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  1. Commishes

    You just posted the trade, i'm curious on how you determined this was collusion, our you a medium? Or did you set up a sting operation, seriously cause if you just assumed it and made a unilateral judgement call how could you posslbly disagree with me vetoing a trade when you simply accused two teams of cheating without any proof?
  2. Commishes

    When a team dumps it's only starters and goes into the season with ZERO starting RB's and Frye as the QB, cause he's just dumped his starting QB and starting RB's, i'd differ with your assessment and say that is an obvious case of a team dumping. Maybe we disagree about this?
  3. Commishes

    have you ever SEEN collusion before out of curiosity, or is that a judgement call
  4. Commishes

    You've still to answer my question. Does or doesn't your league have commisioners that review and accept your trades? When you answer yes, face the fact your a hypocrit
  5. Commishes

    i will look into this as a serious matter, if proven true i may have to award myself the title. I'll wait and sleep on it and make my ruling in the morning.
  6. Commishes

    I could care less if a team is improved, but unlike yourself, i like integrity in my league and in the anything goes leagues you may like, i wouldn't approve of team dumping, sorry to burst your bubble, but i enjoy playing in a competitive league and not have stacked teams.
  7. Commishes

    Once again i have to ask you to read the thread, not just the first post then that last, your completely misinformed. I posted the question, re read my rules, stated them, made my determination thereafter and posted. I did not ask for any advice after i reviewed our rules, i acted as the rules governed me to do so.
  8. Commishes

    How does this prove anything.......You mean in order to fit your perception it HAS to mean this or you'd be incorrect. I have a different opinon of what it means. I believe that the majoriy are telling me keep up the good work, mate
  9. Commishes

    I'm gathering you had a videotape of the alleged collusion or did you just ASSUME it and make a judgement call.................hmmmmmm sounds familar to me. Funny how judgeing a trade by someone fits their needs but when judgeing someone else's decison it's not a good idea.
  10. Commishes

    Funny how the majority of my league have emailed me thanking me for doing what i was intrusted with, while people on here not affiliated with my league like to judge a decision my rules state i'm entitled to do.
  11. Commishes

    I guess we disagree, if you would like to join a league where anything goes, teams can collude , teams can dump their teams and season, thats fine..........have a go and enjoy yourselve.
  12. Commishes

    I guess i'm the only person in here that plays in a league where the commishioner appoves the trades. I'm assuming you all have automatic trade reviewals and acceptance, because if you don't then your hypocrits in my opinon. If you give your commish the power to accept a trade are you not giving him permission to view the trade and then decide to accept or are you just saying don't look at the trade, we just want you to push the accept button because we're not confindent we could find it ourselves
  13. DD

    looks good too! 7 for 37 and a TD in 2 short possessions. This will be something to follow as Lundy or Morency could have significant value in the Kubiac system if DD is out for extended time.
  14. Leinart NFL season begins

    2 for 2 so far, only 2 practices with the team. Surprising he even knows w't'f is going on. Excited to see the 2nd half of the game.
  15. Leinart NFL season begins

    He looks more like Vince Young then.............. Vince Young does. another nice run.
  16. Leinart NFL season begins

    Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian seems to have another meaning now??
  17. Leinart NFL season begins

    3 rd pass incomplete hit the WR in the grill and he could hang on Now a nice scrable for a 1st down. Impressive pressence in the pocket for only 2 practices for goodness sake.
  18. sportsline/errors

    they do this every year, preseason and regular season alike. It normally gets adjusted immediantely but sometimes after the quarter
  19. Commishes

    He's the commish and he allowed his own poor trade, how is this relative to anything.
  20. Commishes

    You were the commish, you allowed yourself to get the lower end of the deal, why would you have vetoed this anyway? Had this been in another league it could have been up for review, this doesn't mean anything as you reviewed your own trade and admitedly got the short end, but i'm assuming you had Holmes or LJ was already sharing a great deal of time with him and in that instance it's not bad at all.
  21. Commishes

    The problem with this situation is our rules leave this sort of issue up for interpretation and asks for my opinons on how i feel about trades. I took the rule we had in place and read it to myself, i asked the simple question in which our rules has me ask "do i think this trade benefits both teams" Now i could do one of two things, i could allow the trade and completely lie to myself and fail to do the duty i was appointed by not answering the question honesty OR i could veto and put it to a league vote. I have no other choices other then these. For those suggesting that i allow the trade...........just because trades shouldn't be vetoed in any circumstances, i say to you, that is not how our rules are written. I had to be honest with my thoughts about the trade, i'll stand by my decision to veto it. If the rules stay in place after this instance and i'm faced with a similar situation i will veto the trade again without hesitation. Look at it this way, if i had approved the trade and had several league members ask me if i thought both teams benefited from am i to answer that. LIE! I think not!
  22. DD

    I thought Kubiak said Morency would be seeing alot of action today?
  23. Patriots vs Cardinals

    The line doesn't look good at all. Also Edge looks a bit sluggish.
  24. Daunte Culpepper

    i'm not watching the game NE and ARI on here, but seems that last drive was the first time this preseason the offense got in a rythm for Miami, if Brown runs well, i'd expect CPep to gain some confidence back and play very well after a few games or so.
  25. Commishes

    Both owners are working on another deal now, and should get something done that on the surface and in the future accomplishes their goals.