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  1. NFL Schedules

    someone recently told me that if you bet on Colin Cowards college football locks every week that you could make some dough (he's on espn radio) I never bet on college football becuase I don't feel like I know enough about it. Do you have any opinions on this Coward guy Dre? think theres any truth to this?
  2. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

  3. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    I think all fantasy magazines are a waste of time and money. They are written way too early in the preseason for my taste. I do get Rotowire but that’s only because I have an online account and they send it to me in the mail for free. With all the great info I can find here at the Huddle I feel no need to buy any of yesterday’s newspapers.
  4. Yep and the wife is out of town this wekend so I could use some help with dinner, diapers and laundry All joking aside, I guess my 2 main questions are can the bonuses be done the way I have them set up on sportsline for both big play and end of game totals? and can fractions be used for determin yardage points . I hate that 29 yards = 2 pts and and 31 yards = 3 points crap.
  5. Mostly due to the recommendations of many people here at The Huddle I have decided to take the leap of faith and switch the big money local league that I commish from cbssportsline to myfantasyleague. I did start the very basic setup of a MFL league site. All I’ve really done is put in team names, owner names and changed the skin other than that I haven’t done any scoring or roster set up yet. Rather than go over there and kill myself trying to figure out all the details that may not be very obvious, I thought I would ask for help right from the get go. I am going to post my league rules below. If any MFL commish’s have any advice they would like to give me before I enter onto this daunting task I would very much appreciate it. Also, just a couple things I want to point out about my league that may be somewhat different than the norm is that it is an IDP league, it is a kepper league but players can only be kept for 1 year and 1 player must be kept from after round 5 and 1 player from after round 12 so 2 players total and I like to use fractions for determine yards so passing yards are broken down into .05pts per yard and rush/rec yards are broken down to .10 per yard therefore 20 yards passing will equate to 1 pt and 10 yards rush/rec will equate to 1 point. Also, I’m big with bonuses. Bonuses are given for big plays and for big games. Again, It is an IDP league so anyone’s that commishs a MFL IDP league you advise is especially welcomed. Thanks in advance. Here are my rules from sportsline…… Player Pool: AFC and NFC Players. Positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, K, LB, DL, DB and ST. Transactions: • Lineup deadline is 5 minutes before gametime for each player. • Owners may set lineups. • Add/drops are handled by a waivers process. • The waivers process runs on Tuesday. • The waiver order resets after each weeks' games. • Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s). • Limit of 1 waiver claims per period. • Trades must be approved by the commissioner. • No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 PM ET 11/15/07. (Click Here to set a reminder) • Owners may make trades during the offseason. Schedule: Playoffs start in Week 15 and last for 2 Weeks. Scoring: Head-to-Head, Points Based System. Ties go to the team with better TotYd. Scoring based on total stats each period. Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, Total Points. Scoring for Offensive Categories FG - Field Goals 3 points Plus 1 point for a FG of 40 to 44 Yds Plus 2 points for a FG of 45 to 49 Yds Plus 3 points for a FG of 50 to 54 Yds Plus 4 points for a FG of 55 to 59 Yds Plus 5 points for a FG of 60+ Yds FL - Fumble Lost, Including ST plays -1 point MFG - Missed Field Goal -1 point MXP - Missed Extra Point -1 point Pa2P - Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points Pa40 - Pass Completion 40+ Yards 1 point PaInt - Passing Interception -1 point PaTD - Passing TD 6 points PaYd - Passing Yards 0+ PaYds = 0.05 points for every 1 PaYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 300+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 350+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 400+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 450+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 500+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 550+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 600+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 650+ PaYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 700+ PaYd Re2P - Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points Re40 - Reception of 40+ Yards 1 point ReTD - Receiving TD 6 points ReYd - Receiving Yards 0+ ReYds = 0.10 points for every 1 ReYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 100+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 