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  1. Dom Davis news

    So you feel his season is over?
  2. Commish Question: Draft Order Ideas

    We used to use the longest pee pee rule, but with years of my team having top picks, we went to dice roll.
  3. Wali Lundy

    Where does Morency fit in? I was more impressed with the holes the line were able to open. Kubiac may be a genius! I don't know who will start , but a healthy DD under Kubiac's system may be HUGE! As for Lundi, don't know of him, never heard of him before the preseason game, but given the new system, be could be another Mike Anderson or Droughns
  4. Attention BotH Commishes

    to narrow down the field , you should mandate that the team must have won it's league superbowl 2 times to be eligible
  5. and for my 6,000 post...

    missed my 6k post, but i do a 7k and forget to include you in my speech as well.
  6. NCAA Toughest schedules I can already here Sarge's excuses after 2 OU loses, it'll be they had the toughest schedule...blah blah
  7. Grade my Draft- PLZ?

    Nice mark I had the team just a bit better though 2.1334
  8. Portis vs. Barber

    Barber- Even without the Portis circumstance Barber still warrents heavy consideration as a top 4. At 5 i would take him without question.
  9. help in keeper league

    I think Westbrook could have the better year if he remains healthy, therefore i'd go with Jordan.
  10. Draft Underway

    Anyone interested in viewing or commenting on our draft may do so. I was a little shocked to see SA go first and Manning go 5th
  11. Homer news about Portis

    before it was axed i did get to make a copy of the pages on adobe, just so Sarge can read in his free time,lol
  12. Laptop questions....

    Yes , you can get a program like ANYDVD for $60 or you can simply flash your drive for no charge. There is a freeware program CSS+Regionfree available to play any region dvd as well. I burn alot of dvd's so flashing the drive with updated or patched firmware is the best for me, bitsetting dvd r to rom is much nicer for the playback compatibility on stand alone players
  13. Is anyone else nervous about Carson Palmer?

    Not nervous at all, everything i've seen outta camp is he's ahead of schedule. He's moving well, making cuts, drop backs, roll outs. With a month till the season, i don't see him playing but one preseason game and just keeping himself fresh and using practice to adjust his timing with Chad and the others.
  14. Portis - separated shoulder

    If the report is accurate, does anyone have any knowledge on the time it may take to have him back in the lineup
  15. Come on Portis

    Have you actually re-read any of your own posts?
  16. Draft Underway

    Sooner Nation Scarlet and Gray You can figure who's who.
  17. Draft Underway

    Then why did you bail on us and not play?
  18. Draft Underway

    Not a mock, this is for the money. BOTH BCS League Members are: Gonkis Sgt.Ryan Perchoutofwater Theeohiostate CincySlammers URLACHERisGOD rbmcdonald Droobie42 GWPFFL BrianW thecerwin Sir Loins of Beef wildcat2334 All college football forum posters. We are also having a single round College player draft and desinging a taxi squad for them to be on roster when they turn pro. Something a little different. I consider this a very tough league, and with little to no IDP knowledge on my side , i'm at a heavy disadvantage.
  19. Laptop questions....

    Most DVD Burners DO NOT play Pal and NTSC, you can go here and check for a patched firmware that will allow both to play. Flashing your drive voids the warrenty, but i've burn at least 3000 dvds a year for last 5 years and have always used patched firmware updates for region and bitsetting never had a problem one.
  20. Top rookie RB's for Keeper League

    I'd take Bush or Maroney in the first.
  21. Bush or Rudi

    Rudi and don't look back
  22. Warner vs. Bulger

    I think you have to go with Bulger here. I wouldn't even consider Warner with Bulger on the board to be honest.
  23. Anyone have info about

    So funny..........So true
  24. Draft Underway

    Total Starters: 16 Number of Starting QBs: 1 Number of Starting RBs: 2-3 Number of Starting WRs: 2-3 Number of Starting TEs: 1 Number of Starting PKs: 1 Number of Starting DT+DEs: 2-3 Number of Starting LBs: 3 Number of Starting CB+Ss: 2-3 Performance scoring PPR My Team so far is: QB - Carson Palmer RB- R.Brown-C.Taylor-F.Gore WR- A.Johnson TE- J.Shockey I'm very raw with IDP drafts as this is only my 2nd one, and with IDP Guru Sgt Ryan in my division i may be in trouble.
  25. Draft Underway

    i've yet to take a defensive player, hope i'm not screwing myself