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  1. Commishes

    So let's say when the vote turns out to be 10-2 in favor of not allowing this trade, i guess your all saying that i shouldn't hear the concerns of my league mates. I would hate to play in a league where there are commishes so thick headed as some of you, that would not " Here the People" in their league. My league is upset by the trade and wants it OUTTA HERE!
  2. Commishes

    okay your saying this: you won't use your judgement to disallow a trade, but if someone else in you league doesn't like it, then you'll use there judgement to undo the trade and set in motion the same vote i have done? Sorry, but i've had 8 owners object to this trade, not ONE that you'd seek So your saying you don't trust your own opinon, but those of others, who drafts for you by the way. You have no balls my friend, get some and try to make a decision for yourself.
  3. Commishes

    It's not a complete democracy, i am using our rules as voted on. I have the right to veto, which i did. The 2 owners have the right to challenge, which they did. Now the league has the right to vote on the trade which they are. Not a complicated situation at all. By the way the vote is 8 to 1 so far in favor of disallowing the trade, so i guess i made a perfect discission based on my league. To have a process where every trade is allowed at all times without any process is DUMB, imo. To not allow the league members to have a say in a very subjective decision is DUMB as well, imo.
  4. Commishes

    Not going to, i've put it to a league vote which our rules allow for. I am not the end all here nor want to be. I also do not want to put a trade through without a league vote that assurdly will cause 10 owners to be outraged when they know they have the right to vote on a trade if i allow it. I will allow our rules to dictate the matter. If the league disagrees with me, then the trade is processed no ploblems. But like many here are saying i have no right to veto this deal, then why do they suggest i have the rigtht to allow it no questions asked? Seems like a very hypocritical stance to take, to say i have no power to veto, yet all the power to approve.
  5. Commishes

    From what i'm gathering, most of you play in leagues where all trades are ALWAYS accepted no questions asked PERIOD and the league doesn't have the right to vote on a borderline horrible trade. That is fine, that's your rules and i'd never play in a league where anything and everything is a GO. I can see why some are upset with my view, you like to do as you will and watch noob owners get shafted so it gives your pathetic team a better shot at the playoffs.
  6. Commishes

    I'd love to play in your league, sounds fun where the commish completely disregards the rules voted on and set into place. Give me a break with your superior complex, your a splash splash and proving so. If you don't have to balls to follow rules set in place by your league, then you a f'ing joke of a commish.
  7. Commishes

    Your obviosuly missing the ENTIRE point of this case. The rules were all voted on and put into place. The team that is getting the better end opening acknowledged the dumb offer to me in our phone conversation and knows very well he's shafting the noob owner. This is a RULE and i'm following it, i am NOT the end all , say all. I am using my GIVEN right to veto now it's up to the other 11 owners to VOTE, but i suppose that's not right either. I guess i should tell the league that their votes doesn't matter because even though they voted for the rules that is designed to have this system in place, some here at the huddle think i should disregard my appointed duty and not allow them to vote
  8. Commishes

    First off, just about every league i or anyone else plays in , has an owner-commish, if not then your playing i a dumbass antsports or cbs league where nothing ever gets approved. Secondly, my rules state that if the commish thinks the trade doesn't benefit each team he must veto. Now if your suggesting that YOU feel this trade is well balanced then i'd say, i'd love to play in your league anytime Give me a break with your moral superiority complex, a rule is a rule PERIOD. For you to JUDGE that the trade is fair is NO DIFFERENT them for me to judge that the trade is not fair. Why do you see it differently? I suppose in you league a dumb owner could trade LJ,LT,SA,Gate for Morency,Bush and Vernon Davis and you'd say that was fair as well. Sorry but i don't see the fairness and integrity of the league allowing an owner to GIVE away his players for guys that may be on the waiver wire in many leagues....Jacobs and Henry. I posted this trade before i re read our leagues rules, once i read them , it became perfectly clear that i had the responsiblity to decline a deal i deemed very unfair. You may disagree, but thats you opionon as this was mine.
  9. Commishes

    thanks Furd and while i do not like to veto a trade it is within the rules that i'm afforded the right to do so. If the league doesn't like my judgement i'm all for changing it and allowing all trades to go through or being voted on. Though that can be an ugly situation too. I had to determine whether to upset 1 or 2 owners or have the entire league be outraged of the deal.
  10. Commishes

    Like i said the RULE was in place for me to have the power to veto a deal i saw that lopsided. It is not the end all, as the league will now vote on the trade. I am just following the rules that have been in place now for 5 years, funny i've never had to even read them before this instance though. If you would be pissed, i'd simply say " read the rules" sorry, but like collusion and many other things, this rule is left to my judgement to determine to balance of the deal.
  11. Commishes

    regardless of the view of the rule, it is in place and i must follow it by vetoing the deal that i see in no way will ever benefit the one team. The trade has been posted in the league site and is now up for vote.
  12. Commishes

    I agree that trades should be processed BUT our rules have laid out a system for such an instance as i've noted above. If i do not see the trade as beneficial to both teams for whatever reason i see fit, i must veto it and if challenged by either owner it can be put to a vote where a majority would decide, while i wouldn't vote. Seems a perfectly grand way to deal with this. So i have done so, by using my permission to veto and sending both owners a copy of the article in the rules that deal with this and asking if either would like to challenge it and have a vote. That's about as fair and simple as it can be.
  13. Commishes

