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  1. John Clayton's pre-FA synopsis

    He skipped San Francisco
  2. your most hated nfl player(s)

    This one's easy! Tom Brady
  3. MFL overrated

    Very well said DMD. With that I rest my case. Keep drinking your milk and maybe someday you'll get your own fantasy football website.
  4. MFL overrated

    I am definitely not slamming MFL. I just thought it would be far superior to anything else after seeing all the comments on these boards. And I don't think it is. However, if I win this league I will have 600 reasons to change my opinion.
  5. MFL overrated

    There were no real problems, I guess I just expected more. The site is a bit difficult to navigate and the live scoring is not even close to what CBS offers.
  6. MFL overrated

    I have heard people sing the praises of MFL for a long time on this site. I am now in a playoff league on MFL and I am not impressed at all. My regular season league has used CBS Sportsline for years and will continue to use CBS after seeing what MFL is all about. Sorry guys, just one junkman's opinion.
  7. Best draft pick of the year

    Frank Gore in the 7th round
  8. Westbrook news?

    Anything new on this?
  9. Super Bowl Starters

    I would say Boldin and Berrian. Always play everybody against the Lions. Thanks for answering mine.
  10. RB and QB dilemmas

    Vick. Parker and Taylor. Good luck!
  11. Ever since McNabb went down I have struggled mightily at the QB position. However, I still find myself in the Super Bowl this weekend (thanks to F. Gore, T. Barber,R. Wayne and CHI defense). I must pick a from the scrap heap again this week and hope for the best. P. Rivers @ SEA J.P. Losman vs. TEN J. Garcia @ DAL C. Pennington @ MIA Not terrible choices, but not terribly good either. Any advise appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Holt and Boldin. Leinart is much further in his development than Cutler. Also start the Bears, may be a shutout. Thanks for answering mine.
  13. Feedback on WRs

    Henderson is hot, stick with him. I like Stallworth and Henderson here. Thanks for answering mine.
  14. WDIS #3 WR

    I like Cotchery here also. And stay with Driver. Leinart vs. McNair is a toss-up, with both having decent but not solid numbers. I think McNair is the safer play. Please see mine.
  15. WDIS @ #3 WR

    Struggled all season to get any consistency from my #3 WR. Also starting S. Smith and R. Wayne. Performance scoring. D. Mason vs. CLE R. Caldwell vs. HOU I. Bruce @ OAK L.J. SMITH @ NYG Currently going with Caldwell thinking Brady will take out last week's frustrations on the Texans. Any advise appreciated. Thanks!