enter. ENTER SITE HERE Our Group password is: hoopster
  23. NCAA Pool

    geeteebee is also hosting one, $20 a sheet. I've been doing his for several years and he gets alot of sheets submitted. It's a little more money, but you have to do a high dollar one each year.
  24. NCAA Pool

  25. NCAA Pool

    pm me an invitation, i also am running a pool if anyone is interested , it's $10 per sheet.