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  1. NFL Europe all done

    how long did it take to sell out the NFL game in Europe that is coming up? or the previous games in Mexico etc?. Heard it was very quick, which means if you put a good product on the field to watch the world will come to watch and spend their money.
  2. Fitness gurus

    Rest every other day, push a bit harder each time on the days you do ride. build those atrophied muscles back up!! plenty of electrolites while riding back may help. there is also this stuff called andro...... three weeks and tired legs will be a thing of the past
  3. Passport question

    busy season, expedited can take upwards of 3 months right now. get on it now!! spend the extra clams and be vigilante about it. good luck
  4. all-time a favorite NFL players

    Stabler Mike Curtis Larry Csonka Deacon Jones Ronnie Lott Kenny Easly Hacksaw Reynolds Jack Youngblood Fran Tarkenton John Elway(best athlete, ever) Randy Gradishaw Fred Belitnikof Russ Francis
  5. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    yeah, leaving loaded weapons without trigger locks around toddlers and in reach is harmless right? didn't have a piece of paper huh? crack some more smoke and come back later. guy was an idiot in college and became more of an idiot when he got some cash in his pockets
  6. Sunday menu

    CharBroil H2O Smoker deluxe is my favorite. Under $70 with two racks and can be used as a smoker or a grill. Cylindrical in shape, thermo on top and easy loading of coal, wood and water.
  7. Garbage disposals.

    pretty easy to install, though for as easy as some can be others can be sort of a PITA. check your reset button first. does it just humm or what? if you know it's blown, turn off the power to it at the breaker, clean out everything from under the sink as room is of importance, get a bucket and a towell and remove the old one. this right here will tell you how "easy" the new one will be to install. Take old one to Home Depot/Lowes and get some help from there as to which model you want.
  8. What's in a Name?

    you named after the chicken?
  9. What's in a Name?

    I originally went by my first name, until this crazy ass thread about some Hugh trade popped up and BAM! I was Hugh, then Shakaka, then added my middle initial and last name to get my present Huddler name
  10. Top Chef

    Ever notice that most male caterers are gey as hell and the female caterers are mostly bisnotches? or is it just me being hugh?
  11. Dorey's a funny dude.

    from one original to another, here's to hugh's everywhere
  12. chowdah

  13. chowdah

    hugh loves a little Latino Clam
  14. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    actually looks like Osama Bin Patriot
  15. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    hey now......
  16. You should have checked with the Pro Shop to see if that area is considered "Ground Under Repair". If it is which in most cases it probably was, lost ball in this area or not is a free drop no closer to the hole. GUR conditions change daily at different courses depending on many variables. Always check with the Po Shop or Sup at the turn or after the round.
  17. Fathers of Daughters

    I don't have a lighten up side when it comes to my kids especially my daughter. I have known 4 Aidans in my life and they have all been nicknamed Aids throughout the years. Something parents consider a bit when naming kids. Boys are a lot easier to raise than girls. Though maybe having a girl down the line would help a ton for your outlook on other fathers/daughters relationships.
  18. Chris Brown narrows choices

    Brown is a injury looking to happen because of his upright running style. I said this before he was drafted and he hasn't done a thing to prove me wrong.
  19. Fathers of Daughters

    this coming from a guy with a namesake of a ghey boys band and whom named his son Aids for short. Go back to your wet dreams or get beat down by a real Dad. Oh yeah good thing yours was a boy because you are clueless.
  20. Fathers of Daughters

    As long as any kid is asking questions and you as their father answer them truthfully as possible you will be alright in the long run. Sometimes you have to prod their questions out of them, but it has always worked for me with mine and others that I have taught/coached.
  21. Are you kidding?

    Heysoos Christos had very dark skin...... some might call him black.....
  22. 15,000 posts

  23. Shredded kitty

    with eight lives remaining
  24. Hello

    you will sleep after the Emerald City draft, guaranteed.
  25. I'm going to play Oakmont.

    Nice bro. The greens are rolling about 14 right now so they should be about 11 when you play.which is still deadly quick. Driver on #8?. Have fun bro, major jealous. Just keep it on the short grass and you'll be alright. Stray and you could be lookin' at 110 very easily. But a kickass 110 for sure