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  1. Malicious email floating around

    These have been around for over a week now. Delete all e-cards, there are dozens of variations.
  2. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Damn engineers are the bane of my life.
  3. if you had One Nuke.......

    I was going to post Oklahomo, but your idea will work.
  4. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    License OR state ID.
  5. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    I think it depends on the state how long you can live there before getting an in-state license.
  6. It's hot

    My external shade thermometer has hit 100 twice so far this year and hit 96 pretty much every day for the last two weeks.
  7. What Housing Bubble?

    Also, far too many people have pissed away their equity, so they are upside down, making a move much more difficult.
  8. What Housing Bubble?

    Already happening in Minny. Not only did a boatload of people get sub-primes, now being defaulted in the thousands, many more went ARM or interest only and way overbought. Those folks are now joining the rapidly increasing foreclosure brigade as the adjustment kicks in to double their payment or more.
  9. Mammoths are extinct

    Wouldn't this produce a hybrid mammoth / Indian elephant, not a pure mammoth?
  10. favorite football announcer

    Buck / Aikman and Michaels / Madden. Madden got much better last year. Of these, Michaels is the best individual.
  11. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    Indeed. The thread title clashes with the question.
  12. What Housing Bubble?

    F'n wonderful. This leech is heading south in ten years time. I was hoping to sell the family shack for profit.
  13. Got one for the lawyers.

    bump I have no idea but I'm interested to find out.
  14. What Housing Bubble?

    Is Florida a special case? I have heard that the retiree influx is much reduced because of hurricane fears plus the insurance problems associated with that. This might be feeding a price collapse in addition to the problems with sub-primes, etc, etc.
  15. Usenet / Newsgroups

    Usenet is still useful for.....many things. Get yourself a newsreader (Outlook Express has one built in), configure it to point at your ISP news server and select from the over 35,000 newsgroups that are out there. The ones that begin with alt. are....interesting, so I'm told. My favorite group name was alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die
  16. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    What's the difference between this guy using artificial limbs and me entering the Olympic 100m with a pair of 20 foot stilts?
  17. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    8000 yards is not a mile and a half. 8000 feet is.
  18. What Housing Bubble?

    Stagnant and beginning to drop. Not intending to sell for about 10 years though so I don't care.
  19. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    As I said, there are some bad dogs. I concur completely about having a dog breed that was originally a fighter around kids. Why risk it? Could be that you don't visit all that frequently and the dog has staked out it's territory and it's pack.
  20. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    I agree. If this isn't mechanical assistance, what is?
  21. This is sick

    Posted a couple days ago. The longer time goes on, the more my misanthropy seems justified.
  22. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Bingo. It isn't true there are no bad dogs (sure there are some) but there are a whole heck of a lot of bad owners / breeders.
  23. Twins game today

    Yeah, what's that all about? Was he that desperate to stay in Chicago? Given what the worthless Zito signed for, Buehrle could surely have made way more elsewhere.
  24. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Just when I thought you were fishing your sanity out from wherever you'd hidden it.......tigers and lions are not well known for being "clowns, love to play, love exercise for the athletic person, very easy to train and very loyal. Many are very protective" which is what SM said.
  25. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    You mean "high pain threshold", not low.