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  1. Tennessee QB Clausen Has a Collarbone Fracture

    No biggie, either way the Vols lose.
  2. Ana vs. Min

    Rally Monkeys will eventually sh*t all over the Homer Hankies wink
  3. Fleury suspended

    Someone got him in our league, right?.
  4. Fleury suspended

    Talented, but another Nickel Head. Kennison/Moss on skates. No wonder he has mood swings
  5. Ana vs. Min

    Go Halos, better pitching both starting and pen. Both play ball the way we were taught as kids so this should be a great series either way with lots of lead changes.
  6. Just found out I can't do the draft tonight

    Man this thing changes more than my wife does. Good thing I logged on today. Last I checked the site(Friday) it was for the 8th at 5:00 pm Pacific. See yooz there.
  7. Just found out I can't do the draft tonight

    Hey Club, isn't the draft tomorrow night?, or am I the one who's all f'd up?. Wouldn't be the first time.
  8. Sammy Hits #499 And Wins NL Homerun Title

    Not a Cub's fan, a very frustrated Dodger and Angel fan. No doubt Barry gets MVP hands down. Yes SS was a liitle boy in the case you posed. Rick Reilly wrote a very interesting article, albiet slanted last year on the Gents and their clubhouse etc. I'll try to find it and post it. Let's just put it this way BB isn't well liked by at least 20 of the other 24 players on that team. Still the most lethal hitter to come down the pike in many years. Baker?, Manager of the year, year in year out.
  9. fantasy hockey

    Hey Sven with two nn's. When is the draft?
  10. Sammy Hits #499 And Wins NL Homerun Title

    Hey Beer Man, I love both of these guys. Have every card made of each. That said you forgot the most important stat. The "CC" stat :Clubhouse Cancer : Bonds 150%, Sosa 0%.
  11. fantasy hockey

    I'm in, Hugh's Hammers. Play that dang Trojan fan first game. Growing up in L.A. you either liked the Trojans or the Bruins. NOT both. I'm a Bruin guy through and through so this is a great first game IMO. Sounds like fun. I've only been in one Fantasy Hockey league before, but it was a gas. Oh yeah, Sunday would be better for me, the earlier the better (PST) as it's my Birthday weekend. Uh, with my first pick I'll take Pavel Bure wink
  12. any questions?

    No he was just hitting the polksalet a little too much yesterday.
  13. Keith Jackson - STAY RETIRED!!!

    "Whooaa Nellie" wink
  14. No Baseball Strike!!

    Quote : I'm still not watching. Quote : I have not watched a game since the strike in 94. I was 12 years old, and that sport was my life. After the strike I said that I would never watch another game, and I've stuck by it. Well obviously you two weren't very good at the game or you would still be watching. The game within the game is worth watching at any level, and believe me I have great reasons to have a hugh chip on my shoulder about MLB as a whole. To put out blanket statements as to it being boring or to say "it was my life as a 12 yr. old, but I have not watched a game since" is moronic at best.
  15. No Baseball Strike!!

    Nice, though I didn't think it would happen.
  16. College Athletes Should be Paid?

    No problemo Nate - Since my first day posting here I've learned to take nothing personal. I truely admired all the honor students I attended with. Me, I studied as hard or harder than most student athletes and still only pulled down a 3.4 The main problem is with the system anyway, and as some have said before there is no right fix. Both sides have their points. Just want non student athletes to realize it's not such a "free ride" as a lot of people think. It's hard being looked down upon when you can play a sport at a high level and actually put a sentence together also. wink
  17. College Athletes Should be Paid?

    Hey Nate as a student athlete on scholarship, you're allowed to make only X amount of money (which isn't much) or your scholarship gets pulled. Want to talk about time?. Where are you when athletes are practicing year round (not mandatory, yeah right). Or riding buses or planes while you're at the library which get new books not only from Athletic Depts., but the taxpayers too. So athletes that spend as much or more time than you on studies and absolutely more personal time pleasing coaches and faculty and all the while making the school a ton of money that is enjoyed by non athletes also, but can't make as much money as the non athlete in fear of losing said scholarship shouldn't get stipends huh?. Oh BTW, if you think you're footing the bill because you pay taxes, do the math. How many students vs. how many taxpayers in the state in which you live = pennies per year per student, and yes even non scholarship students get some of the pie. It does not go exclusively to student athletes no matter how jaded you personal view.
  18. 10 easiest colleges for recruiting

    Agree with the young gun Chavez. Nice climate, hot babes to go along with the weather. On a clear day .... UCLA
  19. College Athletes Should be Paid?

    Yes they should get stipends to balance the lack of $$ you're able to make as a student athlete. A regular student can make as much money as they want throughout the year and not get penalized, not so with the student athlete. Most schools make a mint for more than just their Atheletic Depts. from major sports. The constraints put on college student athletes more than makes up for the so called free education they're getting. Though I truely believe if one never attended on a athletic scholarship, they would vehomently say no to pay. Jealous attititudes have abounded for years and still do as the departments and conferences keep raking in the green. Education is a choice just as it is for the schools and conferences to choose the best possible athletes to represent their name and team and thus make more $$ for said institution. Most don't go on to play in higher leagues and make big dollars and it is much harder to play competitive college ball and still get the education the non athletes get. If you played on a scholarship and disagree I have to believe that you eiter went to a small ass school or were a benchwarmer or both.
  20. Guerin to Stars

    Good signing for both player and franchise. Guerin is only getting better and has always been respected on ice and in the locker room. He fills a need of forward on a team that is still pretty strong in the middle and on D.
  21. Hook 'em Horns

    If playing for the Mariners at the time he did is considered the big leagues well then he did. I believe he was then traded to the Bosox and actually was reunited with the Rocket.
  22. how many games will the Net/Lakers last?

    Lakers in a sweep. Seems as if NJ had their best chance the other night when LA looked blase' at best the last three quarters. We'll see in a short while. thumbs_u
  23. Avs - Kings Live Game Scoring

    Patrick Roy = Best big game goalie EVER.
  24. Avs - Kings Live Game Scoring

    I will say this, the Kings have skated well and prepared even better to make this a good series against a far more talented Avs team. Good hits, playoff hockey

    Dumars has done a fine job. "Stackhouse and his merry band of Castoffs" can play and never give up. Just like their Coach and GM.