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  1. Who was the hardest hitter ever to don a helmet

    Butkus, Bednarik, Lott, Tatum, Kenny Easley, Randy Gradishaw, Mike Curtis, Deacon Jones, Doug Plank to name a few or so
  2. Can you younger old timers point me in the right direction?

    Grits most states have some type Guaranteed Tuition program where you can buy credits at a discounted price and use them for the same price when her time comes to pay for higher education. Saves quite a bit as tuition seems to get higher every year. Also if she can write there are a myriad of grants etc. just for writing essays on everthing from having curly hair to making pancakes. My daughter got a caddy scholarship from a local course, and several dollars from essays and local businesses that sponsor kids for different projects and community service they do. Talk to her counselor now. They can help if they are any good at all. Also get her into a quick strat program in HS where she can take courses and receive credits from local colleges. Helps a ton in a lot of ways.
  3. Trees growing over property lines

    More than likely the tree will die if they did not trim it right. Then the big dollars come.
  4. Trees growing over property lines

    Call an Aborist. They will come out for about $75(or possibly free) to tell you eggzachory what to do. More than likely their answer will be somewhere between H8's and Ursa's and a lot of them do low height pruning for less than a hack tree trimmer.
  5. Slow Day

    Jehovah is that hugh?
  6. Slow Day

    I am just a filament of the collective imaginations of all yooz plebes
  7. 8th grade "graduation?"

    Get him a card as he has not accomplished anything yet. Oh yeah and Jr. High goes through 9th grade I believe and Middle Schools are the ones that graduate to HS after the 8th grade, right? When I graduated Jr. High all my HS buddies could not wait for the hazing to start, until hell week started and I was the only one of two sophs to make our team
  8. Air Travel with small children

    yeah until you get slapped across the face from someone like me for not doing anything to control your screaming banshees which happen to be a product from your loins which then includes the responsibility of at least trying to quiet them down so as not to make a cramped flight in a contained sickbay even worse. Tylenol and sleep deprivation always worked for mine
  9. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    If you are to take away or asterik his records then you must do the same to any and all records achieved during this era. Including World Series wins, other records broken etc. etc. How could you not? Barry was certainly not the only player including pitchers to juice.
  10. 27 Holes on Memorial Day

    Nice PD, nice. Fairways and Greens baybee.
  11. golf

    First and foremost the main issue with buying sticks on ebay is you really don't know what you are getting as far as fit for your type of swing. Period the end. The advantage is...... for your recreational golfer that doesn't have a "TRUE" single digit handicap, but plays more for the fun and comraderie of the game. If you are serious enough about the game to achieve and maintain a single dig handicap, then you should always(and more than likely already do) get your clubs properly fitted to your swing. There is nothing like getting properly fitted to your set of sticks. You might as well use the ever changing and improving technology to its full advantage right? If you don't take the game too seriously then by all means go on ebay and buy away, better yet go to garage sales. Hybrids hve been around for at least twenty years. That said they keep getting better. My faves currently are the Cleveland "Halo" series and the TayorMade Rescue series. Kepp the 3 iron at home and put a 18 degree hybrid in your bag and hit with confidence. less thinking about ones swing equates to better ball striking and better playing as you still need to putt to score. TaylorMade Rossa here.
  12. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    He was such a good lookin' pup! Now he is a bit more grey
  13. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    My dog rules. Big John?
  14. Taking care of your lawn

    Read Hooks posts. They are spot on. Buy a GOOD Garden/Lawn book. Sunset Western is my particular favorite. Make sure it has a temperate zone chart in it. Many variables and not knowing the problem of their lawns, Joe Homeowner can throw a lot of money and time trying to fix certain signs of different problems when they can get it right the first time by actually finding the problem. Wasting time and money is not fun or wise. Thatch and then use iron to green and nitro(liquid is the best) to help it grow it up and top dress and overseed. Though my usual response to people when asked is for them to get their soil sampled and tested. Not really that expensive and you now know what you are fighting against when this is done. We keep 193 acres green and growing strong year round and our customers can be picky SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!!ers
  15. Almonds and Walnuts

    Slivered almonds with steamed fresh cut green beans. Crushed almond and panko encrusted fish. My favorite for this is fresh trout or cabazon. Banana bread w/walnuts. Waldorf salad. Crushed almond and parmesan encrusted chicken. Just off the top of my hung over head. More later as the haze clears.....
  16. The All Growed Up Poll

    Didn't you know ALL 8th grade aged kids KNOW EVERYTHING? Aside from the terrible 2's, 14 and 15 year olds are the single most aggravating humans for any parent or authority figure to handle or curb. Mine was pretty good though we had our times for sure. Now some of her friends of the same age that I coached found out the hard way whom the adult was as I reminded them constantly while they were running extra laps for being so cool and smart in their advanced age. Thing is those same kids thank me today for not putting up with their sheet.
  17. How long you been around boy? These days you can't comment on a female coworkers perfume without walking a thin line. Telling them their Midol dose has to change or else is teetering on a cliff. Always have another manager/worker present when talking to or about female workers. Cover ass or lose it.
  18. To quote my favorite poet : "The female of the species is more deadly than the male" In most all cases this is true. Insects, animals etc. Ask a police officer; always cuff the female, always.
  19. Say something about the huddler above you...

    Mom has beautiful bees
  20. Say something about the huddler above you...

    typically speaks in "tongues"
  21. Ask or Axe?

    I've learned that when I take a nappy headed ho out for a bite in my pimped ride wit new floataas and a bangin box. I doan even axe for the snoopy to give up da trim, I takes it. Den agin I don't eat nuttin I can't eat wit a fok.
  22. Best wines for about $10 or less

    Yummy! Drink and enjoy Kid. If something happened to Cid tomorrow, whom would enjoy them more?
  23. Best wines for about $10 or less

    Stop all the whining. To each his own really. Heck I'm Port guy myself (Cockburn's Tawny Porto being one of my faves). Also like Meads a lot. If a so called whine eggspert says that is in bad taste, I tell them to spit up a rope because their arguement has no legs.
  24. Spice Rub for steaks

    STUBBS There really is a bunch of good dry rubs out there. STUBBS is the best to me. Tom Douglas also makes some awesome dry and wet rubs. If making your own I usually go with fresh ground pepper, sea/kosher salt, garlic, onion, paprika, red pepper flakes and parsley(all dried). Depending on the type of meat etc. I'm cooking I may go with cinnamon or brown sugar or both also. I go by eye and tatse so never really measure(hence I am a sucky baker). Use a coffee grinder to combine all ingredients(don't use the grinder you use for coffee ) Rub with love about an hour(no longer than three or four for dry rubs) before cooking. Grill and have fun.
  25. Deadliest Catch Game

    Actually.... from what I have been told by a few pilots(both small and commercial) is that the flight simulators on these games are very comparable to the real ones in training(no wonder I always F up the landing!)