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  1. Higgins Reagor Jeudy Ruggs Pittman Shenault
  2. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    I believe AJ Brown would gladly change his number for Julio. It sucks getting old seeing guys like AJ Green and Julio start to wind down their careers.
  3. Remember the USFL from the 80s?

    It's where Steve Young started his career.
  4. Rookie TEs?

    Yes - Dynasty stash. There's a lot there and will have to see if it translates. Those three mentioned are always hurt or just average so Yeboah is on the roster unless he can't block at all. It's an ideal speculative pick for a TE. For this year, I think there's only one TE that makes an impact and that will be sporadic.
  5. Rodgers wants out of GB

    As both a Love owner and Bears fan, I want him out. Go away. I find it hard to believe that he will ever think they will do enough or surround him with enough. The dude has had very good skill players around him and a very good OL. I wouldn't trade him. It's not his team to run.
  6. Rookie TEs?

    Yeboah went undrafted in our dynasty and definitely worth a late pick. Spent $1 on him afterwards and think there's something there. We shall see. Morris was the other I had been thinking about but don't like where he landed.
  7. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    Pace is obviously in way over his head at this point. Pathetic.
  8. Well...this changes everything.
  9. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    We are the Jets. I might really be done and follow Mitch to Buffalo.
  10. Bears dump Kyle Fuller

    These guys can get bent. Glad we have Quinn on the roster though.
  11. Buffalo Bills, Mitchell Trubisky agree to 1-year deal

    And with that, he may never throw a pick 6 in his NFL career. Handing off the ball in garbage time for Millions.
  12. Broncos and Lindsay part ways

    10+ teams could use him well.
  13. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    The $$ isn't the issue of course. Multiplying mistakes is and it appears Nagy and Pace will be riding Dalton and BDN out of town after the year is done. The ownership is cheap, and these clowns are just inept enough to think this is a good move. This move makes zero sense and the mediocrity will continue.
  14. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    Getting Kamara'd in Week 16 blows.
  15. OG Check-In

    Dorey, does your writing still suck?