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  1. Roll call-Post count

    3780 high quality, well thought out, diplomatic posts
  2. RED Auerbach Dies

    Sad day for his family and friends, but as a sports fan it's like saying Ty Cobb was a class act.
  3. Cabo San Lucas

    granted Cabo used to be the place in Mehico for billfish, key word here used to be. Until they quit boating 100 lb or less marlins it will stay that way. For my money Manzanilla and/or Mazatlan have more fish both in size and species. I've been in quite a few billfish tournies in and around the greater Mexico area, sadly not brisbee's Though in those types of tournies the entry fee is the small cost in the grand sceme of it all. You better own a $300,000+ boat just to stay up with the comp
  4. Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo is a tale of two cities spaced about 20 miles apart with a lot of resorts popping up on every friggin' cliffside between them. Should cost you about $40 just to get from the airport to San Lucas, airport being near the mother city and the taxi unions. Unless of course the Grande has a shuttle or you make a deal for a free ride in return of just 90 minutes of your time from some other resort(hint, don't do it)
  5. Cabo San Lucas

    You are very close to Cabo "proper" The Office is another good place to have a drink and has some excellant tortilla soup, also Gilligan's of which you are close to both.
  6. Cabo San Lucas

    Must see and do list when in Cabo. Go to Sammies and actually eat there if Dustin is still the chef. Hisbandsareusually top notch and know Sammy in some way shape or form. Have a couple few drinks at the Gigglin' Marlin and at El Squid Row. Get your picture taken upside down at the Marlin. Eat at Carlos and Charlies, fresh pico de gallo made tableside along with your steak. Have a large margarita at Margaritaville. The fishing is substandard compared to a few other cities in Mehico. Tome it has been somewhat fished out and now only smaller sized fish are being caught. A travesty for sure. The snorkling is great out by the arches and Lover's Beach. The sand falls are one of the few "have to" dive spots in the friggin' world. Ol Jacques even was totally impressed by them. Rent a car and drive the forty some miles to Todo Santos and see the original Hotel California. Town is quiet and full of artists. If going there stop at Surfers Paradise and catch a few even if just body surfing. Rent ATV's and check out the side beaches etc. Tell all comers that bother you from the second you step off the plane you did not bring a credit card with you so you can't go to their so called 90 minute timeshare presentations. Talk to a taxi driver(union batages) and get them to be at your "service" for a little extra dinero. Get their card and call them before you will need them. Cabo used to be a sleepy fishing village, now the tourism industry has made it into a rat race at times. Unfortunate indeed. Oh yeah if you like golf, hit Cabo Real or Cabo Del Sol. Both expensive,but both are great tracks. Have fun, buy your own ice and if staying at a place with a kitchenette bring some food along also(very easy to do) ask your travel agent.
  7. Grilled Pork Chop

    Dry rub is very nice. Black pepper corns, sweet chili powder, cumin, sea salt, garlic and onion powder along with cinnamon(cinnamon is really good with pork). Grind all together and use as a rub. Rub with love(liberal). Braise both sides in olive oil at medium high heat two minutes per side(maybe a tad more if really thick). Take chops out and set aside. Add wine or water(about four to six ounces) to pan and simmer making sure to stir everything from the pan bottom, and then reduce at low for ten to twenty minutes. Pull off, set aside. Take chops and transfer to a baking dish or sheet and bake in a pre heated 300 degree oven for 35 minutes for a perfect medium chop. Take out of oven and let sit for five minutes. Set each chop on top of long grained brown rice or even dressing(that you have made of course) and then pour your reduced liquor over each one. Acrowd pleaser for sure.
  8. Best Liquor to drink?

    Gigglin' Marlin and El Squid Row are waitin with jello shooters and wet t-shirts for the "Cru From Da Lou"
  9. Best Liquor to drink?

    Any top shelf tequila. Hornitos or Cazzadores for around the house. Don Julio when out, though I really liked Sammies Cabo blue resposado last time in Cabo. All straight up, no salad on the side. A bucket of Pacificos as backs and I am in hog heaven. Throw in some hotties in skimpy swimwear running around in 80 to 90 degree weather for me to look at while drinking said tequila, and BAMMM!!! I'm on vacation Oh yeah, that 21 year old Glenlivet at Sky's was so good I think I snorted some too
  10. Who scares you the most

    They are both bad, but that being said teenagers like Cali drivers you know are going to speed and drive crazy, hence they have more of a purpose and a M.O. so to speak. Codgers are the single most unpredictable friggin' drivers anywhere anyplace. You never know what they might do next. Most of the teenage deaths are more than likely from alcohol mixed with speeding, but at least they can see, hear and have reflexes left
  11. Holy moly

    If I had the time I would do so. Just getting done with the busy season in golf. Now in another month or so.... I may be there anyway because same sister is now moving from DC to Austin in early November and is already trying to butter me up. Have lots of relatives in both the greater SoCal area and a few in Austin(friggin' So. Baptists) too. Oh yeah plants are a pain in the Icehole to move so sell them with all the non-essentials at the (advertised) D3 moving sell. Which is also a moving deduction along with food and shelter along the way.
  12. Holy moly