125+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 150+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 175+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 200+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 225+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 250+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 275+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 300+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 325+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 350+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 375+ ReYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 400+ ReYd Ru20 - Rush for 20+ Yards 1 point Ru2P - Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points RuTD - Rushing TD 6 points RuYd - Rushing Yards 0+ RuYds = 0.10 points for every 1 RuYd Plus a 2 point bonus @ 100+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 125+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 150+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 175+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 200+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 225+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 250+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 275+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 300+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 325+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 350+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 375+ RuYd Plus a 1 point bonus @ 400+ RuYd XP - Extra Points 1 point Scoring for Defensive Categories ATK - Assisted Tackles (ID only) 0.5 points DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 1 point DFTD - Defensive TD 6 points FF - Forced Fumble 2 points Int - Interceptions 3 points PDef - Pass Defensed (ID only) 1 point SACK - Sack 2 points STY - Safety 2 points TK - Tackle (ID/DT/DST) 1 point Plus a 2 point bonus @ 5+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 8+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 11+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 14+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 17+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 20+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 23+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 26+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 29+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 32+ TK Plus a 1 point bonus @ 35+ TK Constitution: Head to Head Fantasy Football Rules (2005-2006) ***DRAFT*** The 2006 Fantasy Football Draft will be held on Saturday September 2nd @ 12 noon EST at Andrew's house. If any rounds dont get finished that day they will be finished on-line over the next few day's Order of Draft selection for each round will be determined by a automated computer system before the draft. There will be 26 rounds of drafting plus 2 keepers for a total roster of 28 players. Starting Line-Ups each week must consist of the following: 1 QB 2 - RB's 1- TE 3 - WR's and or TE 1 - Kicker 3 - Defensive Back 3 - Lineman 3 - Linebacker Reserve Line Ups can consist of ANY 12 Players desired. TIGHT ENDS CAN BE USED AT THE WIDE RECEIVER POSITION BUT NOT VICE VERSA Starting Line-Ups for each week’s games must be submitted on our existing website by each team by 5 minutes before game time. Week 17 is a Bye Week. The Fantasy Super Bowl will take place on Week 16 of the Football season. SCORING (LISTED ABOVE) All POINT TABULATIONS WILL BE DETERMINED BY STATISTICS COMPILED FROM CBSSPORTSLINE.COM. END OF YEAR TIEBREAKERS Division Winner: A - If two or more teams are tied with the best record, Division Record is first tiebreaker. B - If still tied after Division Record, Head to Head determines winner (team with better Head to Head record against team you are tied with). C - If still tied after Head to Head, Year To Date Points Scored determines winner. Wildcard Winner: A - If two or more teams are tied with the same record, Year To Date Points Scored determines winner. KEEPERS PLAYERS- You will get to keep 2 players per year and have them for a total of 2 years (this year and next). One player can be kept after Round 5 is complete and 1 player can be kept after Round 12 is complete. In other words, you can keep 1 player you drafted in Round 6 on and you can keep 1 player you drafted from Round 13 on. NO TRADING FOR KEEPER PICKS. IF YOU TRADE FOR A PLAYER, YOU CANNOT USE HIM AS YOUR KEEPER PICK FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Add/Drops can be used as Keepers. Undrafted Add/Drops can be used as your Late Keeper Pick. Add/Drops that were drafted can be used as your early Add/Drop as long as the player was drafted after the 5th Round and before the 13th Round. Add/Drops that were Drafted after Round 12 can be used as your late Keeper pick. Add/Drops made throughout the year are considered your late keeper picks unless that player was taken in the actual draft on or before the 12th round and then dropped. Same goes for players taken before the 5th round as your early keeper