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  1. Another deck question

    rent a rotary power sander for a day(around $80). cuts time by mucho, get some good stain/sealer(I happen to like behr) and spray it on instead of brushing it on(this also saves time and dinero) for better coverage. Let it dry well before using again, enjoy. Now if your present decks have any "cupping" then all this is a moot point and replacement is needed.
  2. WCOFF role call....

    So if I make it there, anybody have a floor I can sleep on?
  3. Another chat about health care costs

    Thank you Laura Bush
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    Hendrix Santana Grand Funk Railroad ZZ Top Eagles CCR
  5. For old codgers only

    remember playing carroms?(sp) candy bars 3 for a dime, ummm zagnuts. baseball waxpacks a nickel. or how bout the schwinn "lemon peeler" or the "orange crate" with the banana seat and sissy bar?
  6. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    nice menudo, that will buy a lot of diapers plus a couple mini Lambert spamshirts
  7. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    if you've ever experienced agent orange then you have "seen the rain"
  8. chicago huddlers

    So is Mr. Larry's restaurant on 10 Dixie Hgwy still there? knew the owner back from corps days
  9. The British Open

    wow, I like those odds. Jose is always hangin' around and Campbell can hit his irons very crispy
  10. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    She just misses me axing her "Hughs your daddy?"
  11. Any boat owners in the house?

    Congrats on your new money pit as long as you can both fish and ski behind them boats are great. Use it or feel used though
  12. Minor league ball

    Just like minor league hockey, minor league baseball is often more fun to watch, much more affordable and the players are still playing for the love of the game. Also they are much more accessible to everyone and much less jaded and pretencious
  13. The British Open

    Won't be betting, but also think ballstriking will be key here. That and the flat stick. Which makes me think Jose Marie, Chad Campbell and my sentimental favortite Nick Price have good chances to make some noise
  14. Golf

    Country, many off the rack clubs come in longer shaft lengths in irons. Mine are only 3/4" longer and I am 6'4". Taller players tend to stand up at impact and thus topping or skulling the ball. Not so much the length of the shaft, but more of the type of setup and swing you have(upright etc) Hit a lot of balls at the local club. Use their different demos to find some you like. If it feels good in your hands and while you swing they will probably be the club for you(golf is 80% mental). Hit more balls, then hit some more. Buy the clubs you have found you like hitting(hopefully you have tried many types on many different days on many buckets). Hit more balls and then some more, grooving your muscle memory every swing. Learn golf and it's basic rules for playing and enjoy many great rounds for years to come
  15. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    Sky, go to the local grocery store and buy a bottle of "Stubbs Rub". Rub with love at least two hours before, cook slow and low and enjoy. Prep time: five to ten minutes(depending on any if at all trimming). Cook time three to four hours. Devour time: five to ten minutes and lots of lip smackin'
  16. Mission Accomplished

    Thanks a lot Nancy
  17. Twiley's kid on the way!

    Congrats, kids are the total tie that binds. Though would've thought that since the little guy was more than likely conceived in Cabo, Lucas would be part of his name Anyway good job Twoobs you did all the work, all Twiley had to do is MOUNT AND SHOOT then sit back and enjoy the fruits of his handy work
  18. drink shots

    Spider Bite - Shot and a half of Tarantula Tequila dropped into three to four ounces of energy drink (Red bull or Rockstar are best) Touchdown- Shot and a half of Mandarin Vodka dropped into energy drink Up all Night - Shot and a half of Rasberry Vodka dropped into a glass of energy drink *** all the above are better when all ingredients are chilled well. All get you hammered fast, but with a feeling you are wide awake. Danger Will Robinson, danger.....
  19. Adios...

    Vios con dios mangina
  20. Has anyone had...

    I have only dealt with a left Hanger Steak. Been told it has magical powers and is surprising juicy for a hanger of such massive girth. Not to be mistakin' though for the proverbial Ball Tip.
  21. NFL Europe all done

  22. I gotta ask...

    Nope just like clockwork baby. Just don't like stuff pushed down my throat under the guise that it is really helping me out when really it is the other way around.
  23. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    Pink Floyd "One of These days" Outlaws "Green grass and High tides" Rainbow "Man on a Silver Mountain" Lesly West "Mississippi Queen" Most all Van Halen, love some of the stuff off Diver Down and Mean Streets Tom Morello is a friggin' brilliant guitarist so love his stuff with Rage or Audioslave Santana "Open Invitation" Jeff Beck "Guitar Shop" Ten Years After "I'd love to change the World" The Who: anything off of Who's Next
  24. I gotta ask...

    will not use them, more for the simple fact that they take away jobs. that and usually the moron that is actually there to help can't help you even if you need it!! Moron: "you need to punch in the veggies code" ME: "I did" Moron: "It should've worked, just a minute while I help this other person trying to check themselves out and can't get the sales price to ring up" ME: "No, you kiss my ass and the cayose you rode in on rangerider!!" Moron: "you need to take the item back out of the bag" or "did you scan the last item?" ME: "Well it beeped" and "why do I have to do your job anyway?" "Oh that's right it's so you can employ less people, yet give less service while getting paid more for being a turd!" "My bad"
  25. How do ya mix

    Top shelf Tequila straight up (no salad) either out of the freezer or on a couple rocks in a bucket