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  1. HD geeks....UNITE!

    been getting all my plugs on ebay. Monster branded ultra 800's HDMI to HDMI 4' ers are $50 delivered vs paying $119 at Best Buy.
  2. HD geeks....UNITE!

    Of course an HTPC unit directly tied in to your home theatre is better then an XBOX as an extender, you can only use media center files on an extender..............try using vob2mpeg maker, you can back up your entire movie collection to HDD and convert with vob2mpeg and view on XBMC.....vob2mpeg tutorial
  3. Septic Tank Questions

    Check your filter every 6 months and clean or change it, especially if running a garbage disposal. We're required to have a 2 zone system here, i would assume that is the norm, if so, change your leach bed zones every year. I put in product call RID-X every month to help reduce waste backing up system. I'd recommend having a backwater valve installed to prevent back up of system into your home.
  4. HD geeks....UNITE!

    maybe when they start selling the blueray player extender kits, it'll have one...?? I'd be shocked if PS3 didn't have one, any one have the specs?
  5. HD geeks....UNITE!

    I'm in the process of mine. After many hours of research i'm seeing that using a D-Link or HP media extender is not the way to go, so i went with XBOX 360's instead, a little more money, but with Windows 2005 it makes since to go XBMC. Make sure you hard wire to stream your video. Wireless it may hang when moving over 8mbps , which video files are. I've read that streaming HD content with the XBOX does very well. Best online store for all your HTPC needs Great support forum for your builds and questions
  6. HD geeks....UNITE!

    FYI for those investing in HDMI now, wait 6 months. The 1.3 standard is very flawed and is being re-written now to 2.0. A friend of mine just went to a seminar for A/V companies and the man speaking is in charge of writting the new HDMI standard and he encouraged the companies selling high end Theatre units to NOT encourage it. Sux for me, just bought a new Yamaha 2600 receiver and all new Monster 1000 THX HDMI cable for the projector , HDDVR and HD Sat.
  7. HTPC systems

    Anyone using MCE2005 with extenders? I'm building a HTPC to integrate with my theatre room, but want to use the xbox360 to access MCE and play all my stored dvds-audio-pics etc. Anyone have experience with these setups and can you tell me if using an extender gives a good output?
  8. Snap

    congrats Cliaz First things first, get an attorney and get incorporated to protect yourself and family, then get a accountant or yourself to get organized for tax purposes, i wish i hadn't waited for two years when i started my business to do this.
  9. Computer (security) question

    i'm assuming you have XP? if so, running your network setup wizard will allow you to access your home network files, if not then rerun and make sure you enter the EXACT same network name as the other 2 pcs are running on. default "MsHome" First question is, if not running WindowsXP or 2000 then the OS may have problems when determine a "limited" useraccount. No reason for anyone not to access any id-password websites imo though, maybe check and may sure cookies are enabled and Temp Internet files have memory set above 10mb to be able to store the info.
  10. Whats your take on the

    say long term is next 5-10 years, short term next 2 years. Curious as being in the housing industry, things are really tightening up right now, more so then i've seen in over 10 years in the business. Copper is through the roof, a 100' roll of 3/4 K copper i used to buy for $96 is now around $600 What do you attribute the decline to?
  11. Interboard League

    Always making new friends aren't we Brent?
  12. The Huddle Consensus Cheat Sheet

    LT #1, but at #2 a STEAL
  13. Interboard League

    Don't know who to contact on the matter, but i'd be a very active participant if the Huddle needed another owner in it's behalf............let me know.
  14. Feedback requested

    I'm building a website for a friend of course. Wanted to know how i'm doing so far, with some of the Huddles biggest crictics. Any ideas? I know the pics need some work, but does the front page invite you in? Or do you pass on it? I'm a long way from done, but this is what i've got so far in about 10 hours time. WarpedSystems.Net Thanks and be kind! I'm a noob at this but enjoy doing it as a hobby.
  15. Feedback requested better on the eyes now?
  16. Feedback requested

  17. Feedback requested

    what colors?.................the purple funk for the Webname or the LimeGreen on every page......................Green? purple looks fine to me.........?
  18. Feedback requested

    I may abuse this offer
  19. Feedback requested

    You seem to know more about this then me, wanna help Thanks for the advice, didn't know those little tips, like i said..........noob here.
  20. Feedback requested

    Thanks, it'll have lots of pics, links etc, once i get all his info Are you speaking on main entrance page though? That's what he likes, simple.......
  21. 5000 post count league

    Anyone interested in joining the newly formed 5000+PostFFL league League forum Co-Commished by Randall and theeohiostate EDITED TO ADD: Randall and i have discussed some other types of leagues that will be more inclusive to a broader audience. Thoughts are: 1)Magna vs Net Worth ( White collar huddlers vs Blue colar huddler, College degree vs High school entrepreneurs) 2)Huddle 2 year vet club 3) 2500+PostCountLeague 4) Padders vs Non-Padders Anyone have any suggestions or like any of the above metioned and feel qualified/interested let us know.
  22. Pujols

    Anyone else watching their Pujols cards go through the ROOF!! I think mine are up over 450% in the last two year
  23. "+1" is so gay!

    et' tu
  24. Duke Rape Case