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  1. Commishes

    Good luck finding a league then pal'. I've been playing FF for 9 seasons and haven't found a league where the commish doesn't have to power to veto a trade. All the Huddle leagues i've played in allow the commish to use their judgement to allow or disallow trades, i've no idea where your getting the notion that the commish should NEVER have ANY authority to do ANYTHING for ANY reason. I'm guessing your leagues don't have commishes then and if they do, what exactly do they do, just have a title or something?
  2. Commishes

    Blah Blah I made the call, no one else. I put it to a vote. Blah Blah go back nawing Ben's jock, sorry for bothering you with this anyhow.
  3. Getting Deployed to Middle East!

    Thanks for your service, it's so appreciated. Be careful and God bless
  4. Commishes

    I vetoed the trade, then sent notice to the league that a trade had been vetoed, i sent a copy of our rules that govern this process and i sent a copy of the trade. I was then bombarded with emails stating it's a good thing i vetoed as the trade was BS etc. I then got an emial from one of the parties involved in the trade asking for a league vote, which our constitution allows after i veto. I posted the vote on the trade and that is where it stands. I am following the rules word for word, it allows for my opinon and i used it. Like i said, i don't make the rules, i just interpret them and follow to best of my ability, while many on here do not like the veto, it is a part of our system and will be used if needed.
  5. Commishes

    I'm failing to see anywhere, that i have to prove my opinon of what i "feel" benefits each team. IMO the trade does not benefit both teams, THEREFORE i veto it and send to league vote. Is that clear enough for you to understand, i'd like to write an essay on my feelings but my rules don't say it's needed.
  6. Commishes

    i would not allow it because i see nothing but a trade based on POTENTIAL value, nothing of certaintly or substance here, not one shred of value, not one iota of fairness. That why i vetoed it. If your as correct as you say you are about the fairness as you see it, then i'm confident that the other 10 owners will approve it, but since the vote is 8-1 so far against it, i fear your completely wrong about the fairness of the deal.
  7. Commishes

    i have no doubt there's no collusion. But i do have the power to question and send to a vote. I have no idea why everyone has a problem with me following the simple rules put into place by my league.
  8. Commishes

    Good points. But as commish, would you be alright with a team bailing out and giving away 2 wins to divisional opponents while 8 other teams aren't afforded the same opportunity to play him twice and thereby and unfair situation arises for 8 teams while a clear advantage is made for the 3 in his division?
  9. Commishes

    I will not be voting in the process sent to the league for review. The rest of you comments are nice, but not in our rule book , therefore no use to me.
  10. Commishes

    This is the point that many are not getting. They just chime in with a scenario or two that our rules don't have in place. Our rules are VERY clear on this matter, if i veto for any reason the owners can ask for a vote and the league decides. This process in underway now. I do not have the final say, but i do have the power to question a trade as the majority of FF leagues give their commishes, and i have used that power to veto and send it to another process. In fact, i play in 6 BOTH leagues and in all , the commish has the power to approve and veto trades. I am only assuming they do so with their judgement..............unless there's a book on the subject None have a voting process and none have an auto trade. All are reviewed and judged, and those that say they wouldn't play in a league where the commish has the power to veto or send to a vote are f'ing clueless.
  11. Commishes

    good points, however this isn't a "what if" this is an "is" our rules call for this process, so regardless of the "what ifs" i keep hearing from everyone, i am only following the rules of the commish as given to me when i acccepted the commish job this season.
  12. Commishes

    I ask them for an explanation of how the trades benefits their teams, as i did to both owners in this case, i'd then use my judgement given to me by my league voted rules and more then likely veto the trade., and send to a league vote as i've done already in my instance. Big problem with this, is the owner getting the raw deal is a noob, and while i don't care if a poor trade is made, i do care that 10 other leagues members are upset and that the trade itself hurts the intregrity of the league.
  13. Commishes

    agree the possibiltiy is there, i have played with most of these guys for several years and 2 of them for only 1 season, but the league has shown support for my veto with several emails thanking me for doing so. The owner wanting to build for the future is getting plenty of trade offers now that should be much more acceptable. He'll get a deal done and be happy, he's also expressed to me, he's not at all upset with my veto, he simply wants to build for the future. I have no doubt our league will be perfectly fine. I have also introduced the idea to the league of auto trade approval or complete voting process where majority rules.
  14. Commishes

    have no problem with this and if your league allows all trades to go through without reviewal then so be it, ours doesn't. Like so many judgements being made about my decision, i had to make a judgement about the trade and i decided to veto and send to a vote.
  15. Commishes

    your using your judgement..........something your shunning me for doing as well. It's one thing to say my judgement was wrong, but to say it can be used in one instance and not in another is hypocritical. I mean why veto that trade and not the one i did? Really like some of you have said, it's for the future, imo Lelie could be a stud next year, worth much more then CJ even. Seems that many feel it's okay to use your judgement...............provided it agrees with others.
  16. League Conflict