    Problem Solved Glad i re-read our rules for these situations: Trades: * Trading permitted year around. * Trades must be approved by the commissioner to be finalized. Commissioner will approve all trades that appear to benefit both teams. Trades that are obviously one sided or appear to be collusion will not be approved. * Owners who have trades vetoed by the commissioner have the right to appeal to the rest of the league. The owner in question must notify the commissioner that he appeals the decision. The commissioner will then put the trade to a vote by all owners not involved in the trade. The trade must be approved by more than half of those teams , the commissioner will not vote. Seems very clear now, i don't feel this benefits both team, so i can decline trade and they have the oportunity to appeal and have it voted on. I love it when things are clearly written in the rules. I'd suggest any of you to adopt this as well, as it's pretty clear to make a determination.
  14. Commishes

    I completely agree with you, but when, if ever, do you consider the state of the league when it's so far swaded in one direction?
  15. Who's #1 after 2 weeks of preseason?

    if your trying to judge preseason results, i'd put all of them back in the 20's Preseason means nothing otherwise, i'd be taking Turner and Lundy ahead of all 3 of them
  16. My HTPC is DONE!

    After 2 months of pc build time and research i've finally completed my project. It's a Desktop slash HTPC center specs: intel 965 duo core 3.73 ghz overclocked to 4.4 dual ATI X1900XT Dell 30" monitor WP3007 4GB of OCZ Gold series RAM Dual boot OS Windows64 and WindowsMedia2005 Koolance water cooling for cpu and graphics cards ASUS P5WD2-E Premium Mobo Dual Plextor 716 DVD drives 1.5 TB of harddrive space in Raid 10 Granted this is FAR more then you'll need for a simple HTPC but, i'm using it for all other stuff too. I've installed windows media and am using (2) xbox360 in kids rooms to stream harddrive stored movies-pics and music, Have theater projector and family tv hard wired into graphics card dvi outputs with digital optical sound ran out as well. With bluetooth 60' range mouse and keyboard to contol pc form either set. This is the future, it is AWESOME. I have about 60 movies loaded, and all tvs can access same movie from pc and play at same time or anytime and no conflict with which point you start. Had to get the BelkinN series router , the G and B didn't do it, the N series will allow up to 300mbps on your network and this is needed for this much video streaming. Anyone undertaking this project please read up, shoot me a pm and i'll help the best i can as well. THis is great for football, click my video input of picture and picture and i have my pc at my fingertips as well...........boy i am lazy!!
  17. Ramsey case solved?

    Local news just said arrest made in the JonBenet Ramsey case WOW it's been ten years, time goes by too quick. It was a school teenager and he's confessed of the murder.
  18. Ramsey case solved?

    sorry Whomper i guess i'm about 5 hours too late
  19. My HTPC is DONE!

    Dell WP3007 has 2560x1600 resolution, it's one of the best monitors on the market currently, or at least when purchased 3 months ago. FX60 is great for gaming, but this chip KICKS IT ASS when multitasking and that's what i need it for. AMD are going for single task, Intel has kicked butt with this new chip and the CONROE is coming soon and will distance Intel from AMD for the first time in many many years. Also, i did a 3DMarks test on this rig and it scored a 9500, which is VERY good. I can run adobe pro, jasc paint shop, spysweeper, avg and only use 50% processing speed
  20. My HTPC is DONE!

    I bought OS's at, i just boot into either ...or... I haven't maxed at 4 GB's the board supports 8 GBs. I just got the 64 to see how it works, i don't like it, can't get drivers for my periferals devices. Windows 64 works fine with this chip at least from the reviews i've read. I wanted to test the 64 to see how fast it was with my high cpu intensive programs.
  21. HDTV

    You can receice and HD sigal by using a dvi cable component cables hdmi cable ( this gives you audio as well) if it's a new tv, then i'm sure it has hdmi inputs, you'll have to check your cable box though as you may need to request for one with hdmi output. Buy your cables on Ebay, they are half the price of going to best buy or some other retail ripoff note when changing the input of your set top box, you'll have to go into the setup menu of the box and set it to hdmi-component or dvi, depending on what you choose or you'll get now picture as it's defaulted to composite i believe.
  22. My HTPC is DONE!

    You know, i'm a plumber. My intelligence is minimal, so when i'm able to do something technical i do get a half woody about it.
  23. My HTPC is DONE!

    Easy, buy the Harmony 880 or 890, you can get it for around $130, it hooks up to your pc, you input the components you have and it auto downloads the programming for everything, answer a few questions and you've programmed a universal remote that is very simple to use. Also it stores the remotes info into it's database so if you ever change dvd players or tvs, you sign into your account and it'll reprogram with a few quick questions in no time.
  24. My HTPC is DONE!

    Home Theater PC, this is old technolgy but is now making it's way to the surface. Microsoft has integrated it's OS MCE2005 to act as a frontloader for you tv or theater room. It has also integrated the XBOX 360 to act as an extender of that system as well.
  25. Steelers RB - Anyone have Info

    Franco Harris