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  1. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    And they have motivation to sign Nick Foles to save some pennies.
  2. Hard for me to start him and Nuke. I am rolling with him as a WR3 in another for sure this week.
  3. Might be a good topic to see 12 team flex leagues, who is going in that spot. For me, the choices are Calloway (sat Golladay), Kirk, Parker, L. Murray, and I'm plugging in Javonte Williams this week.
  4. Waiver wire . Week two

    Nothing seems to limit the Browns' OL. Didn't they sign a janitor stiff last year in the playoffs and he played like an All Pro guard?
  5. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    Sat Saquon but pleased to see his snap count go significantly up on short rest. He's good to go now. Not sure why the Giants got Goliday if they aren't going to use him.
  6. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    What a dummy. Closest to the ball.
  7. Waiver wire . Week two

    I had Sermon, not Mostert. I did bid on Mitchell modestly, and was surprised I got him. With Barkley and Jacobs, my RB room is a mess. Either way, I am now bought into this mess and still expect Sermon to be the guy with Wilson being the vulture he has proven to be at some point. Watching the snap % this weekend closely but have to roll with Mitchell against the Iggles.
  8. Waiver wire . Week two

    Everyone is on Patrick and he did great last year when called on. I like Hamler better. There was a 50 yard TD drop last week invisible to most. If he hauled that in, he would be the name people are talking about.
  9. Zack Moss out.

    Rajn...that OL in Buff ain't great.
  10. Raheem Mostert to undergo season-ending knee surgery

    Interesting about Mostert. At Purdue, he had only 136 rushing attempts in 4 years on the team. In 2019, he had 137 with the Niners. Dorey can tell you more, but his upward style doesn't last in the NFL any longer. I don't see him having more than a few years left, if that.
  11. Raheem Mostert to undergo season-ending knee surgery

    Some guys are just glass. It's a violent sport and you either give it or get it at RB. I think you see clear differences with folks like Mostert who has never once seemed to deliver the contact and always takes it. Fast as any though at his top speed.
  12. SF RB To have?

    And I still believe Sermon walks out of this as their #1 by the time they come out of their bye in the long term.
  13. SF RB To have?

    Mitchell went for 65% FAB in one of my leagues.
  14. Ravens vs Raiders (MNF)

    Bal coaching staff lost that one. Credit to LV I guess.