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  1. Ravens/Giants

    McNair is making the plays He may be able to get this team in the playoffs
  2. Jets game

    Did Blaylock start over Houston? If so, then why? Not that it matters
  3. So Who Is The Guy That Nobody Knows

    I think he's very well known around these parts, the player i like to make a name for himself is Marcus Freeman, he'll be filling AJ's position and the red shirt from Huber Heights will be explosive .
  4. Where else to turn but here

    Need ideas on a name for new business. I am setting up a separate compnay for plumbing service and remodel that i don't want affiliated with my residential company. I don't want to use and acronyms. Need something catchy, a slogan would be nice as well. I can already see will this thread will go, but it's worth a try.
  5. Where else to turn but here

    Good, now reveal your source the last is a little disturbing, where are you going with this...
  6. Where else to turn but here

    I'm not serving Middletown, try something with Springboro in it
  7. Where else to turn but here

    For a bunch of self-proclaimed renaissance men, i'm disappointed Try again!
  8. Where else to turn but here

    with the economy as it is now, seems like i should have did this a few years ago to establish a cliental, better late then never though.
  9. Where else to turn but here

    Plumbing service ( drain cleaning, camera work, fixture repair) remodels ( custom kit and bath and basement finishing )
  10. Deep Sleeper Pick you HAVE to get?

    Not a sleeper , but considering his value on most rankings i like Lee Evans to make a name for himself. With any consistent play at QB, Evans may crack top 10 WR numbers this season, buy no means is he a sleeper, but i value him much more then any rankings i've seen posted.
  11. Unofficial Huddle Contest Links

    2005-2006 links to your contests: College Football Pickem'.....Contest Over and the winner is darin3 Weekly Blitz......Standings....Contest is over the winners are sarge5121976 and Ice717 Portfolio Pool Standings......Standings.....Contest is over the winner is Turf Smurf DMD's Twenty Questions].....Contest is over the winner is menudo King of the Mountain.......Standings....Weekly Picks.....Contest over and the winner is sarge5121976 Fourth Annual Edmond Fitzgerald Contest.....Contest Over and the winner is Sunysteelfly76 The Russman Challenge.....Contest is over borge007 (3), Puddy (3), Cincy_slammers (3) tied for most wins. NFL Survivor Challenge........Standings.....Contest Over and the winner is kevin4192
  12. 2006 Weekly Blitz

    still no luck with my password attempts.
  13. Unofficial Huddle Contest Links

    I found it !
  14. 2006 Weekly Blitz

    yep, i bookmarked it but on last restore lost it Big John???
  15. Commish advice requested

    Situation 1- It's the 5th round of a keeper draft, in essense the 13th round. I get a pm from the owner that is picking, he states he would like Mike Bell but couldn't find him on the player list. I could not find him either and made the call that no player unlisted can be drafted. Now, his pick is made. I relay this information to the player picking behind him in small talk and he selects Mike Bell, as he found him in a player search function of CBS Sportsline, at this point i tell him Bell must be awarded the the other owner as he was requested first and i was unable to locate him for the owner. After an hour of argueing, i made the call to take Bell off the board all-together(put into Waivers) with the support of the initial owner who seeked him. Did i make the right call? What would you have done? Situation 2 I had informed the league that when all keepers were submitted a slow draft would start with an 8 hour timer. The draft was set to begin on the 10th. Keepers were submitted early and i sent out notice that the draft would begin early with no timer and thus began the draft. Does anyone see a problem with this? Situation 3 An owner had his auto pick function engaged, and when his turn came around, A.Brook and Bills D was selected. Once the Bills were selected, i felt this was in error to his intentions so i halted the draft as soon as i could, however several players were picked in the midst of this. I called the owner to let him know i thought there may be a mistake in his selections. He agreed that he did not want either. I made the call to allow him to pick from the availble players on the board at the time i suspended draft and he wasn't allowed to take anyone that had been drafted after his picks. He is very upset about this and threatens to leave. Did i make the right call or should all picks have been reversed to allow him to draft. I will be posting a link to your responses on my league site, so please be open and honest if you fell i have botched this rulings, as i know only Huddlers can be. Thanks TOS
  16. Commish advice requested

    Agreed, i tried to play the role of nice guy and here i sit He would not tank a game, he's much to competitive for that Lesson learned but i still feel i did the right thing by the league. This is being made a FAR bigger issue then my league has made it, actually it's a none issue by my league and it's being accepted as it is.
  17. Titans news

    Good trade Brown to NY and give way for White. Considering i have both this is my fantasy.
  18. Benson-Jones Dillon-Maroney Gore-Barlow Addai-Rhodes
  19. Commish advice requested

    To clarify Bell was not given to either party, as others including myself had looked for him earlier but didn't locate him to draft. I decided to make him available for waivers after week 1, if he's a proven stud, then i'm sure some may throw their 1st game to get him
  20. Which handcuff would you rather have?

    Foster was already drafted, so i'm not considering that tandem, and agree with you completely
  21. Commish advice requested

    Thanks DGF, i had forgotten that. One distinciton he can always cherrish.
  22. Commish advice requested

    I only commish 4 leagues and play in 5 others Like i said, the only person in my league that has a problem with how this went down is the one i was trying to assist in making his selections more of his intentions. Bottem line, my league is fine with all accounts, this was posted so he could see, that my intentions to help resolve this were over and above what most here has suggested, which is STICK HIM WITH HIS PICKS. I did not post this because i was getting slack from league members at all.