    Go Budget or Penske, U-Haul blows and has subpar at best vehicles. Moved my sister from Seattle to DC a few years back. Penske 27' with a car trailer held everything and none was damaged(all in the packing). 4 bedroom two bath house with everything Ms. "oh lets stop at that garage sale" had accumulated over the years. Have yourself an advertised moving sale and get rid of the clutter and crap, go to Penske or Budget and work them. Call call call. She did it all for under $1500 including gas. Though I did eat and drink my way through the U.S. on her dime. Around another $400. Then again my expertise in moving was worth the heavy beer and steak consumption she paid for. Moving companies ala Bekins, Atlas etc will be twice that and they don't handle with care when out of eyesight. Damages are always haggled over and basically they are doing you brokeback style without even a kiss or vaseline.
  13. First Job

    My Dad was a General Contractor so I was on the wrong end of many a construction jobs from a very early age (around 9 or 10). My Dad's fellow Contractor buddy: " I need someone to dig a ditch and then hot load cement for about 8 hours Saturday". My Dad: "Take my son, please". Don't remember getting paid for the odd jobs, though it did help my future run in most sports. Also had a paper route at 12 and saved 4 friggin' years to buy a '65 micro bus when I was 16, which I drove to my new job at "In-N-Out" burger at a cool $4 an hour. Then again gas was 75 cents a gallon and my bus would get me to the beach and back at least for times a week so I could go surfing and oogle at all the bikini clad surfettes for $10 so I was like a "pig in slop". Oh the good old days when a dollar was worth a dollar and also worth about 90 pesos, a pound and a half to two, and about a gizzilion yen
  14. Dale and Thomas Popcorn

    Man those look rich and tasty, but made me think this is another "Loaf" snack that makes me think blowing a couple spleefs before eating it would be called for. Coincidence?
  15. new belgium seasonal brews

    No sheet? Oh The Hughmanity of it all. I feel sort of violated for some reason now. Then again if they made their signature beer as well as the blue moon I might drink "la bala de plata" more often
  16. new belgium seasonal brews

    Isn't Blue Moon in or around that area also? Love their Belgian White. Liked New Belgiam's Skinny Dip. Will definately try out the fall batch seasonal
  17. Marijuana.........

    You can do a quick cleanse for around $40 and it works within a 24 hour period. 90% effective. Best way is to cleanse for a week at about $20. 95% effective. These %'s are for most common tests out there, not hair. They call the stuff Boeings Best Friend up here.
  18. What's Your Beer Personality

    In General, I'm a Trappist Monk
  19. Breakfast

    Eggs Bene, baby red home fries with green peppers and onion. Fresh fruit. Crystals hot sauce on everything. Including the fruit. Red beer. Good stuff Maynard
  20. I'm taking a beating in my local

    If there is no evidence of collusion, be the commish and let the trade stand. now as to more important matters....... I sure do like Quimby's AVY

    Someone will be odd man out here. Not enough room or passes to go around. This is not done yet. Someone moves. You don't give up a first rounder no matter were it is in the draft for friggin' depth at WR. Salary cap won't be a problem until next year, but me thinks one of the top 4 Seahag WR's goes before then
  22. Our presidents speech tonight

    Why don't you go over there and put your a$$ on the line for false pretenses and broken promises. Until then, why don't you shift to the left side of the nutsack because it's getting jealous of all the attention you are giving the right side. Jeez dude if Dubya farted you would suffacate. Better yet go make your only silly blog site and leave here because your speel is like watching dog turds dry. Slow, old and always the same
  23. Raiders Suck!

    Been a diehard Raidaaa fan for close to 40 years. Will never change. That being said the last few years since Chuckie left for Tamp*n Bay .................................................................................................................. .........................................
  24. Hole in F'n ONE!

    Very nice Gil. Write the Hogan Co. and tell them you were using their brand. They usually send you some hardware and certificate to go with the ball on display. Then call the local newspaper and tell their sports editor about it. Get it in print baby!!. Again very nice, but how big was your bar tab afterward? Have seen some large bills when the 19th hole is crowded
  25. How often do you clean it?

    The biggest factor here, charcoal, gas, egg, smoker etc. is the amount and frequency of use. Scrape the grill everytime right before adding your new kill. Meaning when its hot and then falls into the heat to burn and then enhance the overall taste. Now if you are a strictly seasonal griller(I grill when it friggin snows) ala warm seasons and then don't take care of your fire pit and let it get wet and nasty then yes you should clean the whole deal with plain old high pressure H2O each spring. If a year round griller then there really isn't a need to clean anything but the actual grilling surface because you are ruining hours of "seasoning" which only helps the process of good grillin'. Think of it as your favorite cast iron skillet. You "season" it, but never "scrub" it clean.