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  1. Commishes

    Dude, Noobs don't get invites to professional leagues Keep us up-to-date on your free leagues this season. If you win it a few years in a row, you may be asked to play
  2. Commishes

    Like i said , the bathroom is down the hall and to the left. Don't forget your hall pass.
  3. Commishes

    Or.............Did I? Livin' the dream...............ahhhh.
  4. Commishes

    Noob, put back on the training bra, bro! You've stepped into something you've no idea how to deal with. Where's that noob forum again?
  5. Commishes

    IT'S ALIVE!!
  6. Commishes

    i'm assuming if someone trades to put them above the 18 man roster, the commish would veto, correct?
  7. Commishes

  8. Commishes

    Yes your right! My brothers popeye and slammers are very angry with my decision. I think i will allow this trade now as they are getting upset.
  9. Collusion Prevention....

    I vote for #3 hands down Why in the world would you allow others to beat an offer you seem unfair. How do you determine the trade is unfair for this process. Is this your opinon or something? What if your opinon differs from the two making the deal, and then you shed light on it for the entire league to see what kind of offers can be made. Seems far too subjective for my taste. Just veto it and be done with it.
  10. Commishes

    TESTing TESTing 1-2-3
  11. Commishes

    I think it's time i tell you this was a test, only a test. The comments you've seen and heard have been prefabricated for this purpose. Please do not call 911, as this test is concluding. All questions related to this test may be forwarded to our mailbox. Thank You and enjoy your day.
  12. Commishes

    Okay sorry my opinon varies from yours, i must be wrong and you must be right, what was i thinking, i'm trading LJ and SA for Maroney right away cause the prophet says they will be better
  13. Commishes

    Okay, now i'm really confused, my rules say nothing about this, in fact my rules say i can disallow a trade that i feel doensn't benefit both teams..............that has nothing to do with cheating, just my opinon. Now you may disagree with this rule as i do, BUT i am using it as written. Where on earth did you see i could only turn down a suspected cheat, did you assume this?
  14. Commishes

    Nice idea, but who determines if i trade is better or not, Moses. Cause if you do, then that's your opinon and i see no difference in why you'd suggest your opinon is always right, while mine is wrong.
  15. Commishes

    Okay, let me understand this, if i use my judgement to approve this trade, I'M WRONG! If i use my judgement to determine this trade is not, I'M WRONG! I guess i should put it to a league vote if i can't decide..........OH YES ! I did that already
  16. Commishes

    I suppose you have put on your psychic hat for that bit of advice, i can not see into the future like you, but thanks for sharing your opinon of the trade, but i have my own.
  17. Commishes

    Okay then now that we understand it together, here's my ruling. I DON'T THINK THE TRADE IS FAIR That's my opinon, what's yours............ah!! I see, because your opinon differs from mine, you MUST be right
  18. Commishes

    Suggestion noted Now i realize you commish a few league like this, so how exactly does the playoff system work and is this how you've won so many titles over the years. Great stuff here. I could mount up a hugh collection of trophies in these leagues.
  19. Commishes

    That's where we really disagree, i read my rules as such: If the commish feels the trade benefits both team it will be approved, if not the trade will be vetoed and sent to a vote. Now to me i have to ask myself this question, "Does it appear to benefit both teams?" Now my answer is a simple NO, at this point am i to lie to myself and the other league members by approving a trade i know i feel doesn't benefit both teams? Some of you are suggesting that is exactly what i must do, regardless of my opinon or if you think the trade is fair or not, the entire point is I DO NOT. So are we suggesting that i circumvent the system? I have no problem accepting this rule is flawed and needs to be re-written to take out the guessing game, but that is not a problem for me in my decision, i read the rule, asked the question, answered the question honesty to myself and did what was called for me to do by our system. I suppose that if i were a liar, instead of someone that had a different opinon then some of you, that'd be okay
  20. Is Driver being Overlooked?

    I think he's ranked in the top 15 of every cheatsheet i've seen, don't think that's being overlooked at all.
  21. Commishes

    Give me a break with that chit! Now you spat off your own opinon and then try to throw me under the bus as a cheat, gimmie a F'ing break. I think there are plenty around here that know very well, i'm honest. I certainly don't mind my opinon being question, but to suggest an alterior motive like cheating is overstepping the topic, don't you think? ....and if most of you uninformed idiots would simply read my rules, they are VERY CLEAR!!! Do you see that VERY CLEAR, if I , YES I , don't see that trade BENEFITING both teams, then I , yes I can veto and send to a vote. I'm assuming with these responses, most of you would prefer i LIE about my view and let the trade go through. Now that's the way to run a league i'll tellyou, just avoid the rules altogether and play nice.
  22. Commishes

    Now we're getting somewhere
  23. Commishes

    There's that word, opinon, everybody seems to have one, i have mine and slammed down the hammer.
  24. Commishes

    .........and the thread still LIVES!
  25. Commishes

    I knew this thread had potential when i started it.