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  1. Need PC help bad

    Agreed , Defragging is really only needed for your paging files. With Vista and readyboot on flash drives, it's becoming not even needed for that. Samsung has actually just announed a new HDD with onboard flash memory to be coming in new notebooks, once this hybrid drive goes mainstream, defrag will be a distant memory.
  2. PC Gamers

    Any Gamers on site? My 2 boys are gaming online all the time and our bandwidth becomes very bottlenecked. I have all Cat6 patch wire ran with Broadband Premium. I figured running better quality wire and upgrading to the business level broadband would have solved the problem of lagging. Didnt' Anyhow, i just got the DLINK DGL 1100 and WOW!! What a differnce!! If your a gamer or have kids that do, you'll love it. I just did a test here, had 2 PC's online gaming, 1 xbox 360 online gaming, 2 xbox 360's streaming HD video, 1 PC downloading 2 huge files and NO LAG ! ! This router is well worth the money.
  3. PC Gamers

    In other news, how boring will this be?
  4. Need PC help bad

    Dunno if i'd be a psu problem, never seen an issue like that occur. Normally they just blow up and done with. Gotta be a software, RAM or HDD problem, imo. Here's some great tips for ya' , great site i use and they have it all mapped all in an easy to view/read forum Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 This will help eliminate any software problem and your left to check you Ram with MemTest 86 and do a HDD diagnostic check
  5. Need PC help bad

    Could be a multitude of things. Memory, Virus, Hard drive, PSU Boot into safe mode and see if problem persists. Run msconfig and disable all start up items, , Check the box the says "Hide all MS Itmes", then disable all services. Is problem still persisting? Run MemTest 86, possible corrupt RAM Open cmd prompt and run chkdsk Defrag HDD's Post back. If you know anything about Hijack this software, i'd start there. Run a cleaning tool freware CCleaner. Just throwing out a bunch of thoughts to try. But try to figure out if it's hard ware or software firstly, booting into safe mode, running all your AVG and spyware programs, disabling your startup and services should give you a good idea if it's a software/virus problem. Then check your memory, then your hdd's .
  6. Networking help needed

    Okay i'm sick of my existing set up! Need advice from some networking experts on equiptment and setup. This is for an in home hardwired network. Have 4 pc's and 3 xbox360 hardwired plus 2 wireless pc's. We use the network to stream alot of video,music and transfer alot of files. Also big use of online gaming for the kids, so a router like the dlink 4100 might be a good start. Seems like the kids battle for bandwich when gaming, i have the premier broadband that gives me a 7-8 Mbps internet connection. Currently i have the motorola 5101 going into a Belkin N Series wireless router then i go into a cheapo 1 gb switch which all my pc's are hardwired into. I have all 1 GB eternet cards installed on the desktop and have ran Cat6 cable throughout the house. I am looking for an upgrade.......cables, switch, router, modem ...........whatever it takes to run better. Any ideas are apprecitaed. Pic of current set up here, need help!
  7. Windows Vista Update

    Could try VCL Media player, it's free and will play almost any format. It's not appealing but it does the trick. I'd recommend TheatreTEK.
  8. Windows Vista Update

    If you just built a new system for gaming, WHY? pass of Vista and DX10?
  9. Windows Vista Update

    DMD, you can disable the UAC in the control panel under "Users". After about 4 installs, i've finally gotten Vista 32 to work well. All my devices are working well, i miss yahoo photo mail though, not compatible with IE7 or Vista. I really like the new interface for media center, which is the sole reason i upgraded. No driver issues so far, and my only software that doesn't work was Norton Ghost and Remote Data Backups, both of which are coming out with Vista updates.
  10. Should Gays Be Allowed to Adopt Children?

    Yep! there are also those born as a woman but are men and only get a sex change to prove it to themselves
  11. Okay, so I have Windows Vista now...

    I have about 40GB's of downloaded music files on an EXTHDD and when i connected it to Vista, i didn't have any problems whatsoever....???
  12. 2006 Huddle Awards

    *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award (for best Fantasy Advice forum poster) - Hugh Huddle Heisman (for best College forum poster) - Sgt. Ryan IDP Intellect (Individual Defensive Player forum guru) - Sgt. Ryan Tailgate Award (for best Tailgate poster) - loaf Homer Hero (for best homer info) - PanterDave/BroncoBilly Culinary Connoisseur (Food & Beverage forum award) - PD Skybox Award - never go there *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game - MVP Challenge Best Huddle Article/Weekly Feature - Best Post/Thread - Best Link - Best Forum Feature - *Individual Awards* Best Username - DownGoesFrazia Best Sigline - whichever one Cliaz has up at any given moment Best Avatar(s) - Best Fisherman - Funniest Huddler - Cliaz Most Respected Huddler - Big John/DMD/rocknrobin/Perch- really there are far too many i respect to name here Most Annoying Huddler - RockerBraves Huddler you most like to read - Who you'd most want to have a beer with - Sgt. Ryan/Steelbunz (for obvious reasons) Who you'd most want to talk football with - Keggerz Newbie of the Year - TheGrunt Newbie Tool of the Year - RockerBraves Most Valuable Huddler MVH - BigJohn
  13. Okay, so I have Windows Vista now...

