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  1. Commish advice requested

    I'm sure you'd love that ...........ONLY if we had it to meet your schdule. There are 11 other owners, Fireman, teachers etc. that aren't able to meet your needs, sorry.
  2. Commish advice requested

    I agree 100%, but in the moment, i felt it would not affect the integrity of the draft to have him re-select from available players, i realize i made this decison alone, but i am an honest person and wouldn't feel right had i not. I informed the league of my actions and have not had any negative feedback. I am just in aw, of the owner i was bending over backwards to assist is the one causing the problems.
  3. Commish advice requested

    I stated them as the League view it The ruling is done and final, i need no advice, just what others would have done in my situation, and it appears with the exception of you, most feel my actions were more then fair
  4. Commish advice requested

    Who called out an owner? He stepped forward to say it was he? Really , read before posting misinformation. This post was meant for 3rd party information, i did not expect the affected party to come here and stand up for his account as i just stated the facts and wanted opinons .
  5. Commish advice requested

  6. Commish advice requested

    You have virtually NOTHING correct in your statement, email was sent out and YOU DID know the draft had started as you picked 3 rounds prior to this event. 2. I specifically stated there would be NO timer and lets say for the sake of arguement there was a 2 or 4 or 8 or 100 hour timer, IT WOULDN'T have mattered as you had AUTO PICK ON !! The pick went througn IMMEDIANTELY upon you selection. 3. I went out of my way to call everyone when there pick was up, don't act like this draft happened without your knowledge. The draft started on Monday night late, Tuesday went by without any complaints and Wednesday this happened at 10:00 at night, so 2 FULL days of drafting passed before i heard your complaint about the drat day, i say GIMME A BREAK!
  7. Commish advice requested

    Thanks for your opinon, however i completely disagree with it.
  8. Commish advice requested

    He was a real dick at first, he's just calmed down now is all.
  9. Commish advice requested

    Good stuff, thanks.
  10. Commish advice requested

    Situation #3, like many of you i think most commishes would have said Tough Luck. But this is a semi local league and we've always did live drafts , and many aren't familar with the auto pick feature as if your qued players are off the board CBS takes a player from their rankings, unlike how MFL does it whereas the que doesn't go through and the pick stays on you. I feel i did the best i could to make EVERYONE comfortable with the situation and feel responsible i didn't make everyone aware of the auto pick feature, so i allowed him to pick. In the end this isn't good enough for the owner and he's very pissed and posting inflamatory comments, imo.
  11. Commish advice requested

    @Grits CBS had Bell listed but not under the RB's rather the Flex players and he was #999, so unless you've got all day to find him.......i did a quick search and didn't see him, so i notified the owner he wasn't available, the owner that selected him, knew very well i had tried to locate Bell for the other owner, but didn't give me the information that he know Bell was listed. I felt that taking him off the board was the fairest thing. Thanks for the input so far fellas.
  12. 4th round pick advice

    12 team performance PPR league start 1 QB- 2RB- 2 WR- 1TE - 1 K - 1D and 1 Flex (WR-TE-RB) 7th pick went Ronnie Brown Chad Johnson Reggie Wayne Now have to pick from (Gates is off the board so no intest in TE for me here) @QB C.Palmer or Eli @RB Gore-Benson-Taylor-Rhodes-Addai-Bell @WR Mason-D.Jackson-A.Johnson-Branch-Ward-Horn-Burress I'm going to be struggling for a 2nd RB it appears anyhow, should i nab Benson/Gore now or go ahead and take a top flight QB or another strong WR??
  13. Considering Lasik

    last year i went in to see about getting lasik and they told me i had 20/20 I said i can't see for candied yams at night fellas.........they said i had a stigma and when i persisted they refused to do lasik on me
  14. Hanyman expertise needed

    don't need liquid plumber and that crap is junk anyhow. you've got hair wrapped around the drain plug. Turn the pop up piece counterclockwise and it will unscrew out of tub drain. Clean any debris out and that's it.
  15. 2006 Weekly Blitz

    i voted for invitation only provided i'd be invited
  16. 4th round pick advice

    it is Fred Thanks for the advice, going with Gore, think i can get Barlow much later and save some earlier picks for better quality QB and WR
  17. What draft position?

    Spots 1 , 2 and 3 are taken and it's my turn. I already had 3 drafts this season and drafted in the middle rounds picks 7 and 8 on all of them. R.Brown or S.Jax and coming back to take KJ or Westbrook has worked well. Do i take the 4 spot for Portis and end up with a #2 like J.Lewis or move to the 7 spot and have a Westbrook or KJ as my #2??
  18. 'Open Blog' for the Texas/Ohio St. game

    For once we agree, an early butt whipping by the Bucks will pave the way for the Sooners to route the Big 12, Texas will not recover from the 44-20 spanking in their own house.
  19. 'Open Blog' for the Texas/Ohio St. game

    i 2nd that one, Meeeeeeeeeechigan is not a challenge anymore, Penn St is a much better test for our team.
  20. OU / Ohio St to play home and home

    I'll be 43 or 44 then, but regardless of where i am in life, i'll think of you Sarge as my Bucks paste whoop rearend on the "laters"
  21. Latest poll

    How many top 10 teams ranked in this poll will finish there, only 5 by my count. Bucks will be good, by don't know how they have Bucks and Texas at the top with all the firepower that left.
  22. Westbrook!

    I've got Westy in 2 drafts as my number two. I'm a bit worried about the horrible Offense the Raiders are showing, Brooks is FUGLY, why didn't the go after someone else??
  23. Dominick Davis or Brian Westbrook?

    Willis hands down on that one.
  24. Dominick Davis or Brian Westbrook?

    Westbrook IS the Eagles offense this season, if he's remains healthy he'll put up top 5 RBs and i PPR leagues his value could be even higher. DD is already banged up and pre season hasn't even started.