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  1. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    It would be useful to separate the soldier's equipment issue from the no-bid, $100-per-laundry-bag, wrong-$700,000-computer-system-so-just-bulldoze-and-set-fire-to-it, flying-pallets-of-Benjamins-to-Iraq-then-lose-it-all issues. That's where the issue is - the soldier equipment issue is pennies, the wastage and corruption issue is billions.
  2. Vick Indicted

    By and large, ESPN is the creature of major league sports, a puppet that says what it thinks it's masters want to hear. As a critically functioning entity, it ceased to exist years ago.
  3. Michael Vick

    What technicality is that? I don't see any at all. Even chimps can move on two feet.
  4. Vick Indicted

    Why would you ever bother finding that out?
  5. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Generally agree except for #2, Hillary is transparently a poll-watching straw in the wind. I get the very strong impression she has no real positions other than winning this race. The POTUS thing is dead on - I'd rather we had an elitist intellectual titan in office than the drooling drunk from the end of the bar, which is what we've got.
  6. Michael Vick

    There's like 328 pages of Vick in the main forum.
  7. Vick Indicted

    "Wrong" doesn't even begin to do justice to it. You are quite clearly fishing. Or you're totally nuts.
  8. Vick Indicted

    An amusing scenario: The Falcon's interior offensive linemen are all PETA members and at the first snap of 2008, all step quietly to one side.........
  9. Vick Indicted

    Good stuff, both of you.
  10. What's more annoying?

    Was in a meeting.
  11. What's more annoying?

    Proof that homosexuals are born, not made.
  12. Bears Homers

  13. Let's talk about the Metal

    Good point. I quite liked Halford but he went over the top quite a lot, notably on Sad Wings Of Destiny, an excellent album. I was never a Dio fan either, far too full of himself instead of chaneling the band he was with. Saw him with Black Sabbath and he couldn't carry Ozzie's jock. I don't think it's necessarily the unintelligibility that bugs me so much as the fact that the Satan voiceover has pretty much been done to death now, as well as the fact that's it's not "sharp". I like my music to be hard edged and exciting, typically, whether by volume, tone, raw emotion, power or whatever, while the gurglers tend to just, well, gurgle.
  14. Let's talk about the Metal

    This is true up to a point. Far too many bands have gone in for the unintelligible guttural growl in place of vocals. I guess I saw the worst end of that when I went to see Monster Magnet at a small venue here in Minny. MM were outstanding but their support band, the wonderfully named Bongzilla, were just appaling to the point where they were funny. The vocals wreck Mastodon's otherwise very good Leviathan also and there are any number of Satan wannabes gurgling away instead of producing lyrics to go with the music.
  15. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Except this is a buyer's market right now and the buyer's are holding all the high cards.
  16. Video Game Neglect

    So much to discuss here...... Is it really an addiction? Is it symptomatic of something else? Is it just a crock of poo? Is the guy at the end talking about "distractions" yapping out of his arse? Yahoo Story
  17. Trading 1.11 for 1.03/1.04

    The sad thing is that there will be more than one league around the country where that's true.
  18. Video Game Neglect

    I suppose I shouldn't respond to an underdeveloped skinny spotty twit in his mother's basement, but.......
  19. Great Parenting!

    For the life of me I don't get this. There is no way whatsoever I would blow my retirement savings on some feckless lazyass turd even if he/she was my blood relation.
  20. The e-surance cartoon chick

    So that's where the toad has been hiding. Any sign of Cheney?
  21. Video Game Neglect

    Damn. Didn't see the identical thread from Alex.
  22. The e-surance cartoon chick

  23. Whats with these guys?

    Or just hire a friggin' driver. Given that these cretins blow multiple thousands on a night out, what's the problem with paying for a driver?
  24. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Logically, this is complete hogwash. However, the law is an ass so obviously you need to check.
  25. What is a Terrorist?

    I'm glad people like Mr Walters are able to keep a realistic sense of proportion.