    If your the commish, then buckle your belt and do what's right for the league. I'd tell him tough luck! It's your responsiblilty to draft, you did your best to fool the software and this is your team because of it.
  17. Commishes

    We all like a good debate MV. Your a commish what would you have done It's circumstances like these that make us think "What if". I love getting any advice i can to better our league rules for the future, it really takes years to institute a bullet proff constitution. I don't have a law degree, where's Squeegie?
  18. Commishes

    the deal breaker was he's giving up Hass, his only other QB is Frye and not a single other starter in the free agent pool. I don't care about building for the future, but when the season has yet to start and a team has decided to quit already and not compete, what am i to i say to the 8 teams not in his division that only get to play him once verses the divisonal teams playing him twice virtually insureing them 2 victories. That in itself is enough to veto, imo. I don't think the integrity of the league should be sacrificed at the expense of a single owner unhappy with his draft.
  19. Commishes

    instead of reading the title, then the last post, try reading the other 75 posts inbetween to make an informed post when doing so.
  20. Commishes

    I don't think most feel it is fair, they feel i should not have vetoed it, but not based on the fairness of the trade rather the power to be subjective. I can see your side, it's your opinon and i'm fully aware of potential. But i'm not going to judge a trade on potential value of a player 5 years from now. I am to determine if the trade benefits both teams and i do not feel that way and it's my obligation to say so and put it to a vote, period. I'm confused on why many here think it's okay if i use my opinon to say the deal is okay based on what i believe could or couldn't happen, yet if i say the deal is not okay based on my own opinon as well, i'm wrong. Seems i damned if i do or damned if i don't using that philosophy.
  21. Commishes

    It is great to have discussions like this so leagues with flakey rules can implement something more solid. I think giving someone the power of opinon is very subjective. I would also like to have a more definitive rule where the guessing game is out the door, but i don't in this instance and felt compelled to do my job per our rules. I will be introducing a poll in our league to take this matter out of the commishes hands and have all trades either voted on or all trades immediantley processed without reviewal. Like most i do not like having to make a judgement on this, nor do i feel the right to put every offer through. I did best with what our rules have provided me. It may be disagreeable to some, but it is a rule that allows for my opinon. remember don't hate the playa' ............hate the game
  22. Commishes

    all trades go through me and me alone, only if i veto does it get voted on. I do not like to veto any trade, but in this instance i saw no way of saying to myself " do i feel this trade benefits both teams" and answering yes to that question. Since i could not answer yes, our rules say i must veto.
  23. Commishes

    Finally some logic! The rule implies me to use my judgement, that's what i've done. Some commishes here would approve the trade then once the league raised cane, back it off and then vote. I say , those commishes have NO BALLS, i stand by my veto and the league will vote. Again here is our rule: Commissioner will approve all trades that appear to benefit both teams. Trades that are obviously one sided or appear to be collusion will not be approved. I can't in good conscience say i feel this trade benefits both team, that is my opinon and by our rules, that is all i need to veto and send to vote. I do not create the rules, they are voted on by the league.
  24. Commishes

    okay , does your league allow ALL trades with no commish approval? does your league have a voting process? If your owners have intrusted you with viewing trades, then they must live with that judgement. We have a fail-safe though, where the league can vote if the commish vetos. While this rule is in effect i will ALWAYS veto any trade i deem unfair. It's our rule and as commish i MUST follow it to a tee
  25. Commishes

    Yes, i wanted advice on it initially. But, once i read our rules that gave me the ability to determine my OWN opinon on the trade to veto or not, i did not need any advice, i merely vetoed the deal and put it to a vote as our rules states. Now it's up to the league to decide for itself to approve or not. If owners do not like the current rules they are always up for changing by majorty vote. I did not create these rules they were in place when i accepted the role as commish. The league has had these rules for several years.