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  1. Comcast and the NFL Network

    NFL Nework showed up on Comcast in my area completely unannounced a few weeks ago. Since I have the sports package anyway, I guess that's why I'm not paying for it.
  2. Dinner at the Whompers

    I have cauli, broccoli and sprouts. Already harvested the caulis and broccoli, less a couple, but sprouts won't be ready for picking until at least September - 120 day crop.
  3. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Indeed it is. Best wishes from me too.
  4. iTunes

    Hey! I can use a microwave!
  5. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    It will be "sink". They have as much chance of forming competent professional disciplined armed forces as I have of going for an afternoon walk on Pluto.
  6. iTunes

    I like a lot of more obscure stuff. I took one look at I-Tunes and have never bothered looking again. Far better off going to Amazon and using their New and Used facility.
  7. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    You are simply never going to get it are you? One more college try: There were no Al-Qaeda organized terrorist cells in Iraq PRIOR to the war. Bin Laden had declared Hussein an apostate, which is about as bad as it gets in the religious language of Islam. Now there are thousands of terrorists. Ergo, the catalyst for this explosion in the number of terrorists in Iraq and, by obvious extension, the catalyst for massively increased recruitment, was the invasion.
  8. Do you Maximize?

    Never maximize. I switch by clicking directly on the next window I want.
  9. The Twins Are in Trouble

    If Pohlad wanted, he could sign all these guys tomorrow. I think they'll lose Hunter but keep the rest and they'll remain competitive for years with the best farm system in baseball.
  10. Interesting. Assuming the full speed of 40 Gbps, that's 5 GBps, which allows direct comparison with a hard drive (D/L speed is measured in bits, HD size in bytes - 1 byte is 8 bits). Thus, a user with a 250 GB non-system empty hard drive could completely fill it in 50 seconds with this 5 GBps connection.
  11. dow 14000

    Your definition of "worked" is evidently different to mine.
  12. What size monitor do you have

    Holy crap. Nice. I'm thinking about adding a second 19" monitor running at 1280x1024.
  13. The search continues...

    It won't be very long before her plane runs out of fuel, I would think.
  14. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    Big John or Bill S will be along shortly to argue that the color depends entirely on the chemical makeup of the substance being burned.
  15. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    If there's ever a Huddle award for a thread going off track, this thread will win going away.
  16. War on Terror Not Working...

    Steve has time to burn.....
  17. fat tax

    I agree about risky behaviors. I smoke and I would have no problem with higher health premiums - in fact, that would likely be the final trigger to make me pack the habit. I already pay higher life insurance, rightly so. I can see the logic of making fat people fork over more. BUT......I think there are a ton of other targets to bring down the actual cost of health care. Grotesque hospital overcharges would be one place to start.
  18. fat tax

    My point is not specifically with junk food addicts - my point is where does this all end? See above.
  19. dow 14000

    In particular, don't set up your 401k portfolio on your My Yahoo home page like I have because you'll be one of these: or or (rarely) :
  20. fat tax

    Where does all this stop? Are we to have differential taxes for those that don't go to the gym or jog four times a week? Shall we have a rebate if you use the stairs instead of the elevator? What about bunjee jumping, sky diving and other dangerous sports? Shall we all just stay safely in bed all day? Amazing that you of all people would advocate more taxes for anyone.
  21. War on Terror Not Working...

    Of course they can organize better, there are more of them than ever before. Those previously uninvolved now are involved - some of these are actually intelligent, up to a point.
  22. fat tax

    The difference is that us smokers can cause damage to others with the by-product of our habit. Unless you're unlucky enough to be in the window seat and get suffocated by some fat bastard in the middle seat, fat folks don't harm anyone else. Leastways, I think that's the logic here.
  23. What would you do?

    +1. Give myself a hugh pay raise by not having a mortgage any more.
  24. Malicious email floating around

    My spam filter is picking up about a dozen of these a week so there's a raft of morans who are infected.
  25. fat tax

    Minnesota State Fair will be a lot more expensive, especially the Snickers Bar On A Stick.