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  1. Returning for 2021?

    I'm coming back
  2. What do you need tonight?

    League 1 - Mark Andrews & Nick Chubb to score less than 50 points combined. League 2 - Patrick Queen to make up a 7 point deficit and then outscore Larry Ogunjobi.
  3. Don't draft/play if your heart isn't in it. I wasn't feeling it this year with everything going on in my life, but I did anyways. Worst season I've had in well over a decade.
  4. Week 12 Chat

    Yup. Could've beat pretty much anyone else this week lol. Well hopefully you'll take an easy on me if we both make the playoffs and we meet again. 😘
  5. Looks like kickoff will be 3.40pm
  6. OG Check-In

    Not sure if I qualify...but I've been around for a long time lol
  7. Week 12 Chat

    Had Tyreek Hill and will still get beat by 20+ lol
  8. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    Didn't they make the 49ers play with a bunch of starters out with covid a few weeks ago?
  9. Week 11 Chat

    It looked horrible
  10. Which WR?

    housh & wayne
  11. Week 14 DST

    i'm so desperate this week...i picked up the titans & am starting them. still battling for my playoff life.
  12. Ouch...which rb?

  13. Cooley, Holmes or washington

    cooley...he's been hot of late.
  14. wdis @ wr?

    i still can't decide who should be my 3rd wr. any advice out there??? thanks.
  15. wdis as my 2nd RB

    i'm stuck @ who i should start alongside t. barber. gore vs. lions c. taylor vs. packers a. thomas vs. colts m. morris vs. rams thanks for the advice.
  16. Romo or Leinart

    start romo...he's been playing pretty well.
  17. Need to get defence points this week

    start denver...i think they already have sacked walters 2-3 times.
  18. Which taylor would you start?

    go with chester taylor. i'm benching gore for taylor to start along side tiki barber.
  19. wdis @ rb

    brown vs. bears & williams vs. saints thanks for the help.
  20. WDIS? 2 RB choice

    agree...go with m. bell
  21. Kitna or Eli

    that's tough...but kitna's put up some pretty stout numbers this season. it will be hard to believe that the NYG won't just run all over houston. i'd go kitna...if you can live with him throwing a couple of INT's.
  22. i'm benching gore & starting taylor in one of my leagues.
  23. wdis?

    would you start kitna vs. falcons or romo vs. redskins???
  24. wdis?

    thanks for the input...that's who i was leaning towards.
  25. How do I work this trade?

    you have to ask yourself...would you draft t. bell next year in the 2nd round??? probably not. i'd just try & ride out your bye week. good luck.