pick.. ***ADD/DROPS, PICKUPS & TRADES*** A – UNLIMITED ADD/DROPS (NEW) B – ADD/DROPS ARE NOT POSITION SPECIFIC. YOU CAN DROP ANY PLAYER DESIRED AND PICK UP ANY FREE AGENT PLAYER DESIRED AS LONG AS YOUR STARTING LINE-UPS FIT SPECIFIED REQUIREMENTS. C – UNLIMITED TRADES PER WEEK UNTIL TRADE DEADLINE – WEEK 10 D – YOU CANNOT EXCEED 8 PLAYERS PER TRADE (4 PER TEAM) E - SINCE YOUR RESERVE ROSTERS ARE NOT POSITION SPECIFIC, YOU CAN TRADE ANY PLAYER FOR ANY PLAYER AS LONG AS YOUR STARTING LINE UPS FIT SPECIFIED REQUIREMENTS. F – YOU CANNOT EXCEED 2 TRADES WITH ONE PARTICULAR TEAM OWNER THROUGHOUT THE FOOTBALL SEASON. G- TRADES AND ADD/DROPS MUST BE COMPLETED BY SUNDAY 5 MINUTES BEFORE GAME TIME. H – ADD/DROPS AND TRADES CAN BE MADE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8:00AM TUESDAY MORNING AND 5 MINUTES BEFORE GAMETIME SUNDAY. I – ADD/DROPS MADE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8:00AM TUESDAY MORNING AND 11:59PM TUESDAY NIGHT WILL BE PUT ON WAIVERS AND WILL BE AWARDED TO THE TEAM LOWEST IN THE OVERALL STANDINGS. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW ANY ADD/DROP TRANSACTIONS DURING THIS WAIVER PERIOD ON TUESDAY’S. J- ADD/DROPS MADE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 12:00AM WEDNESDAY (or whenever waivers are awarded) AND 5 MINUTES BEFORE GAMETIME ON SUNDAY WILL BE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO ADD A FREE AGENT PLAYER TO THEIR ROSTER. K– IF A TRADE IS LOPSIDED IT CAN BE OVERTURNED. L– IF THERE IS A THURSDAY GAME AND YOU ARE INTERESTED ADDING A FREE AGENT PLAYER THAT IS PLAYING IN THAT GAME, THAN YOU HAVE UNTIL 5 MINUTES BEFORE GAMETIME THURSDAY TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION. M– LINE UPS MUST BE POSTED 5 MINUTES PRIOR TO GAME START FOR ALL GAMES. N– IN CASE OF A TIE IN THE HEAD TO HEAD GAMES THE WINNER WOULD BE THE TEAM WITH THE MOST TOTAL YARDS PASSING, RUSHING, RECEIVING COMBINED. O – (NEW) INJURED RESERVE RULE IS IN EFFECT. YOU ARE ALLOWED 2 PLAYERS ON INJURED RESERVE AS LONG AS THE INJURED PLAYERS ARE DOUGHTFUL OR OUT. P- YOU CANNOT PICK UP AN INJURED PLAYER OFF FREE AGENCY AND PUT HIM ON INJURED RESERVE. Q – EACH TEAM CAN ONLY BE AWARDED 1 WAIVER CLAIM PER WEEK ON TUESDAY’S IF YOU CHOOSE TO PUT IN A CLAIM. BESIDES TUESDAY’S, YOU CAN USE AS MANY ADD/DROPS AS YOU WISH EACH WEEK. R – TEAMS THAT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS AUTOMATICALLY GO TO THE TOP OF THE WAIVER RANK LIST. TEAMS THAT DO NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS CANNOT DO ANY ADD/DROPS FOR THE 2 REMAINING GAMES THAT THEY ARE MATCHED FOR PRIZE MONEY. S – ALL LINE-UPS AND TRANSACTIONS WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE. DIVISIONS A - There will be 3 divisions with 4 teams in each division. B – 1st Place team in each division will automatically make the Playoffs. C – The 4th Playoff Spot will be awarded to a Wild Card Team. D – 2nd Place team with best record will be awarded the last Wild Card Playoff Spot. E – Each division will be decided by there draft pick. GFC EAST DIVISIONAL – DRAFT PICKS 1–4 GFC SOUTH DIVISION – DRAFT PICKS 5-8 GFC WEST DIVISIONAL – DRAFT PICKS 9-12 ***SCHEDULES*** REGULAR SEASON – Week 1 through Week 14 (Randomly selected Head to Head match ups set by CBS Sportsline). CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES – Week 15 (1st Place team plays 4th place team and 2nd place team plays 3rd Place team. Winning teams play in Super Bowl. SUPER BOWL– Week 16 (Winners of The Championship Games played on Week 15 will advance to the Super Bowl Week 16) WEEK 17 – BYE WEEK TEAMS THAT DO NOT ADVANCE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME OR SUPER BOWL WILL BE MATCHED UP (HEAD TO HEAD) ON WEEK 15 & 16 TO COMPETE FOR THE WEEKLY $25 PRIZE. ALTHOUGH, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO MAKE ADD/DROPS IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. ***FEES*** $265.00 LEAGUE ENTRY FEE PAYABLE TO THE COMMISSIONER. THE $265 LEAGUE FEE MUST BE PAID ON DRAFT NIGHT. $250 from each owner will go towards league prizes and $15 from each owner will go to CBS Sportsline to run our league. ***PRIZE MONEY*** Weekly Winner – $25.00 ($25.00 x 16 = $400) 1ST PLACE OVERALL WINNER - $1,000.00 2ND PLACE WINNER - $600.00 3RD PLACE WINNER - $300.00 4TH PLACE WINNER - $100.00 BONUS MONEY THE TEAM OWNER THAT HAS THE BEST INDIVIDUAL ORMANCE AT EACH PLAYERS POSITION WILL WIN A $100 PRZE AT THE END OF THE SEASON. BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT QB - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT RB - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT WR - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT KICKER - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT SPECIAL TEAMS - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT LINEBACKER - $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT LINEMAN- $100 BEST INDIVIDUAL WEEK AT DEFENSIVE BACK- $100 TOTAL PRIZES AWARDED - $3,000 Please contact me if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you all at the draft!
  6. Homerun Derby

