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  1. Priest Holmes

    Not even close and no way Thanks for playing. Kidding....just my .02.
  2. Fish Fry

    Saban is pissed off all the time. I wonder if he is going to pull a Spurrier and call it a season mid-year? I don't really think that would happen, but 1-5 with that schedule is ridiculous. Where are all the Dolphins fans claiming the CPEP trade was the greatest thing of all time? I remember seeing their posts in the off-season....interesting.
  3. Kevin Jones

    I read way too much into the concussion from last week and injuries to his offensive line. I benched him today for M. Morris. WHOOPS
  4. Burleson

    I can't believe SEA gave this guy 7 mill/yr to be a #3. Why did they sign Branch?
  5. Mike Bell - what's his status now?

    Dealt Mike Bell for Stokley I hope you mean? If you dealt Tatum for Stokley I think you were robbed.

    I think it was NBC I was watching....but some sideline reporter woman was on and she wasn't even hot. Not in the slightest. What is this world coming to? If I have to listen to a sideline reporter tell me about what Donovan McNabb had for breakfast that morning, she had better be frickin' hot. It's not rocket science.
  7. Aaron Brooks in or out this week?

    In all seriousness go with TB QB, Leinart, Alex Smith, C. Frye....ANYONE over Brooks. That team is the Titanic and no one can get off quick enough. Art Shell might not make it through the season. Hell Al Davis might not either.
  8. Marty Ball

    Rivers scramble on 3rd down saved Marty from humiliation in the 4th quarter yet again. That kept the drive alive and they put the game out of reach by eating the clock and getting 3 points. You could feel a huge sigh of relief from the entire stadium when Rivers picked up that 3rd and 9 or whatever it was.
  9. Fitz injury

    You could do much worse than Hot, Jennings, Mason and Driver in a 10 team league. You'll be fine is Fitz is out for a while.
  10. Ben Mediocreburger

    True...a lot of people (myself included) took PITT right out of the playoff equation last year around week 7 when they were playing terrible. Then they turned around their season.
  11. T.O.?

    OK but in all seriousness are you in a 'serious' league or a 'wives' league or what? Dropping T.O. is absolutely out of the question. If you want to trade him off, that is another topic all together. You will still get some value for him. After the T.O. post, you may want to post any other potential transactions you are considering.
  12. Randy Moss

    Back to MN baby! Give back Napoleon Harris and Troy Williamson.....
  13. Michael Vick...

    Now that may just be a true statement.....
  14. Cadillac Williams

    Garbage. TB is in the tubes for the rest of the year, and Cadillac will have a very mediocre season.
  15. All These Rookie RB's

    I think you might be on to something, so far it does look like some real talent. Calhoun might make some noise in the future as well.....he just hasn't had a chance yet.