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  1. Go Red RAIDERS!!

    I love all you Lil 12 BOYZ!! Don't be haten' 'cuz your conference SUCKS! I not an idiot, i see what you refuse to see!! Out of conference scheduling, YOU GOT NONE!!! Big Ten, SEC, and the MAC much more superior scheduling than Big 12, YOUR the IDIOT if you can't see that.
  2. Go Red RAIDERS!!

    LMFAO, OU best D in the country jester If this lousy Raiders team gets within 20 pts of these guys i'll die laughing. It wouldn't surprise me to see this overrated team fold the last two weeks and get a shalacking in their bowl game, where they will have to face some REAL competition!! OU won't even hold the Raiders under 24 pts like NC State did. 14-10 OU jester GO TECH!! Show America how bad this team really is!! Just another TCU in my book!! Oh, in another laugher UCLA who lost to OU 59-24 is gettting a ass waxing by USC 31-0 2nd Q, Does this mean USC's D is FAR SUPERIOR than OU?? Schedule somebody already OU !! Is it worth being criticized this much by playing a cup-cake schedule?? BIG 12 thumbs_d jester
  3. Go Red RAIDERS!!

    Here a quote for ya' , Going for it on 4 and 10, shows no confidence in special teams, this will not get you the title, What do you expect though, they are playing another Lil 12 team, I don't think either team will stop each other, Prediction Tech 112 OU 97 NO DEFENSE!!!
  4. Go Red RAIDERS!!

    Thee Ohio State 44-38 over NC State NC State 49-21 over Texas Tech Texas Tech 3 OU 0 1st Q Hum, what's this say, Lil 12 sucks, outside of conferece,maybe shrug jester jester
  5. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    OSU beat NC state, NC state biatch slaps Texas Tech by 28!!! If the Sooners don't win by 50 over Tech, THAT WILL PROVE HOW WEEEEAAAAAAAAK they are!! OVER RATED!! OU goes down to the Raiders by 7, Lil 12 shows their colors. AT Least the BUCKS loose to quality, ranked opponents!! GO BUCKS
  6. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    Hell you think OU is better jester They gave up 28 to a Athenaie Fresno team, Boise St. held 'em to 17 last night.
  7. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    HUH, what you say? OU is overrated? I agree, the whole BIG 12 is, F*** the BCS rankings, I guess TCU is #8 too, the only thing they got right is OSU #2 BABY!!! By the way who has the Lil 12 beat out of conference, Huh, i got the answer NOBODY!! HELL, Bowling Green or Miami,OH would post VERY respectable #'s in that overrated conferece! lol
  8. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    HERE COMES THEM BUCKS, ya SGT. we do suck :confused: 1 loss in two years, National Champs, Going back to get our 2nd, Here's a thougt, YOU SUCK!! OU? yawn Who's got next?? How about a SEC team, at least they play a schedule that doesn't resemble Div. I high school!
  9. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    and your point is?? OU destroyed mighty 4-7 Alabama 20-13 WOW!!! That's pretty good since LSU beat 'em by 24 N.Illinois beat 'em by 3 Miss. beat 'em by 15 Tenn beat 'em by 8 That's sad the best team OU played all year has been getting smashed more convicingly by everyone else they've played. LMFAO, If we played a schedule like that yearly, we may go undefeated for a decade!! jester
  10. LMFAO - OSU sucks

    LMFAO, Sgt. if you knew anything about Big Ten football, you'd know this is typical Buckeye ball, come from behind and WIN BABY!! That's all they do. Two years straight, the best in the business!! PRESSURE TESTED FOR THE BIG GAME!! by the way 21-7 now, let's see the comeback, this is not your OU team,this is the Buckeyes , they can handle there business!! This is why they play a tough schedule, not cupcakes, like your beloved ones.
  11. North til you smell it, West til you step in it

    I like to see the Big 12 Homers chime in on this one, nice call sgt. and k state, looks like you want Michigan to win, so you don't have to face the bucks in a certain title game defeat. Good predictions loco "your predictions are about as good as your advice and knowledge" sleep
  12. OSU Homers

    Private, I mean SGT. RYAN, excuse me. After reading all your post and replies, it leads me to one conclusion: Change your name to BLT!! You have a football I.Q. of bacon,insight of lettuce and advice not much better than i can get in my garden from a tomato. You must be the son of an A.D. in the Big 12, Best Conference jester Let me ask you this, Big 12 HOMER, Big 12 best is BB too? You need to apply wax to your ass when getting the BUFU, if not,you come off raw. Note to self: "Do not be so critical of SARGE, he may have been dropped on his head at birth"
  13. The True #1 is:

    Oklahoma's opponents records are 54-44, they have played ONE team ranked in the current top 25, "TOUGH SCHEDULE !" USC's oppenents records are 45-42, they too have played only ONE current top 25 team, but lost to an unranked team. SCARY!! Da' BUCKS opponents records are 53-46, they have played THREE!!!! current top 25 teams,and lost to a previously ranked team HUH, the bucks have played better competition, lost to a bettter opponent, It's obvious they'll be back in the Championship game,beating another overhyped team. I'll be there this year too, to enjoy it in person.
  14. OSU Homers

    YADDA YADDA Heard the same crap last year, unlike the Sooners, O H I O DOES NOT fold under pressure like your precious Sooners have the last 2 years!! See ya' in the Championship game AGAIN! I'll wave as my Buckeyes collect their 2nd straight.
  15. The True #1 is:

    SGT. Ryan or is it Private Benjamin LOL!! Alabama is 4-6 and lost to your OU by only 4, They have been getting killed in the SEC, OU would not go undefeated in the SEC, Big Ten, or Hell the MAC for that matter. They are good but UNTESTED!! Playing Division 1 high school teams all year will not prepare them for what they will face in January. Tin Hut!
  16. The True #1 is:

    My sons pee-wee team 31 Baylor 22 I would hope the Sooners would route another cupcake. Can't wait to see them fold again this year when some REAL team shows up for a bowl game with them.
  17. The True #1 is:

    I'm not the Dumbass, the people who keep saying OU has the toughest schedule ARE!! WOW they beat Texas, i can't remember any solid team that hasn't done that. Texas sucks against any competition and that goes for the rest of the LITTLE 12. OU is good but the best team?? I have my questions about that? PLAY SOMEONE ALREADY! Their toughest comp. this year was Alabama (20-16) the SEC or Big Ten would make lunch meat of the Big 12.