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  1. Seattle Huddlers

    I have time for a couple shooters at FX at 1:00-1:30
  2. Who is H1 hanging with?

    For the sake of all Hugmanity, I will reserve comment this
  3. Guess the Grunts big secret

    without a doubt, though only with his siamese twin, they're attached at the pelvis ya know
  4. Word to the wise

    Just call your twin fratboy, he is probably tired of date rape anyway
  5. under a grand, but the eggmen will "cometh" with eggzact info for ya soon. I say "cometh" because as PD says "it is ghey week after all"
  6. thought the same thing bro, but to buy one I would have had to win another category and then still break into my piggy bank. Though the thought is there, that is for sure
  7. Just to let you know steve, I was in a BBQ throwdown last weekend where three eggs were being used(out of 15 contestants). Though they looked cool and actually cooked incredibly well my two Weber H2O Smoker/Grills took the blue ribbon in beef and the red ribbon in yardbird. I will say this if it wasn't for my eggspert feel and technique and masteful dry rub approach the eggs might have faired better. The Eggmen were not happy campers to say the least. So to me it is the cook and not the cooker that makes all food taste better
  8. Congrats Wiegie

    why? Just a couple of tools that are clearly products of their enviroments
  9. Moral Dilemmas

    Survival of the fittest, drastic situations often call for drastic actions done in a calm thought out manner. There really would be no majority on any answers to these problems, but if someone has to die for me and/or mine to survive, I will be the first to start killing
  10. 300 Movie Review

    good flick from what I've heard. was mostly filmed in fromt of blue screens and with the help of a lot of CGI they came up with a good looking movie. Will see it for sure, but not soon enough as it was my choice last time and we went and saw "Smokin' Aces" which I would also highly reccomend seeing if you like guy flicks with high body counts, nice boobies and high "bullets per minute" factor
  11. beyond boobies

    20 oz porterhouse medium rare, top shelf tequila straight up no salad, my daughter saying she loves me, hangin' out with my dog at the beach, golf .......... as far as wimmins goes I like them of all shapes, sizes and colors and long as they have nice ankles and no funky ass laugh
  12. American Idol

    I would rather watch paint dry than sit through that vaganized show, Any dude that watches and enjoys it has a mangina
  13. Tonight's Dinner

    takeout wok : mongolian beef (3***) kung pao chicken(3***) Mushroom chicken over soba noodles with rooster sauce for even more kick. this dinner will keep on givin' baby
  14. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    That sucker was sporting #7 in Pop Warner and HS too. Still chasing him around the field in the nightmares I can remember.
  15. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    Football- 12 for Stabler, 32 for Mike Curtis(though in all the years I played I never wore either # as I played mostly on Defense and was always in the 50's and 80's or 90's) Baseball- 21 for Clemente(my idol as a kid though more often than not I wore #13, F the bad luck sheet!!) Basketball- 44 Jerry West(yet again I was more often than not #13 and an occasional 24) Rugby- 9 or 13 are the only two numbers I've ever sported in 12+ seasons Hockey- 9 for Gordie Howe or 4 for Bobby Orr. Wore 4 the only two years I played youth.
  16. Tonight's Dinner

    hmmmm.... now I know why my first born had dents in her head when she first popped out
  17. Tequila

    Hugh loves Tequila. Drink mostly Hornitos and Cassadores. Straight, beer chaser or on the rocks in a bucket no chaser. Don Julio, Cabo Wabo blue. All top shelf resposado. Aged in Oak barrells, pure blue agave............need some now,,, be right back.
  18. Great White Shark

    Absolutely, grew up swimming in the ocean and have never stopped. Never been really scared except: 1)seeing my first shark(a blue) while diving with my older brother, literally stopped breathing whoch made the shark curious and my brother laugh at me to this day. He calmly swam over and pulled my mask off and that settled me down I guess or rather concentrating on something else and I started breathing again. Shark swam off. 2) Bodysurfing in Mazatlan during high wave and high jellyfish warnings. Was loving life as I basically had the whole place to myself as most every sane person was on shore. Big set comes in and I'm swimming my arse off to go out and meet it. Diving under 8-9 footers can take its toll and they kept coming and I kept swimming and diving under them and now figuring I just need to catch one last one so I could get myself back in safely. Just about climbing these puppies now, but in position to actually take off on one and make it to shore. Now I'm a very strong swimmer, but also dead tired by now and take off late thus going over the falls and into the washing machine of a large f'r. Last thing I remember is my brother saying get to the bottom and hold on by digging your fingers in the sand(there is six to eight inces of calm water right at the bottom in all sized waves, it is getting there that can be troublesome at times). Well I get to the bottom and dig like h@ll and then start to surface. Just then a half of a big jellyfish gets wrapped around my upper arm and neck. so I'm sort of now standing/crawling in the washout of some big friggin' waves thrashing around trying to get this stinging mf'r off me and not drown at the same time. Couldn't get the thing off me and I could see bright purple welts on my arm and hands from grabbing the slimey sheet off me, so I dive head first towards the shore on the next whitewater that crashes my way and don't lift my head until I'm in knee deep water. I'm now screaming and yelling to people to get this off me. No one will so I walk to my towell and wrap the towell around my hand and start to peel this biatch off. By now the medical staff from the resort have been called and are on their way down to the beach. I get this thing off me and have HUGH spiral welts around my neck and down my arms like a bad Mike Tyson tat. I start to put wet sand on them to ease the pain. Meds come down there and take me to the clinic. F$CK I'm in pain!! Dr. says he can give salve and pills, or a shot for the pain. I told him all three. He says bueno. Thirty seconds after the shot I felt ZERO pain at all. ZERO!! It also kept me up all night and I drank like a fish and felt nothing. Atill don't know what wasin that syringe, but it sure worked. Next day the welts where down and to a light blue reddish hugh and fairly painless. So.... I went at it again. Gringo Loco. 3) Diving in Belize having the time off my life in 70ft clarity and sealife galore. All off a sudden and I mean sudden the biggest meanest looking Barracuda comes vitually out of nowhere and is intent on biting my dive partner. My buddy is flippin' out and pissing his air fast at 30ft. Cuda for some reason got tired of this dance and left as fast as it came. I did not dive for two days after that. Opraher was mean and ugly with major tude to go with. All in all the calmer more level headed you can stay in our Mother Ocean during stress the better. We are some pretty big fishes ourselves if you think about it and with much larger brains than most others swimming with us.
  19. Great White Shark

    Both, Killer Whales RULE the sea. Also a couple dolphins will do quite a number on a Great White and pods of dolphins kill the bastages just for fun
  20. Great White Shark

    Learned to dive in NoCal near cannery row etc. spotted mostly blues when diving. Stayed away for the most part surfing NoCal(except Steamers) as it was colder and the whites seemed to love the decent break areas around there. Oh yeah a killer whale will kick the sheet out of any great white and snack on them!!
  21. How old are you?

    well a sure, errrr uh, ...... only breathing grandmas then
  22. 10, 000

    very nice beir, congrats
  23. How old are you?

    bacon grease unta bacon grease
  24. How old are you?

    old enough to do your wife, grandma, daughter and maybe even your great aunt because hey they all look and feel the same when they are turned over and can only grunt into the pillow
  25. Some inconvenient truths

    the movie was extremely truthful, and even more boring because c'mon whom can really listen to Al for more than cinco minutos before falling deep asleep?