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  1. Lions Open Practice

    Thanks for the headups. I am eyeing KJ or Westy in the late 2nd and it's a tough call for me, probably go with Westy due to PPR but i'd love to take KJ.
  2. How many fantasy leagues are you in?

    Thats what happened to me too PD, my wife is on my rearend right now about me problem.
  3. How many fantasy leagues are you in?

    TML DWIII Empire BCS 32HomARRRRRRS IBL DragonCity DragonCityKeeper BetterLuckNextYear That's far
  4. Wow, a football game tonight!

    I'm with ya' PD ! It's has a supebowl feel to it , at least to me. Sure your not going to see much but anticipating the start of a new season is as good as strange stinky finger.
  5. Favorite music video?

    We all know at one point in time THRILLER was our favorite.
  6. Wireless networking question

    is your router a b-g or n series? is the network card in your laptop a b-g- or n the reason i ask is i used to have a b series (10 mbps) and they stunk when networking i bought the new BelkinNseries router and BAM 300mbps when streaming over the network, great for HD video etc. If your router is a G and your laptop card is a B, you'll not get the full 10/100 but only the 10 from the B series. I'd check into a G dlink usb hub for you laptop and see if that does the trick.
  7. My oldest league has had the same members for 7 seasons and this year one can not return. ReDraft- $150 entry, VERY competitive, hosted on CBS Sportsline Performance base scoring. PM me for interests.
  8. Printer/Scanner/Copier

    i have the HP officejet 7410 have always used the individual scanner and printer but this thing is great, i'd highly consider it
  9. Need 1 Replacement owner

    Need 2 owners now, let me now via pm, i will send all info by request.
  10. Windows64

    anyone running this OS? just installed it on separte partion so i can dual boot into this or XP , XP64 or MCE2005, but finding that alot of my software-hardware are not compatible with 64 and can't find any drivers. Anyone using that has a driver supports page? I'm also thinking about getting VMWare, for virtual OS so i can just run XP and have 64 and MCE as virtual OS, anyone with any knowledge on this please let me know if you have success and like it or not.
  11. I wouldn't draft any niners for fantasy purposes

    Now why doesn't that surprise me
  12. Big Brother 7 - All Stars

    live feeds member here
  13. ***** THE MVP CHALLENGE IS READY *****

    I'm IN ! ! Like that'll make anyone shiver.
  14. IBL'ers

    i check in daily, waiting for some action for commence.
  15. 2 Owners Needed

    2 owners have failed to answer the call this season and we have 2 vacancies. League Forum Home Page Rosters Rules The two teams leaving are Nophlers and Vandeley Industries, they have the 1 and 2 picks in the draft. Any interested people please post. $50 entry fee due Aug 1st
  16. Computer question

    Do what Az stated or simply upload to hosting site, email them the link and they can download it themselves
  17. Got new pc and want to transfer all my programs from old pc to new one, is there any software on the market that will do this? Have norton ghost, but when i transfer files, it's not getting the registry info onto new pc, so i have to reinstall the software anyhow to get it to work. I have hundreds of software programs that i need transferred............any advice??
  18. Trade Advice

    .........and you play FF
  19. 5 players, 3 to keep: which ones?

    agree with Av here Jax/Brown and Gates
  20. i like sportsline better, but MFL is cheaper
  21. 2 Owners Needed Also, our commish is Roller Coasters, and i have let him know of both of you and your interest in the league, he should be contacting or posting soon. Thanks. If the link for the 2005 draft is bad pm me and i'll get it posted another way.
  22. Kitchen Counter Tops

    I have granite throughout house and am not happy with the upkeep, can't keep it clean and shiney, looks dull all the time. I'd recommend another manmade type. As far as tile backsplash, that's a big NO imo. Unless your planning on putting up concrete board, tile-grout is pouris and you'll be kicking yourself in a year.
  23. 2 Owners Needed

    They have the number 1 and number 2 overall first picks. This is 2nd year of league so 1st year of keepers. League uses the Hudde's Perfect Scoring System, so TE pts are very high
  24. Sports Memorabilia

    Manning auto jersey Lebron James auto high school jersey Multiple glass cases graded cards Couple hugh blowup pics of last 3 fiesta bowls GO BUCKS!!