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  1. 23 hours ago, Cowboyz1 said:

    I have never seen a President so hell bent on dividing people instead of leading them to value and respect one another's opinions. This 70 year old man child feasts on conflict which is exactly what this world needs less of. I sincerely hope people are paying attention and realize how one vote can put and entire country into purgatory. 


    Hell I just want to watch football. The SOB twitter troll who started this should be fired for incompetence,dereliction of duty, and dumbasserdry. He'll go down as the worst President in U.S. history. That is if we survive the coming wars he's about to start with his stupidity and ignorance. Amazing how one man has found a way to piss off every segment of America accept Hillbilly Alabama.


    Honestly, it's like he looks for opportunities to piss people off. Truly amazing for the supposed leader of the free world.




    you must use have been living in a cave the past year or possibly just living on the west coast or New York 

  2. This is a league born here on the huddle back in 2005


    You can keep 0-2 players each season for up to 3 years from when originally drafted , when you keep a player its cost you a draft pick , which is based on their original selection


    TML Rules


    TML Homepage


    Open Teams

  3. I performed all the new visual upgrades for MFL this season , to make the site more appealing on mobile devices , also creating 43 new skin designs.


    There wasn't much i could do about the navigation , they have an absurd amount of links , reports .


    They did do a lot of backend changes , some of which i do not like at all , like the new add/drops - waiver system


    There is still much more to come , hopefully I have their ears on some nice enhancements to the site for live scoring , lineups , draft rooms .... we will see....

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  4. Don't know why I joined because I tend to suck at these types of contests.



    it would be very hard not to place in the top 3 , at least one time in 17 weeks , only 50 participants


    make sure to enter your leaguesafe transactionId # into the form after you pay , that will create your account into the Huddle Challenge

  5. With the blessing from DMD , I will be running a new league for Huddle Members.


    50 Teams - $25 Entry


    Play against DMD each week


    No drafting , select your 9 team roster from any player in the NFL based on their weekly salary.


    Payouts for top 3 scorers each week.


    No worries about not winning for the first 14 weeks , you have all 17 weeks to win , no longer will an owner be disengaged from the league because he failed to qualify for the playoffs.


    Rules, Payout tables and Scoring can be found on the registration page linked below.


    Register for the Huddle Challenge today !

  6. I agree with the above MFL sentiments. Interface is just... screwwy. Yes, there are modules or settings you can tweak to your liking but the "standard" format is confusing.


    That said, the flexibility to do what you want in terms of setting up your league is nice. Of course, anyone could set up a website to do this (maybe I sense a motive here? :unsure: ..)


    Changes? Just a cleaner, simpler interface, but with the ability built in to make all the necessary tweaks to scoring, rosters, etc.


    Top 3 features:


    1. Flexibility

    2. Year-round availability

    3. Killer customer service / tech assistance



    All points noted.


    I feel the the same. I also feel a nice dashboard landing page for each owner to access all league data without opening a new url is important. Goal would be to play in 20 leagues , and able to set lineup / perform blind bidding / waivers / drafts / see matchups and live scores from EVERY league in a single controlled layout.



    The most time consuming part of my seasons now are Tuesdays and Wednesdays , digging through every league , locating what players are available in every league and placing bids on them. How nice would it be to search all leagues at once , and do the bidding for multiple leagues for the same players once , without having to actually go to the league homepage of each to perform the transactions.

  7. 1. That it's easy to use.

    2. That they, nor anyone, can accommodate the rules/scoring for Full Impact IDP (Please make it happen!)

    3. The ability to handle the rules/scoring for Full Impact IDP (RULES).

    4. Live scoring, flexibility and IDPs


    IDP / Dynasty seems to be an issue with most services. I really do not like the manual input needed on a yearly basis to run those types of leagues , and the idea is to make it easier , without so many confusing settings ;)


    How important do you feel the inclusion of the Auction would be ?

  8. Doing some research and appreciate any feedback


    What do you like the most about your current fantasy hosting provider


    What do you like the least


    What changes would you like to see


    Lastly , what 3 features are a MUST have to host/run your league