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  1. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    He might still be counting. Sh!t.
  2. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    No Brady, no Rodgers in the Final 4? This is like a 2nd Christmas, but it ain't 1/18.
  3. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    All road teams this weekend? I can see it.
  4. Rams vs Buccaneers (Sunday)

    Brady now has to throw it 60 times today. Arians deserves to get throttled
  5. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    Kaaron Rodgers....aka Rush Lambeau. Twitter is amazing for this sh!t.
  6. Bills vs Chiefs (Sunday)

    Overall - across the 53, the Bills are better.
  7. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    Quarterback for sale: VERY expensive at $33 million a year. Very used. Very full of himself. More focused on politics than football, which he is paid to play. Feels that being himself is more important than what he is paid to do. Also, CAN NOT beat the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs no matter how well his team plays. Inquires to 1-800-Im done. ^not mine, but clever.
  8. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    Today was the local fantasy pay out and gambling party. It was a very good day for a lot of reasons. Who wouldn't love Deebo on their team? Jimmy G can't throw the ball too well, but he does make the throws over the middle. It was there all night. Not just that the Packers lost, but how they lost is just so fantastic. One and done chumps.
  9. Cardinals vs Rams (MNF)

    Plummer....Dillfer. Rex Grossman took the Bears to their last SuperBowl. The Mayfield hate is strange. He is not elite, and that should be something that everyone can agree with. Not a great year for him, but he is far from garbage like LC describes him. And then there is this Davis Mills erection that makes the point of view even more bizarre.
  10. Drake London would be a nice compliment there.
  11. Cardinals vs Rams (MNF)

    None of the OU QB's have fared too well in the pro's. With real weapons has a lot to do with his demise of late. Kirk as a #1? No way. AJ is done. He was rattled and a good inside rush and contain will get him beat in games that count.
  12. Cardinals vs Rams (MNF)

    Yup...someone has a massive hard on for Baker hate.
  13. Steelers vs Chiefs

    Both Harris RB's this weekend basically killed 2 of my post season hopes. F me.
  14. Steelers vs Chiefs

    Yes. Pringle and McKinnon just as we all predicted.
  15. 49ers vs. Cowboys

    Strange 4th quarter.