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  1. KC vs. Oakland

    he has the same expression, no matter if the raiders just scored or gave up a matter what happens, he just stares, exasperated
  2. l.johnson prop

    wow i like the over fo' sure....
  3. Four Hours to Game Time

    I also would like to know.....anyone have any intel?
  4. am i delusional to believe....

    OK, I have Vick, and will start him pending news of his groin. But, as a fallback, I am eyeing Smith on the WW. the way I am reading this game, and contrary to DD's projections, I see him throwing for 2 TD's at minimum, perhaps three, one pick at worst, and 275 yds. This is why: 1) niners offense has been playing well of late. Smith in particular. 2) arizona beat them in week one in a game SF should have won 3) its arizona 4) gore can run on them, opening up the pass 5) vernon davis is back (1 td is a guarantee) 6) niners def will be fired up at home 7) niners are not yet eliminated from playoffs and crazy enough can win that division 8) its arizona smith is a WW pickup, over the likes of (by my ranking) Losman, Rattay, Anderson. am i high? it seems clear as day to me. MM
  5. am i delusional to believe....

    none other than the free agent pickup hype.... waiting to see what start em/sit em says.....
  6. Which 3 Rb's S. Jackson, Westbrook, Gore, M.Barber

    barber is feast or famine. lately mostly feast, but if he does not score, than you may also suffer from low yardage. westbrook is the safer play here. MM
  7. This is it..Huddlers, send me to the promise land!

    That's a tough call... Bulger at home in a game they likely will win. SJax may be running more than Bulger is passing. Garcia on the road in a must-win game. He could come up big (as did Vick), but ya never know. DD says 240&2 vs 280&2. hate to say it, but look at the intangibles, injuries on both sides of each matchup, and go with your gut and don't look back. good luck, MM
  8. WDIS @ DEF?

    Def is always a coin toss. do the analysis, go with your gut and pray. Buf has been on a roll of late, and they are at home. GB at home against a rook, in bad/cold conditions NE against Jax...I don't like NE. go with your gut with GB or Buf. perhaps factor in the weekly schedule and decide if you want a thur. game or not. MM
  9. the Chester question?

    I feel the pain as well. I have Taylor as my no. 2 to SJax. On the bench I have MBIII & Benson. Safe play is to play MBIII for me. Oh, and I get to agonize over Vick this week as well. MM
  10. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    ummm, he's going up against da raiders. he picked the right time to act up and back it up.
  11. pick a RB

  12. fantasy finals

    ocho cinco will draw bailey, so housh is a good play. walker has a 1st degree shoulder separation, but still will play. too early to tell if vick is a good fantasy start yet. it may be eli or the WW for a spot qb play. chiefs. raiders just got shut out at home. by the rams. chiefs all the way. MM
  13. Is Desmond Clark back or was that just a freak week?

    clark....stevens has mitts of stone.
  14. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    who's on your WW? I have on mine A. Smith vs Ariz Rattay vs CLE Anderson @ TB Losman vs Tenn I think any of these are good plays over favre. MM
  15. Championship Game Conundrum @ QB

    my 2 cents.... Eli has been cold lately. Cutler could be a decent play, but walker is hurting I like your WW options, but which one? that is the question. I think each of these QBs will be projected in the same ballpark fantasy points wise, it's just a matter of looking at the matchups. I personally rank them Smith Losman Garcia Eli/Cutler PS I have both Losman and Smith on my WW, and will be dropping Pennington to pick one of them to play should Vick be iffy to play.
  16. Tarvaris Jackson or Alex Smith

    smith, no brainer. he's on a roll of late, will play in good weather, much less downside and greater upside. I am thinking of playing smith instead of vick this week (depending on vicks groin)
  17. their only hope is garbage time. MGM
  18. will the raiders get more than 100yds of total offense?

    i'll tell you what.... they can still win this game stuff this in for 7 and get a def TO and lookout.
  19. will the raiders get more than 100yds of total offense?

    I think a lot of this is on the O coordinator for not having alternatives to not being able to protect your qb's pocket....i mean come on put in tui at least he could scramble for positive yds. at this pt there is nothing NOTHING to lose.
  20. will the raiders get more than 100yds of total offense?

    let the sackfest begin! btw i'm a raider fan
  21. Weather update

    thanks.....maybe i'll bench djax in favor of bryant
  22. Hey DMD

    all I have to say is oh, and seriously, over the last 8 years you have helped me bring home 4 titles in my local. i don't think that i have NOT made the playoffs since joining the huddle. MGM
  23. Looking ahead to playoffs

    I think its smart to keep one eye on the game at hand, and one eye on the playoff weeks...using that strategy has paid off more for me! SF also has a cake schedule as well with GB, @SEA, Arizona 14-16. I therefore am eyeing Smith / Bryant. MGM
  24. 2006 Survivor Challenge - Week 7 - make your picks here

    er, too late for sunday games, so... dallas (arz, bal, mia, cle, sf, den)
  25. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    portis williams TO