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  1. The Nintendo Wii

    We have the PS3 and Xbox 360, can someone who owns either of these systems and the wii, give their opinon on the consoles?
  2. Self Employed and Tax folks

    1. Get INC. immediantely 2. If your planning on doing your own paperwork/billing/taxes, then i'd suggest Quickbooks, it'll provide you with payroll reports, vendor, customers reports, and the needed quarterly tax reports, you can hand off to an accountant to file or do so yourself. 3. Make some money , so you don't have to hire a bankruptcy lawyer
  3. Another 'puter question

    I think Seagate has the best rep. , but i often just buy whatever on ebay. I'd suggest buying a 2 or 4 drive hotswappable enclosure that can be raided 0 or 1, you can put any matching HDD's you wish then. I got a 1TB external enclosure with the drives in Raid 0 (or 500GB in Raid 1) on ebay for $280. It is a esata hotswappable sata drives, which is a big plus imo. If your mobo supports esata or you can get a controller card, i'd recommend it, as getting 3.0gbps verse a usb of only 400mbps in a big advantage.
  4. MSE 7.0 and CTR + click

    I've installed it, but it's really buggy on my pc, so i'm back to using Firefox again. I've got Windows Vista Ultimate on the way, so i'm hoping it may work a little better under that.
  5. Any Skiers on board?

    I hear you on the cheaper part. We had to buy some snow wear, about $500, then lift tickets and rentals were another $400 for the day for 5 people. I have my old skies, but they are 225's and there is NO WAY i'm wearing them, all i need at this age it some 170's and take it easy. Looking on Ebay last few days, for some deals on getting the family some stuff...................freakin' more expensive then my golfing, as i have to include the entire family
  6. Antsports does it again

    I played in an Antsports league a few season's ago, and after my year long complaints to the commish of our league, i vowed NEVER to play in another, i sent several complaint letters to Steve and whomever would listen about how i thought they ran their leagues, i played in the $150 redraft. Soooooooooooooo glad i didn't join up ever again. I think they are a f'ing joke and any huddler wishing to play in pay leagues , regardless of the amount are much better served, surfing these boards for leagues or creating their own and using MFL, RTS or other fine hosting companies.
  7. SuperBowl Squares #2

    got it! ONLY 2 squares left..............anyone?
  8. SuperBowl Squares #2

    got it only 8 squares left. That's 200 huddle squares in last 12 days
  9. SuperBowl Squares #2

    got it That leaves 14 squares and if budlightbrad takes any, that leaves less then that.
  10. SuperBowl Squares #2

    I have set it up for the system to insert the numbers at 8 hours before kickoff.
  11. SuperBowl Squares #2

    I can set it up for the site to fill in the numbers 1 week, 6 days, 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, 1 days, 2 hours, 1 hours and 0 hours before kickoff. If no one cares, i can set it to update sooner, but i thougt it'd be nice when the game starts to see where your at, especially since it'll be more fun then seeing the Colts stump on the Bears
  12. SuperBowl Squares #2

    info sent That's a total of 82 squares taken , leaving 18 left. Last chance , these have been saleing like Yo Mama's SteelBunz'z
  13. SuperBowl Squares #2

    Got it ! updated. 45 squares are sold, leaving 55 open slots.
  14. Business owners and/or attorneys that know...

    i did a google search and had an online company set everything up for my LLC, it cost $450 and took about 3 weeks to finalize
  15. SuperBowl Squares #2

    np, updated 33 squares taken............67 left
  16. Colts vs. Pats

    Had your thugs not intentionally tried to harm Palmer, they would have been POUNCED easily.
  17. Colts vs. Pats

    Brady and the Pats well on their way to winning another SuperBowl, no way the Bears beat them.
  18. Colts vs. Pats

    Manning will NEVER win a big game...........PERIOD!
  19. Saints vs. Bears

    Home field has 99% to do with that. This game in New Orleans would have turned out MUCH different.
  20. Saints vs. Bears

    CHICAGO has went this entire game ...............with NO penalties and no turnovers. what does that say?
  21. Saints vs. Bears

    thanks for giving me Bush for Edge in our 3 year keeper league in week 4 this year.
  22. Just Fall on the BALL!

    dunno about ever, but the official that made that bogus call had no business doing so. He couldn't even see the contact from his angle, he made that call blindly.
  23. Just Fall on the BALL!

    Piss poor call. Dunno how blind you have to be to think that was a fumble.
  24. SuperBowl Squares #2

    18 already sold today 82 left
  25. My Predicizzle

    New Orleans 27 Bears 21 Colts 38 NE 28 SuperBowl Colts 35 New Orleans 34