    I root for Atkins but thats mostly because I have him on a couple of fantasy teams. I also like this Toutowski kid ( I know i spelled his name wrong) I think he will explode next year at least as far as SS go and I will definintley be targeting him as an a strong value pick for 08 drafts. Derby wise...Ryan Howard, he comes off as a class act and a good young role model for the league
  7. I had it done about 4 years ago, I remember some clown warning me that the effects would wear off after a few years but I still have better than 20/20 vision…it's amazing, I felt like I was Superman for the first few months. I guess the awe has worn off at this point because I don't think about it much anymore. My only complaint is that I have to use refresh tears somewhat often because my eyes still seem to get dry pretty easily but then again that could be the Josh Gordon and booze.
  8. Display Name

    Does anyone know if display names can be changed? and if so how. Thnaks!
  9. Keith Bulluck

    Bullock has been the #1 LB drafted in my IDP league in both of the last two seasons and unless someone in the league thinks London Fletcher-Baker willl repeat ( he had the most points with our scoring system last year) I expect him to go #1 again this year. #26 is a completley absurd ranking for him now matter what scoring system ESPN wants to use.
  10. I need Huddler help

    Red Ocean Blue Ocean is an excellent book.
  11. When Chick Movies Provide Benefits......

    fu*kin A man. I watched it twice on HBO Sunday. I usually prefer blondes but that nympho broad was the hottest of the bunch
  12. the Sopranos finale contest

    Pauli can not be trusted. He's already gone behind Tonys back before and I will be very surprised if he isn't directly responsible for Tony getting killed. This is not going to be a happy ending and David Chase isn't going to leave the door open for any Brady family reunions
  13. My Reebok Employee Discount - NFL Gear

    Thank you Illeven. I took advantage of your offer last year also... very cool of you. Illeven rules!
  14. New Professional Football League

    I've been to few arena football games and have always had a good time at the game (cant get enough of the running starts the WR takes) Assuming they have a team in the NY area I would defintley go out of my way to check out a game.
  15. Growling Dog

    It’s great to read that your efforts are paying off. It gives me hope that this can all work out. I would hate to have to get rid of my dog... I’m really attached to that stupid mutt. Thanks for all your input!