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  1. Vick Indicted

    Broncos, I meant to get to this ages ago but forgot. You asked about why someone with millions would risk everything for the thousands bet on a dogfight. It's simple - he likes dogfighting and he likes the people who hang with it. Logic doesn't enter into it - arrogance and the sense of invulnerability that penetrates most athletes to a greater or lesser extent are the drivers here. The millions he has are the enabler of what Vick probably always wanted - the betting is incidental to the wallowing in subhuman culture. THAT is where Vick and his ilk get their rocks off.
  2. Greatest American Rock Band

    Wasn't really trying to classify them as anything, though two thirds of them being British and Hendrix having got his career launched in Britain and Europe might disqualify the Experience from this particular poll. Glad to be of service. I would argue that Hendrix would never have been at Monterrey but for the launching of his career in the UK and Europe, which spread the word to the US. The UK "establishment" at that time had a more adventurous outlook on music than the US and also had the hugh advantage of the BBC being willing to give a platform to something new. Hendrix appeared on many early evening family TV shows.
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    Hmmmm. Wikipedia and
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    Mitchell and Redding were both British and Hendrix got nowhere until he went to England. It's a stretch to call them American (though Jimi was of course).
  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    And that's really the essence of rock'n'roll. As soon as it becomes comfortable, as in 1963, 1976 and circa 1989, it's necessary to give it a jolt to reanimate it.
  6. Greatest American Rock Band

    I dunno, punk per se didn't last much longer than grunge but it's effects are still felt, it is true. Where it was really successful was in moving music back to the garage band. I think the effects of grunge are still being felt too in much the same manner.
  7. Vick Indicted

    I would be disappointed but not surprised. crappy shoes from spammers has the morals of a 10 cent wh00r.
  8. Vick Indicted

    So, if Atlanta do cut Vick outright, which teams, if any, will be brave or stupid enough to vie for his services? Oakland?
  9. How to be Eco-friendly

  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    IMO, grunge was as important a development in rock music as punk in the late 70s. Punk showed that pretty much anyone could form a band, get up on stage and thrash away. Punk returned rock to it's club and small venue roots, as well as being hard edged and exciting. Some of the bands generated by the punk revolution turned out to be damn good - one or two were great. Grunge really did the same thing 15 years later when rock was becoming moribund once more.
  11. Greatest American Rock Band

    Really trendy at the time. I was listening to a 70s compilation yesterday and one of the tracks was Sylvia by Focus, the Dutch band. That's a nice piece but Thijs Van Leer's keyboards and yodeling vocals are.....um...an acquired taste.
  12. Greatest American Rock Band

    The Doors have too many good tracks to not be considered. The End is a masterpiece and the same could be said of Riders On The Storm, Light My Fire, LA Woman and Roadhouse Blues, among others. They were also completely different to what had come before and their influence is undeniable. While death is definitely something that can elevate a band to iconic status (see Nirvana and any number of other bands), The Doors were an original that changed at least part of rock music. Whether you like their music or not is simply a matter of taste.
  13. Greatest American Rock Band

    I think they were three fourths British. Certainly Freddie Mercury was.
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    El Capitano could be very good but also completely unintelligible. Likewise Zappa when the mood took him. It isn't surprising that a jazz aficionado would be a fan of either of these.
  15. Riddle me this, Microsoft...

    Ethernet was originally proprietary, I believe, thus it correctly should be capitalized.
  16. Greatest American Rock Band

    I noticed that. 11th and 16th places too that's a top 23, not a top 20.
  17. Greatest American Rock Band

    That USA Today poll had Aero$hit as #2 so it's clearly worthless. I do believe we've done this exact question here before, maybe a year ago.
  18. Greatest American Rock Band

    Not quite used to these new icons yet, Doc?
  19. Civil War enthusiasts

    I have a reasonable general knowledge of the Civil War and find it very interesting. In pure butchery terms, it ranks second only to the First World War in it's kinship to a meat grinder.
  20. Greatest American Rock Band

    I have that too. Excellent. I also have the Springsteen at the Garden DVD. I went for Guns'n'Roses because they were harder edged than the rest, arguably. Where's the Dead Kennedys option?
  21. Greatest American Rock Band

    Elvis is / was a rock band? Elvis was all sorts of things, including great but not a rock band of any description.
  22. Vick Indicted

    Schools out, then? Anyway, your position here as a kind of devil's advocate reminds me of Spain and the tripe he posts sometimes just to see who gets caught. I'm not saying you're in his piscatorial league but it does look like you're taking these positions as part of a fishing expedition since any normal person would have bowed out of this by now and let it take it's course.
  23. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    Potential fire hazard too, I would have thought.
  24. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    He's the only candidate with more position shifts than Hillary.
  25. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Which fat rig? The intellectual elitist titan I was referring to is on neither side right now. I'd just rather have one of those than the mental pygmy currently using the crayons on the Oval Office desk.