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  1. SuperBowl Squares

    SOLD OUT ! ! Here are the final square locations. Pool host will automatically set numbers at kickoff. Final Squares Picks Here
  2. SuperBowl Squares

    sorry Whomper took the last 3 I will be starting another but for $3 per square, max 6 squares.
  3. The Huddle

    Who's your nominee for the Huddle Best Commish? A few years in several BOTH leagues and i'm torn between DGF and RC I give my pick to DGF, due to the work that it takes to run DW's. Who you got? Why? Votes Talley Down Goes Frazia 3 Yo Mama 3 Rhino 2.5 Pope Flick 2 Big John 2 SteelBunz 1 Grits and Shins 1 rocknrobn26 1 Atlanta Cracker 1 Apathy 1 Savage Beatings 1 beaumont 1 Apocalypse 1 Los Gigantes .5
  4. SuperBowl Squares

    Only 11 squares left.
  5. Blockbuster Total Access VS Netflix

    Hands down. Blockbuster
  6. Many forums fear legal remifications is discussion threads about piracy. So long as there aren't any links to illegal downloads , i don't see the problem.
  7. The news is, a company called Parodox in California will release a hack for BluRay Movies and PS3 games at the European Console Convention in March. They are alledging that they have successfully dumped them onto the PS3 HDD and created an emulator that allows playback through the PS3. Really though! Most titles are 15-20 GB, so you'd have to have a nice size drive for this to collect alot of titles. Burning back to BluRay discs will also be possible, if you'd like to invest in a $900 BluRay burner and $20 blank disc. Seems pointless when you can purchase the original for less money. Maybe in 5 years, but now it means nothing.
  8. Actually the copy protection has not been broken. Hackers are using the PS3 system running Linux Yellow Dog and inserting a BluRay movie into PS3 drive and transferring the video files onto exthdd's. No one has yet been able to play the movie's back from the PS3 hdd or a pc hdd. So in essence, Sony has allowed for the data transfer, but playback is the problem, only 2 media players allow for HD playback. From a pc, you'd have to have a graphics card that can output HD. The security keys metioned in your article that have been hacked were provided by an alleged "inside" source. There has yet to be any software that can determine the key.
  9. SuperBowl Squares

    PM invite sent. That only leaves 18 squares for the taking. Probably less as i have a few other PM's out.
  10. SuperBowl Squares

    invitations all sent As of now, we have around 80 squares taken. That leaves around 20 boxes left. Not too bad for only a few days on the board. If this fills up by Monday, and there is more interest, another pool for $2 per box will be made.
  11. The Huddle

    Baseball is NOT an official huddle sport. I'll split your vote for 1/2 each for Rhino and Los
  12. The Huddle

    Wish i had the pleasure, Steel's been very helpful to me this season as an MFL noob commish.
  13. Welcome Brack Ugly Tuna !

    what he said
  14. Superbowl squares being sold by schools

    Catholics will sell anything to raise money, even against principle. The biggest druken gambling fair in our area is hosted by our local Catholic School- Fenwick HS. Lot's of dope smokin' there too.
  15. i've ran my pc to 3 tv's and a stereo. If your mobo or audio card has optical out, you can get dolby digital, which is nice.
  16. All time ranking since the inception of the AP Poll

    You must be surfing Buckeye Planet Saw it posted there about 8 months ago, i even think i posted a link or copy of it in this forum awhile back. Big John?
  17. SuperBowl Squares

    Forgot to mention what the payouts are 1st and 3rd quarter winner will get $100 each 2nd and Final score (OT included) $150 Have 14 squares already just the first few minutes
  18. SuperBowl Squares

    Not on the huddle.
  19. SuperBowl Squares Everyone , except Cliaz is invited.
  20. League Opening

    League Opening in a keeper league for 2007 League Home Page Rules.............READ THORUGHLY before accepting an invitation This is the available team here and has the #3 pick in 2007 League Scoring Couple quick notes. This league has been running for several years, but converted to a keeper in the start of the 2005 season, we have always used CBS Sportsline as our host, but as you can see, i'm in the process of moving it over to MFL for the start of the 2007 season. $150 entry fee, i pay winners VERY promptly and can have many vetern huddlers attest to this if needed. This team that is availble will also be awarded the #3 pick in the upcoming draft for 2007. Keeper league, keeping a full starting lineup, which consists of QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, D and a FLEX(WR,RB or TE) , kind of odd, but different is good. PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>PM me AND leave a post here if intererested, it's the start of the FF offseason and i don't know how frequentely i'll be checking in.
  21. League Opening

    Have another league with 3 openings. ReDraft league. $150/owner Check here (site just moved to MFL, so dismiss the standings) All huddler members except for 1 owner. scoring rules
  22. Why Blu-Ray won't catch on...

    Holographic discs may make both disc obsolete in the future. They have already announced the capicity to hold 1 TB per disc. So much for 20-25 GB on Bluray and HDDVD, although there is news that riteck has developed a 10 layer disc for Bluray and HD DVD, problem is the current lasers can't read them.
  23. Need help

    i know we have a bunch of ps3 owners here, and some qualified linux users as well. HELP! I've read the tuts, and i can't get my dang drive installed. I have the PS3 with 1.32 update. I installed yellow dog 5.0 on the ps3. I bought a 640 GB NTFS USB/eSATA Raid 0 External enclosure. I have ZERO experience on linux and have learned that i need to format this drive as EXT3 and mount it. I only want 1 partition. Can someone give me the commands i need? i need to be logged in as "root".......etc. pm me or post, maybe help live on AIM. Sure would appreciate it. Linux!
  24. Puppy Linux

    Linux Never used it before, but installed the Yellow Dog 5.0 onto my PS3 and for the life of me i can't get an ext usb hdd installed, formatted and mounted for it. I've tried some tuts, but i guess i'm a freaking idiot.
  25. Chocalate lab

    Anyone interested in this dog, let me know. FREE. He's 6 months old, has all his paperwork, good bloodline, full bread. He's been to obedience school with us, great dog, just far too much for us to handle around the little one. Too playful, needs too much attention . Anyways, i'd love to see him off to a good home. We paid $300 for him. I do not want any money , just a good home and environment. He fetches very well, sits, lays, speaks, stays. If seriously interested , pm me and i can get some pics.