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  1. Why Blu-Ray won't catch on...

    A big mark on the nose of the Blu-Ray, is the PS3's ability to play Blu ray and have Linux Yellow Dog installed on separate partition has allowed the dumping of Blu ray movie and game files onto 3rd party HDD's. Sony has shot itself in the foot, as Blu ray was thought to be impossible to copy. While game and movie files have been dumped onto HDD's , there is yet to be an emulator developed for playback. No doubt something is in the works, especially since Sony is allowing game downloads to run off the PS3 HDD. HD DVD has not been hacked yet, so the myth of the Blu Ray is just that.
  2. The Conspiracy Theorist

    some may slam this post of yours, not I. Completely agree with it.
  3. 4th Annual HuddleBowl will be hosting this competition for us. I have everything set up, so when you let me know your in, i'll send you an invite from poolhost with our league name and password, just register and you can make your picks and change them up until gametime. It will keep the standings up to date as each game is played. Winner take all Entry is $10 per player, limit 1 per huddle member Paypal $10.75 to or pm me for my addy to send a $10 check. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR HUDDLER NAME on your check or paypal transaction. Pool Rules Picks Number of games per week required to pick: ALL Game Style Pick'em Style. Spreads Point spreads are NOT used scoring picks. All picks should just be the game winners by the final score Weights No weights/confidence values are used in this pool. Championship Game Tie-Break Besides making your picks, at the bottom of the pick page, you must guess the Championship game total score to decide any tie-breaks. Scoring WIN = 1 points, TIE = 0 point, LOSS = 0 points Standings The final standings will be calculated using the total points from ALL weeks. Deadline The pick deadline will be game time of the first bowl game carried by Here's a list of games on tap: Jan. 8 BCS Title Glendale, Ariz. FOX 8 p.m. Ohio State vs. Florida Jan. 7 GMAC Mobile, Ala. ESPN 8 p.m. Southern Miss vs. Ohio Jan. 6 International Toronto ESPN Noon W. Michigan vs. Cincinnati Jan. 3 Sugar New Orleans, La. FOX 8 p.m. LSU vs. Notre Dame Jan. 2 Orange Miami, Fla. FOX 8 p.m. Wake Forest vs. Louisville Jan. 1 Fiesta Glendale, Ariz. FOX 8 p.m. Oklahoma vs. Boise State Jan. 1 Rose Pasadena, Calif. ABC 5 p.m. Southern Cal. vs. Michigan Jan. 1 Capital One Orlando, Fla. ABC 1 p.m. Arkansas vs. Wisconsin Jan. 1 Gator Jacksonville, Fla. CBS 1 p.m. Georgia Tech vs. W. Virginia Jan. 1 Cotton Dallas, Tex. FOX 11:30 a.m. Nebraska vs. Auburn Jan. 1 Outback Tampa, Fla. ESPN 11 a.m. Penn State vs. Tennessee Dec. 31 MPC Computers Boise, Idaho ESPN 7:30 p.m. Nevada vs. Miami (Fla.) Dec. 30 Chick-fil-A Atlanta, Ga. ESPN 8 p.m. Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Dec. 30 Alamo San Antonio, Tex. ESPN 4:30 p.m. Texas vs. Iowa Dec. 30 Meineke Car Care Charlotte, N.C. ESPN2 1 p.m. Boston College vs. Navy Dec. 29 Champs Sports Orlando, Fla. ESPN 8 p.m. Purdue vs. Maryland Dec. 29 Insight Phoenix, Ariz. NFL Net. 7:30 p.m. Minnesota vs. Texas Tech Dec. 29 Liberty Memphis, Tenn. ESPN 4:30 p.m. Houston vs. South Carolina Dec. 29 Sun El Paso, Tex. CBS 2 p.m. Missouri vs. Oregon State Dec. 29 Music City Nashville, Tenn. ESPN 1 p.m. Kentucky vs. Clemson Dec. 28 Holiday San Diego, Calif. ESPN 8 p.m. Texas A&M vs. California Dec. 28 Texas Houston, Tex. NFL Net. 8 p.m. Rutgers vs. Kansas State Dec. 28 Independence Shreveport, La. ESPN 4:30 p.m. Oklahoma State vs. Alabama Dec. 27 Emerald San Fran, Calif. ESPN 8 p.m. Florida State vs. UCLA Dec. 26 Motor City Detroit, Mich. ESPN 7:30 p.m. C. Michigan vs. Middle Tenn. Dec. 24 Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii ESPN 8 p.m. Arizona State vs. Hawaii Dec. 23 Armed Forces Fort Worth, Tex. ESPN 8 p.m. Utah vs. Tulsa Dec. 23 New Mexico Alburquerque, NM ESPN 4:30 p.m. New Mexico vs. San Jose St. Dec. 23 Birmingham, Ala. ESPN2 1 p.m. East Carolina vs. South Florida Dec. 22 New Orleans New Orleans, La. ESPN 8 p.m. Troy vs. Rice Dec. 21 Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nev. ESPN 8 p.m. Oregon vs. BYU Dec. 19 Poinsettia San Diego, Calf. ESPN2 8 p.m. TCU vs. Northern Illinois Sigline bets and H2H bets can be posted here as well
  4. Big 10

    Coming this August, the Big 10 Network. The first of any kind, the Big 10 once again proves to be the leader in college sports.
  5. Seattle cheated

    No interest in either team here for me. So my opinon is completely neutral. As soon as Romo bobbled the snap, i called my bros and we all agreed the ball "looked" wet or overly shiney in the least. Now , that was very obvious with the naked eye. It looked like it was armor-alled ,imo. Not that i care, but just my view on what i noticed that day. Never though twice about it, till i saw this post.
  6. Didn't Auburn Beat Florida?

