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  1. Maurice Drew

    Jaguars | Drew charged with assault Thu, 18 May 2006 12:45:00 -0700 The Associated Press reports Jacksonville Jaguars rookie RB Maurice Drew was charged with assault Thursday, May 18, for his alleged participation in an early morning fight at a restaurant in April. Drew is expected to surrender and be arraigned at a later date, according to Deputy District Attorney Karen Murcia.
  2. Maurice Drew

    Denny's patron Saroush Sabzi's attorney says he has three witnesses who saw Maurice Drew punch and stomp his client in the head. Drew, obviously, maintains his innocence and the Jaguars have shown a willingness to let the situation play out before taking any action. Drew is free on $30,000 bail and faces probation or 2-4 years in jail if convicted. His arraignment is scheduled for June 16. May. 23 - 11:50 am et Source: Florida Times Union Looks like Drew going to have to give up some of that signing bonus for the charges to disappear
  3. Computer Question

    if you can't get it, let me know, i have software i can email you that will reset the admin password for windows
  4. C-Pep

    Great news for Chambers-Brown-McMicheal owner and Dolphin fans Dolphins | Culpepper looks super Tue, 16 May 2006 11:18:44 -0700 According to John Czarnecki of, Miami Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper (knee) appears to be ahead on his rehabilitation and could be ready for the start of training camp. He may not be ready for a full workload, but he should be ready to participate in most drills. Word from Miami is that he looks "super."
  5. Gad----O the Humanitarian
  6. Gad----O the Humanitarian

  7. Training wheels

    I don't think it's intended for other board members, it's just so cliaz can remember what day it is.............Alzheimer's , what a waste of a beautiful mind.
  8. ESPN article for upcoming season

    Surprise to me is Cal in the top 10, sorry Bears, don't see that happening.
  9. 5000 post count league

    We are lowering the post count to 4K, if anyone with 4K post or more feel like joining post on league forum here
  10. Dillon-Maroney

    Patriots coach Bill Belichick had high praise for Laurence Maroney to a Minnesota coach. "(Belichick) said it's been a long time since he's had a running back accelerate through the hole like Maroney," Gophers offensive coordinator Mitch Browning said. New England will try to keep the hype down, but it's hard to imagine Maroney not making a serious dent into Corey Dillon's carries. May. 19 - 10:02 am et Bad news for Dillon owners. Bill has little loyalty to vets when it comes to playing the best availble player, if Maroney picks up the offense well, Dillon could be splitting time by midseason.
  11. Bush gets his first thumbs up from me

    I've been in construction since i was 15, working in the plumbing industry. You notice that the majority of carpenter and drywall installers are Mexican, never really had any thoughts on the matter until i began to see plumbing companies in Dayton and Cincy begin to hire mexican workers and the price is getting driven down by the low labor, which directly afffects our business leverage on our builders for price increases, material related. Well.....................thanks to Bush, it seems all the area builders are requiring green cards from EVERY worker that enters their jobsites, so far 3 good sized framing companies have closed shop along with a painting company. This really will help the small business be more competitive. First and last time BUSH and i agree.
  12. Help a huddler out

    added her to my favorite sellers list, if anything of interest pops up i'll get from her I'm an ebay spending machine
  13. Bucks prove big on draft day