    I've been using the speech recognition software bundled with Vista, and while it's cool, it seems to difficult to manage efficiently, i'd just as well type it as have to say it ten times to understand what i'm saying.
  14. Okay, so I have Windows Vista now...

    There are work-arounds to disable the UAC. Here's a few sites, i've been looking over since my install last week. here's a good post on How-To's
  15. @#$%ing freezing!

    Great idea! But glad to report, he's finally got a J....O....B....and he's working right now.
  16. @#$%ing freezing!

    Spoke too soon, 6" so far today! 350' of drive to plow for last 2 hours so far.
  17. is worth $2,206,643

    Mine is worth $152. I've been offered 3 times that much though
  18. SuperBowl Squares #2

    With so many additional requests for squares, i've set up another Edited to add, all money has been collected and accounted for. Updated Squares Picks Here Squares are $3 per box by check or $3.20 via paypal, limit 6 boxes per person. 100 boxes for sale. Hosted on poolhost here's the link. Post here or pm me for an invite with payment details. Rules are simple. Maximum number of squares per person: 6 The last digit of each teams score determines the winning square. A winning square can be determined for each quarter if desired. The column numbering is set AFTER the pools deadline passes, by automatically. I have set it up for the system to insert the numbers at 8 hours before kickoff. 1st and 3rd quarter winner will get $70 each 2nd and Final score (OT included) $80 SOLD OUT.
  19. @#$%ing freezing!

    Here in Ohio, we've only had about 4-5" of snow this winter Lightest snowfall i can ever remember. I hope this crazy weather doesn't have a negative effect on our coast line this upcoming hurricane season, tsunami's and hurricanes are going to only get worse.
  20. @#$%ing freezing!

    No doubt! We didn't get above 7 degress yesterday and this morning it's -4 with a wind chill of -15 BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Oh! i'm glad i work at home
  21. SuperBowl Squares

    Setting up another pool Updated Squares Picks Here Sqaures are $5 per box by check or $5.30 via paypal, limit 5 boxes per person. 100 boxes for sale. If needed another pool will be set up. Hosted on poolhost here's the link. Post here or pm me for an invite with payment details. Rules are simple. Maximum number of squares per person: 5 The last digit of each teams score determines the winning square. A winning square can be determined for each quarter if desired. The column numbering is set AFTER the pools deadline passes, by automatically.I have set it up for the system to insert the numbers at 8 hours before kickoff. Edited to add payoffs. 1st and 3rd quarter winner will get $100 each 2nd and Final score (OT included) $150 Sold Out
  22. This is how you get AUTOCAD to work with VISTA

    I'm a pipe layer and smoker With my experience, i'm sure i could design it too.
  23. Who am i?

    NBA OR NFL? 36 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud 19 have been accused of writing bad checks 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault 71, repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year Can you guess which organization this is? Give up yet? .. . . Scroll down, Neither, it's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.
  24. NFL imposes the "Merriman" Rule

    ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports the NFL will no longer allow players who violate the league's substance abuse policy to make the Pro Bowl. The rule doesn't kick in until next season, so Shawne Merriman will still play in Honolulu on Saturday. It will also hit violators in the wallet, as many players have Pro Bowl incentives written into their contracts.
  25. NFL Playoff contest

    I'm starting a playoff FF league hosted on MFL cost is $10 via check or $10.75 by paypal. PerfectHuddle Scoring will be used. Start 16 players throughout the playoffs and the Superbowl , total points win. Cumulative scoring and winner takes 60%, 2nd place takes 25% and 3rd place takes 15% 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 D 1 K From both the NFC and AFC for a total of 16 starters. Here's the link to the site I will manually enter in all selections, so you'll be responsible to double check them before the first game starts. Post here or pm me and i'll get you set up on the site and give you the payment details. All players you pick will have to be pm'd or emailed to me for me to enter, the picks and money are due by 1 hour before kickoff of the opening playoff game. Huddlers signed up theeohiostate - paid cincy slammers -paid popeye - paid theprofessor - paid Gonkis -paid Polecat - paid RILETT -paid Slickvick -paid Sugar Magnolia-paid MrTed46 - paid Junkyard-paid BigMikeinNY -not pd Brentastic-paid ljbrun - paid BillyBalata -paid