    Then was was the Pac 10, D-III?
  7. Big 10

    I'm sure copycat leagues like the SEC will jump on the Big 10's jock as expected.
  8. Didn't Auburn Beat Florida?

    Auburn beat Florida and ARKANSAS, kicked the living daylights out of Auburn. Wisconsin then bitch slapped Arkansas and didn't play OSU this season. Wisconsin is your National Champion ,imo.
  9. OSU vs Florida

    3 teams in the top 8 in the final many in the top ten for the pac10
  10. Final Poll

    Big 10 got 3 team in the top 8 , while the SEC only got 2. I'd say the voters got it perfectly correct. Only problem i see with the final standings, is LSU being vastly over ranked for winning a game against the Texas State High School runner up.
  11. Is the SEC impressing anyone?

    I realize they still have a winning bowl game record. But : Oklahoma State 34, Alabama 31 , they lost this game that was a push either way, but being from the percieved deeper and better conference, this was a game they should have won. Kentucky 28, Clemson 20 - KY surprised most by winning this game, great win for the SEC South Carolina 44, Houston 36 - WOW! A crappy win verse a crappy team, much expected Georgia vs Virginia Tech - solid win, i expected this won, due to the lack of quality teams in the ACC Tennessee 10 vs Penn State 20 -SEC should have won this game, the Big Ten steps up to show a little strength Arkansas 14 vs Wisconsin 17 - Nail in the coffin for the SEC faithful to suggest this conference is so much superior a good win for the Big 10, furthering thier dominance this bowl season over the SEC Auburn 17 vs Nebraska 14 - Auburn looked horrible and should have lost, but won, if you want to call it that way. Callahan should be ashamed of his role in losing this game for his kids who outplayed Auburn all game long. Any thoughts? I went into this bowl season with the expectation that the Big 10 would only win 2 games, Michigan and OSU. I thought the SEC would show us, what we've been drilled into our heads to believe, that they are the superior conference. I was fooled
  12. BCS fails ... again.

    I don't need that to do so, i was however, making a mochery of your fantasy scenario for LSU. Listen , in case your the only one who doesn't know LSU sucks. The got the luckiest match up in ALL the bowl games. ND would have lost to SanJose St by as many as LSU. Pucker up and take it like a man. Stop living in fantasy land, threatening fellow huddlers kids and taking the username of a racist. Your a clown.
  13. 4th Annual HuddleBowl

    Nice Pickem's this season Junkyard ! Pm me with your addy or paypal address and the winnings will be on the way.
  14. Why Florida wins by 10

    He's no one, anyhow.
  15. I hope the lesson was learned

    You'll be lucky to never meet me. Taking personal information and subjecting into other forums and discussions shows your class. For that, be thankful, very thankful your at your seat behind a pc.
  16. BCS fails ... again.

    I played Idaho St vs USC on SEGA last night and Idaho won 57-2. Nice point Rockers, i agree, i too am insane in the brain.
  17. I hope the lesson was learned

    That's odd, all 200 of your posts after those games had belitteled both teams. Your a tool, get used to it. Flipflopping doushebag
  18. Calling Out Ohio State Fans

    That was me there last night, #16, i had alot to do with the loss, about as much as you had to do with the win. Nothing.
  19. BCS fails ... again.

    Florida waxed our boys off summer break for 51 days. BCS system is a joke, we all know and accept this. I had said from opening day, that USC was the best team in the country, even over my Bucks. They lost a few down the stretch, so i waivered like most, but clearly they have the best talent in the country, the best college coach in the country and should at least get a split. Boise St. also has a legit claim as well. Florida will be voted as the champ, but like in every other season, it's purely subjective and there's nothing that anyone can prove that Florida is the best team in the country. They were better then OSU last night, that's about it.
  20. Big 10 vs SEC

    Tenn(9-3) vs Penn St.(8-4) The line is Tenn -4.5 on this game, i really don't know how Penn St even got that much credit. Every decent team they played his season they lost, i don't think they've been in the top 25 all season and Tenn has been ranked all season. I like Tenn, in this match up. Nice match up for the SEC in this contest, should be an easy win for them. Arkansas (10-3) vs Wisconsin (11-1) Arkansas is a 2 pt favorite in this match up and should be. Wisconsin played no one this season, outside of Michigan and hasn't proved anything, while Arkansas was the best team in the SEC all season until the last week when Florida jumped them in the standings. SEC #2 vs Big 10 #3, really we know what we'll get from Arkansas, but your guess is as good as mine when it comes to Wisconsin. Arkansas with a big edge, imo, based on their quality wins. We go into both games as the dogs and on paper , we're overmatched on both sides of the ball. Thanks to OSU and Michigan making the BCS games, we're a little shorthanded in these games, but with a nice showing the other day from Iowa and the way Minnesota exploded on the favorite TTech, we may be a little better in these bowls then i originally would have anticipated. Still don't expect any upsets here, our money is still in OSU and Michigan.
  21. OSU vs Florida

    I have to say, regardless of OSU playing it's worst game in a century and not being perpared , viewing too many of their press clippings. One thing will ALWAYS be certain OSU has the best damn band in the land. SEC sucks in comparison.
  22. OSU vs Florida

    or? the worst performance you've seen in your lifetime. Hard to choose, imo.
  23. OSU vs Florida

    don't be a bigger dildo then you already are. had OSU played Florida 2 weeks ago, i can assure you, we'd have punked them