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  1. wdis?

    thanks for the input...that's who i was leaning towards.
  2. How do I work this trade?

    you have to ask yourself...would you draft t. bell next year in the 2nd round??? probably not. i'd just try & ride out your bye week. good luck.
  3. JUMP on this, right?

    do it...quick, fast & in a hurry.
  4. i'm 5-0 in my league & have 4 pretty decent WR's. i'm very weak @ RB & have decided to trade chad johnson for cadillac williams. both guys are struggling right now...but if williams comes around i'll be pretty solid @ RB. my RB - r. brown, f. gore, m. barber, m. bell, & m. robinson my WR - a. johnson, r. brown, c. johnson, b. berrian, e. kennison, & n. burelson because of our waiver process...i've been unable to add any depth @ RB. the better the record...the lower you sit in the waiver order. so as you can see i've been @ the bottom for the last few weeks.
  5. trade...am i making a good move

    thanks for the info...i wish it would've been what i wanted to hear. but it's all good. and you never know, miracles can happen. good luck to everyone!!!
  6. Need Advice

    i'd do the trade just for gould. you're getting lucky that he's throwing in LT. but seriously...it's a nice upgrade to your RB's & you're WR's some okay. so i would also do it. taking chances are what win championships...probably lose them too. but what the hay...how many people will be able to look back on their season & know the exact week that their team made that huge upswing/downswing. this is what makes the game fun.
  7. i agree that it doesn't hurt to know who's on bye when you're drafting. i usually always do...but for some reason in one of my leagues i didn't realize until 3/4 of the way through the draft that 3 of my first 4 WR's had the same bye (week 5). that actually changed the way i finished my draft.
  8. Trade Advice

    you're going to trade for a guy on bye & another with a broken foot. don't do it, man. holt is a stud & if westbrook can stay healthy...he's not much of a downgrade to alexander.
  9. started volek, bennett & j. smith...somehow managed to take a 1pt lead going into mnf. he has mcnabb & i have holt. as off 2 minute warning in 4th qtr...i'm still up a point. got really lucky this year. i left l. evans, r. smith, d. brees on bench.
  10. need some help fellas... which RB: rudi johnson or edgerrin james and one of the following WR: jimmy smith, rod smith or lee evans thanks for your time.
  11. Championship game advice.

    i'm in the same delima. i've got edge, c. martin , r. johnson, & l. johnson. i'm leaning towards both johnsons. @ WR...i'd consider fitzgerald from ARI. they are up against the seahawks...whose DEF has just been plain bad as of late. hope this helps & good luck!!!
  12. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    i'm still debating on who to start @ RB. me: b. volek - qb t. holt - wr d. bennett - wr j. smith - wr t. gonzalez - te l. tynes - k patriots - def and 2 of the following rb: e. james r. johnson l. johnson c. martin him: d. mcnabb - qb r. wayne - wr h. ward - wr d. patten - wr l. tomlinson - rb k. jones - rb t. heap - te s. graham - k bills - def it should be a pretty good matchup.
  13. i can start 2 RB...who would you start??? rudi johnson vs. giants edgerrin james vs. chargers curtis martin vs. new england larry johnson vs. oakland i've been relying on james & martin all season...but was leaning towards johnson & johnson in the championship because of matchups. thanks for the help.