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  1. He curbed both those guys and his crew clammed up to protect their gravy train. That's what happened.


    LMAO at "turned around." He was convicted of obstruction of justice in a still unsolved double homicide. If he wants to turn around he should turn himself in.



    I don't think they were unsolved. Weren't the accused acquitted on self-defense grounds or something?

  2. Ray Lewis is scum. I will root for the 49ers, passionately, because of him (and I am no 49ers fan!!!). He knows exactly who did the killing, but in classic gang style wasn't about to give up a homie. Now, a family suffers every day because of the double homicide he was involved in, some how. I am old enough to remember the disgusting circus this man created, the pain of those families, his arrogant obstinate attitude to the law and society as a whole.


    He makes babies with his baby momas, assuming that throwing coin at the kids and just being him will be enough to guide these children without a father present.


    I can't stand him, and as much as I hate to say it because he is only one man on a team, any success that falls upon this fake, villainous, imposter of a man is a travesty in my eyes. His "praying" at the end of the game made me want to vomit.


    The end of the Superbowl will be a great day for football as it will be the last we will have to stomach this living sphincter muscle on the field.



    Yeah, but apart from that you think he's OK, then?

  3. They draft murderers, bank robbers, thiefs and drug addicts in the first. Te'o will be a first round pick...now if that is a smart decision is another thread entirely.


    Why would it be another thread? This one is entitled

    Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting



    Doesn't the wisdom or otherwise of drafting Mr Te'o belong in such a thread?

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  4. I can't say I love the Trestman hire, but I will say that it's a good hire... if that makes sense. He's certainly known for being excellent with QBs and the OL.... obviously two areas where we need the most work (or coddling). It does suck that we lost our special teams coordinator and the defense isn't getting any younger... but at least it appears as if we'll have a solid offensive mind leading the team now.



    This hire appears to have precipitated Marinelli's departure. Wanna bet we go from a great D and meh O to a meh D and great O, winding up where we started - not quite good enough?

  5. I think a lot of people fall into that category. Don't care a whole lot, but it's so bizarre that it's hard not to at least be curious what the real truth is. Heck, even the people who claim to not give two shlts about it still take the time to read the thread and post in it. :rolleyes:



    Only so we can brag about how superior we are. :tab:

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  6. He's just a kid. If he made it up, whatever the reasons, who are we to demand a public accounting? At the very least, let him say "I screwed up" and let it be. If he was truly duped, all the more reason to leave him be. If an NFL team interested in drafting him high in the draft wants to know what happened, let them ask as his potential employer, but we don't have rights to any details. If he wasn't who he is, and instead was some no name linebacker playing for New Mexico State, no one would give a crap.


    Lance Armstrong, who lied for a decade, finally fesses up and somehow it takes a back seat to this story. The conference championships are coming up this weekend, yet the hottest topic on a football forum is this story. No wonder the National Enquirer still sells. We are a country of idiots. :sad:



    Exactly. Far worse than anything Te'o may or may not have done. A bunch of tittering simpering teenage girls. Bah.

  7. They'll probably go with an offensive minded head coach..but with that said I don't know that Lovie should have been canned...his GM didn't do him many favors over the years...and if memory serves me, he did get to a SB with Rex Grossman as his starting QB

    He needed to go. The players most loyal to him are almost all at or near the end of their careers so would need replacement anyway, the team always looks like it's waiting for the next thing to go wrong and it's the same bungling incompetence every time - can't get the play called in time, no clue what to do in the red zone, slipping into prevent defense and failing and on and on. Smith is devoid of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm.


    One playoff appearance in six years? There isn't any team in the NFL that would put up with that.