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  1. NBA - The Big Ticket

    If not, I'm heading over to Mr Stern's house with a stout stick. As one who has attended 16 home games this year and has tickets for two first-round playoff games, I can tell you that I often catch myself thinking "I'm sitting here watching the best basketball player on the planet". There's a case to be made that this guy is the best athlete on the planet, bar none. Awesome. Nice guy too.
  2. Boy firing byron scott was a bad idea

    Just to round this off, that 14 game streak contained only 4 games against teams with winning records and a mere one eek! against a Western Conf team. The moment they met a decent team, the mighty Timberwolves, the roof fell in.
  3. Arod a Yankee

    Oh, is that all? $16m per year from the Yanks? Poor guy will be grubbing in the dumpster for his dinner next. I'd like to see his W-2s at the end of the year, they must have special extensions to fit all the zeroes on.
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Ain't that the truth. Enquire at the Tailgate on virtually anything and someone there will know the answer / have experience. You just need a thick skin. jester
  5. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Ursa Majoris, formerly BearPerson What: IT Manager/security guy/budget guy/operations guy/infrastructure guy and several other hats I wear in my spare time. Other IT people out there will know what I mean. wink When: 1957 - you do the math, it makes my blood run cold. Where: Right here. Twin Cities, Minnesota, where there are more Bears fans than would care to admit it. It's like a secret society of ashamed people. We have secret handshakes to help recognize each other. lol Why: Football, simple as that. The more, the better Fantasy Bio: Only been doing it 3 years, won SB the first year, nowhere in year 2 (never draft Dillon) and lost in SB this year when DJax and Hasselbeck got hurt. :mad:
  6. Post your New Years wishes here

    For the Bears to become something that isn't laughed at. coach Happy New Year!
  7. 2003 Huddle Awards

    Reads post..... checks out membership numbers of current posters ....... decides to wait a decade or so before venturing opinion.....moves in general direction of away..... .....but not before saying that out of the dozens of boards I've frequented, this is the best. Thanks.