    Teams don't pass many Bucks Sunday, April 30, 2006 Doug Lesmerises Plain Dealer Reporter Ohio State fell one player short of the NFL record of six first-round picks from one school, but the five first-round Buckeyes seemed to find nearly ideal NFL fits on Saturday. Picked fifth, throwback A.J. Hawk joined Green Bay's football tradition. Picked eighth, Cleveland native Donte Whitner landed three hours up Lake Erie in Buffalo, joined by OSU secondary mate Ashton Youboty, who went in the third round to the Bills. Picked 18th, Bobby Carpenter joins Dallas' Bill Parcells, who coached his father, Rob, as a New York Giant. Picked 25th, Santonio Holmes slid into a vacant receiving spot for the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Picked 29th, center Nick Mangold will revamp the New York Jets offensive line along with mammoth tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson, with Buckeyes linebacker Anthony Schlegel providing a potential roommate after the Jets took him in the third round. "Five guys, it's great to be a part of that," Mangold said by phone shortly after his selection, his draft day consisting of golf and Monopoly with his family in Centerville, Ohio. "I look forward to matching up with all those guys." Nothing can top the match of Hawk and the Packers, who plan to play him at weakside linebacker. General Manager Ted Thompson settled on Hawk about three weeks ago, then sweated it out while hoping he'd be available at No. 5. "I did a lot of praying," Thompson said. No. 50 Hawk spamshirts were for sale nearly immediately on the Packers Web site, and it's not hard to envision Hawk becoming one of the faces of the NFL in Titletown, USA. "Kids ride bicycles to their training camp, and I wouldn't be surprised if A.J. came to practice on a bicycle as opposed to an Escalade," Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. "They won't be disappointed." "I was kind of hoping to go there," said Hawk, who turned down an invitation to attend the draft in New York and as a compromise was saddled with ESPN and NFL Network camera crews in his living room. "My family's really excited because I'm staying in the Midwest. Hopefully it's a good fit. It's a football town, just like Columbus is." Carpenter, Hawk's more flamboyant tackling mate, was destined for Dallas, saying the Cowboys were extremely interested after a private workout. That running back Rob Carpenter had played for Parcells during part of his 10-year NFL career only sealed the deal. "I've always kind of dreamed of playing for him," said Carpenter, who will be an outside linebacker in their 3-4 defense. Owner Jerry Jones and Parcells called Carpenter to inform him of their pick, a call made public on the Cowboys' Web site. Parcells joked about leaving tickets for Carpenter's dad, and the son ended the conversation by saying, "I'm looking forward to winning the Super Bowl, coach." That may come more quickly for Holmes, who fell a little lower than projected and was shown yawning on ESPN before the Steelers traded up to make him the first receiver drafted. He should step in immediately for Antwaan Randle El, who left as a free agent. Mangold went four picks later and should start in the hole left when the Jets cut their center, Kevin Mawae, last month. The Jets took Ferguson, a tackle, earlier in the round with the No. 4 pick. Youboty was the only potential first-round Buckeye left waiting, falling to the 70th overall pick in the third round. The Bills could start three Buckeyes in the secondary, with Whitner at safety and Youboty and former OSU player Nate Clements at corners. Schlegel was a mild surprise as a third-rounder, picked No. 76, giving the Buckeyes seven first-day picks. Offensive lineman Rob Sims, defensive end Mike Kudla, kicker Josh Huston and defensive tackle Marcus Green are among the Ohio State players expected to go in rounds four through seven today. Now, i hope our our outstanding recruits step up where these players left off.
  14. Paintballers

    Anyone play any paintball? Was talking to the guy that is doing another new pc build for me and come to find out he does alot of work with Angel paintball guns and has a few for sale, my son is looking for a gun and i have no clue about them at all, but here's a pic and it's the first pic top left, orange for $400, Russ told me he has $600 in parts in this gun. Worth it for $400? PaintballGun
  15. Golf-related question

    TIPS Sry, but never had a tip here for unclogging a toilet, much more important then learning to hit a fade or draw i'm afraid...........isn't it. I've had lessons and would laugh at that notion, they screwed my game up to much anyhow
  16. Bush gets his first thumbs up from me

    Great business practice Perch No probs will legal workers, don't know if your in the city or subs, but the subs are filled with illegals, working in municipalities vs city work is big difference.
  17. Dynasty Rookie Draft

    Thanks to Keg anyone have any links to some current-on going rookie drafts, i see the one in DWII but it's just got 5 picks made thus far
  18. What do you think?

    i don't think twice, do the deal!
  19. Bush gets his first thumbs up from me This happened a few weeks back with a builder my older bro's company works with. Now every local builder is protecting itself. If they stick to the plan it should help labor cost rise to a more comfortable level as these illegals are working for half the cost. It's taken 2 centuries but i say LOCK IT DOWN! Where's boarder patrol? "ICE has no tolerance for corporate supervisors who harbor illegal aliens for their workforce and deny labor opportunities for legitimate American employees," said ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers. BUSH ROCKS!!!
  20. Girlfriend graduating law school this weekend

    Diamond stud nipple ring
  21. Ahman absent at mini camp?

    The Green Bay Press-Gazette confirms Ahman Green won't be able to practice until late August. Green is near the top our list of players to avoid in fantasy drafts this season. There is no telling what kind of player he is going to be after missing nine months with a torn quadriceps. May. 19 - 10:42 am et Not looking good for Ahman, August may be far to late to secure the #1 spot, hello Gado.
  22. What do you weigh now ?

    High School 175lbs Now 217lbs and continuing to lose, goal 200lbs. last summer 255lbs 6' 1" 33 years old
  23. Dammit! My XBOX just bit it!

    i meant to say less me
  24. Dammit! My XBOX just bit it!

    wheres a mod? Can we get this changed to Muhhamad/Allah or something less offensive please.