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  1. What does the 2.12 cost?

  2. What are Annuities?

    Keep that script for appears you like swallowing those, and not just have them resting on your chin.
  3. Kickball

    Co-ed kickball---hmmmm. Doesn't sound like it's something that I can categorize as competitive.
  4. What are Annuities?

    It think 37K in Prudential annuities are worth $100. No excuses now.
  5. Over 15 years ago, this girl asked me to get her naked, sprinkle blow all over her body neck down, and clean it all up. She wanted to pour it on me and clean it up as well. Crazy enough for me, but that is the tops.
  6. Best foreign rock band.

    Saw the Charlatans live in one of the last shows that their keyboardist played, before he died. He could hammer that Hammond.
  7. This might be a Long Lunch

    Morris Wanchuk is one of the classic movie characters of all time.
  8. Best foreign rock band.

    Lots of classics listed here and I can't argue... In the 90's, I was loving these bands: The Stone Roses The Charlatans UK The Soup Dragons The House of Love Ned's Atomic Dustbin Oasis sort of came after these guys paved the way IMO.
  9. Bears Homers

    Perch, I wouldn't worry about Alex Brown...he was dippin his toe in the water and saw all the sharks. He'll play with a big smile on his face this year. That won't make him anymore than just average...but he'll play.
  10. chicago huddlers

    Stay downtown and take the L out to the game. Spend some time at North Avenue Beach and there will be plenty to look at talk about with your son.
  11. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    tell her you need a C note...and she won't ask questions since you're slapping her around.
  12. Belmont Park Race # 5

    This guy is a real piece of work...walks like a duck (or insert the word fraud), talks like a duck (fraud works again), must be a duck (fraud).
  13. Belmont Park Race # 5

    Red Boarding is something I figured you'd be pretty good at... Too bad the tips from your daddy didn't pay off today...pretty close, though.