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  1. NFL Playoff contest

    Winners please pm me for payout details, check or paypal? 1st Junkyard $90 2nd Slickvick $37.50 3rd Brentastic $22.50 Congrats
  2. SuperBowl Squares #2

  3. SuperBowl Squares

  4. The Official Bears/Colts Super Bowl Thread

    Grossman will NEVER be as good as Dilfer
  5. SuperBowl Squares #2

  6. SuperBowl Squares

  7. The Official Bears/Colts Super Bowl Thread

    Bears really outclassed on both sides of the ball so far this game. Throw out the 52 yeard run by Jones and the offense has done NOTHING!!! The D hasn't been able to pressure Manning and the Colts have moved the ball at will. The score truely has little reflection on the what has happened in this game, it seems like the Colts are up 40-7
  8. SuperBowl Squares #2

  9. SuperBowl Squares

    thank you Vineterri, that missed FG just cost me $150
  10. Official Super Bowl commercial thread

    What the HELL was that! Garmin navigation and the power ranger wannabee.
  11. SuperBowl Squares #2

    Winner of quarter 1 and $70 is alchico Winner of quarter 2 and $80 is Winner of quarter 3 and $70 is Winner of quarter 4 and $80 is All winners, please pm me payout details. I can pay out by check or paypal.
  12. SuperBowl Squares

    Winner of quarter 1 and $100 is BYoder Winner of quarter 2 and $150 is Winner of quarter 3 and $100 is Winner of quarter 4 and $150 is All winners, please pm me payout details. I can pay out by check or paypal.
  13. Superbowl Shows

    I thought is was alright, does this mean i have "tendencies"
  14. NFL imposes the "Merriman" Rule

    If the NBA's leading scoring, Carmelo Anthony isn't going to the All-Star game, no way the NFL should have allowed Merriman to be allowed THIS season, imo.
  15. SuperBowl Squares #2

    Final numbers are posted
  16. SuperBowl Squares Final numbers have been posted
  17. Any Skiers on board?

    Haven't been out in about 10 years, but went the last few days with the family for a few hours. WHAT A BLAST!!! Aside from the fact i took my wife, our 3,14, and 16 year olds, that have never put on skies before, i had fun. Had to leave them on the beginner slopes after i got the grove back, but hoping they enjoyed it as i'd love to start back up again. It was "blown" snow and very slow, hoping for a nice snowfall here in Ohio sometime, only 2" so far this year The last time i skied was up at Killinton's Vermont, that's a huge difference from the little mound we have access to here.
  18. Vista finally shipping

    Got my Ultimate copy on the way. Hope it's as good as advertised. The 32bit version supports 4gb of ram
  19. Any Skiers on board?

    Perfect North
  20. An inconvenient documentary film

    I watched the show, i have no idea how reliable the evidence is, in which Gore put fourth. Nevertheless, i didn't see it as a political move on his part , rather a geniune concern. If idiots like this clown are to protest the film, then why are they even permitted to teach science in school to begin with, isn't evolution,,Darwin's Theory and Big Bang covered in that class? If he is truely a religious nut, he should be more concerned about that aspect of learning, eh?
  21. Vista finally shipping

    It takes about 12-18 for a business to incorporate a new OS as it is, i'd suggest starting now, that way in a year's time all should be good to go.
  22. Vista finally shipping

    I really want Vista, as i'm dualbooting back and fourth between Windows 64 and Windows Media. I use 64 to run my software applications and our family uses Windows media via my pc, throughout the house on 3 xobx360 as media extenders for video, music and pics. I have about 3 TB's of hdd space filled with movies, pics , music and home video's. Vista will allow me to have the flexibility i desire. I've looked into many virtual OS systems, but can't find any that allow Media as the host or guest and XP together. So for me at least, Vista will be well worth the upgrade.
  23. Plumbers and folk handy with tools....

    Appears, you've tightened to faucet diverter too tight and now the handles are winched and can't rotate. Try to losen them up, you really shouldn't need the handles on to test for water leaks, you can use the valve body the handles rest on and a pair of pliers to rotate the stem to turn off and on, this is a good idea to try to determine where the water leak is coming from. The stem seat or the ips threads where you've attached the water supply tubes. Is this a one piece faucet or are all the stems separate (totalling 3) ? I'd suggest for do it yourselfers to buy a one piece molded faucet, you just tighten on to the countertop and tie in supply lines.
  24. The Nintendo Wii

    Hmmmm. Haven't did any research on it, but are some of the games like a virtual simulator or something?