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  1. Bills - Panthers

    Very ugly start for the Bills D ..........and to think CBS has them ranked #1 Delhomme very effecient and the ex-BUCK Carter gets the TD
  2. who gets injured?

    Stecker for NO down and not looking good
  3. Bush-Young-White

    In the best pre-season game to date, we get to see a glimpse of three of the most highly anticipated rookies to hit the NFL this season. Let's see what they bring. I'm very excited to see how Young plays. So sick i took Leinart in my dynasty.
  4. Barlow / Gore ?

    Barlow was injured. I have no idea what they're thinking not having Gore as the announced starter, he's much more versatile then Barlow and his ability to catch the ball will be a nice security blanket for the young Smith.
  5. Saints - Titans

    Barry Sanders made a living doing the same thing, i see nothing wrong with Bush doing this with his quickness and speed. Houston will NEVER live this one down, you can write that in stone.
  6. Saints - Titans

    don't think it was a TD....?
  7. Saints - Titans

    Lundy making a push to be the back up. Could be a nice sleeper with DD's history. Completely off my radar until now, have to keep an on back up job there in Houston
  8. Saints - Titans

    Brown showing us he's a great runner when healthy. If this kid wasn't made of glass, they'd have a real breadwinner here.
  9. NFL Netword No Huddle

    i don't have any games showing locally, so it's GREAT!!
  10. Bush-Young-White

    Reported it may be due to the fight he had earlier in the week, not a good start.
  11. Miami 1st TD a Dolphin His Miami days are here, could he return to the status of an NFL elite QB?
  12. who gets injured?

    Now i'm feeling bad, Matt Bowen is OUT
  13. Bills - Panthers

    Williams get -2 on his first 5 carries
  14. Bush-Young-White

    Is this on NFL Network? I need to go to the bsmt if so
  15. who gets injured?

    Not even close to being the worst thread ever.
  16. who gets injured?

  17. Bills - Panthers

    Holcomb helping his bid for starter
  18. Miami 1st TD

    i don't know what's going on, now NFL.Com has CPep back in the game, why would Joey come in and throw one pass then exit?
  19. Miami 1st TD

    Thanks NFL.Com they had C-Pep to McMichael when i posted this. BJ ,you can delete my incorrectly titled post.
  20. Bills - Panthers

    thanks Randall Let a buckeye get some love
  21. And for #500

    Nice getting to know you a bit BigMike and keep up the good job educating the little ones.
  22. Is it me?

    Re-Roll to break tie, any other idiot suggesting otherwise needs his head examined by cliaz
  23. Your pm's counted towards the total number? Curious how much pm'ing you do, i find myself the last few months doing more behind the scenes talks then message boarding.
  24. GB the NFL Nework

    i've got cable and satellite
  25. A tip for all you Huddlers out there...

    what a hugh moran!